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So I don't really understand what you're doing with lok book 2 movie? Did you make a book 1 movie yet? What will it actually be (like a movie a short will you be animating it???) ? Also are you doing anything with atla or did you just make a movie poster?

the purpose of the book 2 movie is to take the episodes of the show and cut them together into one movie-length movie. this is because i love parts of book 2 (korra’s storyline, for example) but hate others (bolin’s storyline, for example). so by cutting out the parts i hate it gets short enough to be the length of a movie. there are also small things i’m adding and changing to make it more to my liking as well. i’m doing a bit of animating for these new scenes i’m adding, but overall the edit is just that, an edit of the existing footage.

since the book 2 finale has the biggest stakes ever in the avatar franchise, it works well for a conclusion to the whole thing. and i just love movies so i wanted to make an avatar one that is as much like an epic big-budget live-action fantasy movie as possible. so on top of the cutting i’m doing a lot of stuff like color correction to make it more cinematic.

no i didn’t make a book 1 movie. this is because i wouldn’t want to cut anything out so it would be way too long for a movie. book 2, 3, and 4 are very well-suited for cutting to a movie because they have good parts to keep and bad parts to cut. book 2 works the best because the source material is the most cinematic and epic in scope and, with editing, pacing. and it just happens to have the perfect amount of bad to cut out to get to movie length.

i might try other seasons after this but idk, with book 3 i feel like pretty much the whole season is filler (don’t get me wrong it’s fun filler but you can take out pretty much anything and it doesn’t affect anything) so it works better as episodes anyway, but the main thing i would want to do is change the ending so korra isn’t injured and it’s a happy ending. but like even with that the book 2 movie is supposed to be the finale of the franchise so idk what the purpose of a fun little book 3 movie would be. i have toyed with the idea of making book 3 happen in the middle of book 2, but idk if it’s possible. in this scenario korra opening the first portal is what unlocks the new airbenders, but i just don’t know if it would be believably possible to edit this together. in this case it wouldn’t be in movie form it would just be like new episodes i stitch together.

book 4 can choke, i would cut 100% of it so it doesn’t exist. jk i would cut like 90% but you can’t really do much with the remaining 10%.

as for atla, several years ago i was making an atla book 1 movie. my motivations weren’t the same as for lok book 2 though. with atla book 1 the reason i was doing it was to prove you could make a good movie out of the first season of atla since tla failed at it. but i never finished it. the poster was partly for fun, partly cuz i was gonna finish the atla book 1 movie, but then i decided to do the lok book 2 movie instead

ANYWAY i’m aiming for a november release for the book 2 movie!!!


“I’m never happy.”

Hope you don’t mind if we don’t believe this :) I’ve tried to collect those moments where we could see his genuine smile (w/o any ulterior motive). But for a special note: check his eyes when he sees Katara’s (& Sokka’s happiness when they reunited w their father :) & when hears June’s remark about Katara being his girlfriend…..  Eyes widened… which basically sign of surprise but also happiness (315)… & excitement (319)….

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How not to mom when your daughter is clearly unhappy verses how to mom when your daughter is unhappy. 

Senna addresses Korra’s unhappiness and tries to actually make her feel better, while Michi shuts Mai down because her emotions inconvenience her and Ukano.