lok spoilers


Stop fishing for compliments Asami you know you look good in everything.

More Korrasami engagement fluff because they’re 100% confirmed canon and I still can’t believe it alsdkfjasdf *flies off into the sunset*

Also, korrasamiweddingday will be a celebratory day some time in early January (probably) for people to create fanworks about these two and their eventual wedding! If you’re interested in being a mod and helping organise things, make sure you get your application in by the 27th :)


Nothing tastes sweeter than a canon OTP

After vacation, Korra and Asami go back to the South Pole. Korra is all nervous to tell Katara about her and Asami’s relationship. Her old mentor may be pretty open minded, but she’s still old. Hesitantly, Korra tells Katara who she’s fallen in love with and waits in fear. Katara just shrugs and says

“Sokka dated the moon. If you want to shake me you’ll have to do better than that.”