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thank you bryankonietzko for making my dreams a reality again - you and Mike, as always, rock

MD: Throughout Book Three, Korra had not used the Avatar state. Even when the metal poison threatens to kill her, Korra tries to fight off the Avatar state, knowing if Zaheer kills her while she’s in it, the Avatar cycle will end. Keeping the Avatar state out of play for the season was done to show how much Korra had come to respect her connection with Raava. She came to understand that the power was only meant for the most extreme circumstances. This is quite a huge shift from the beginning of Book Two, when Korra used the Avatar state to win an air-scooter race against Ikki.

BK: I never really get any enjoyment from torture scenes of any kind, in any medium. However, sometimes a story calls for it, and we have to do our jobs to make the scenes effective. The only thing that makes this sequence easier for me to swallow is knowing the Red Lotus underestimated Korra and that she will be walloping them shortly. 

Key animation by Studio Reve.


Let’s do it! Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us. Anywhere you want.

didn’t get to see bryke but an awesome lady in the first 100 in line was willing to buy the print for me and get it signed! then thanks to my babe mrskuvira i also got a surprise last minute signing from seychelle gabriel who mrskuvira had write “korrasami 5ever” HELL YEAH<3 notice how seychelle put a heart on the “i” without any prompting ;)

I attended the panel today at Gallery Nucleus, so quick summary:
Mike and Bryan talked about their journey in animation and some of the struggle they faced. The majority was about the process of making a show and getting ideas.
On korrasami: they repeated previous sentiments of liking the idea but assuming Nick wouldn’t allow it. In Book three production they decided to go through with the idea and start developing it as an open ended romance. Then in Book four they decided it would be cowardly to not go through with the idea and a disservice to the fans and their creative vision so they pitched a full romantic ending. Nick execs they worked with loved the idea, but when it came to the upper levels it came as a shock to them. This was because they hadn’t been involved in the story at all and had only watched book one up until that point. They told them to “proceed with caution” and ultimately agreed upon the ending that was shown.
Bryke don’t like how people put Bryke and Nick against each other since the majority of Nick and Nick execs loved and supported the show in ways they themselves don’t even know of.

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ever since saturday, i realized how utterly insignificant the anti-KA wank was bc all throughout the day and night, all i saw were people being absolutely fucking ecstatic over korrasami and people celebrating them even ~3 mths later. like hate all you want i guess, but this is our moment.

you’re so right anon.

i may have brought this up before, but it started at nycc last october…suddenly everyone was being so open about shipping korrasami. there was this totally different vibe about it, and that was even before the defining canon moment. all those little moments in the show that people kept trying to tell us didn’t matter…they mattered. they changed everything.

now you have lgbtq+ fans and allies alike coming together to celebrate this amazing love story. there was such a sense of community and love at the gallery nucleus event, especially when it came to korrasami. being able to sit there and see so many korrasami cosplayers being intimate and having fun…being able to sit there holding my girlfriend’s hand and just thinking about how far i’d come… all my fear about who i was, what and who i loved, finally falling away…

26 years old and these fictional ladies in love have made me who i am today. have had a real impact on my life and so many others. haters can hate all they want, and we’ll just keep loving<3