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I marathoned ATLA the other weekend and realised I’ve never actually drew one of my favs Iroh, which is a travesty!!!

Teaching aliens Pai Sho~ Iroh and Coran would get hella along

The Zodiac Signs as “Legend of Korra” Characters

Aries: Kuvira (Intense and Commanding)

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Taurus: Korra (Stubborn and Tough)

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Gemini: Mako (Moody and Indecisive)

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Cancer: Jinora (Compassionate and Spiritual)

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Leo: Varrick (Creative and Funny)

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Virgo: Lin Beifong (Impatient and Strong)

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Libra: Ikki (Childish and Social)

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Scorpio: Tarrlock (Manipulative and Sensitive)

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Sagittarius: Bolin (Goofy and Grounded) 

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Capricorn: Asami (Logical and Stable)

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Aquarius: Amon (Misunderstood and Rebellious)

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Pisces: Tenzin (Caring and Protective)

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This is my first time making an astrology post so I hope you enjoy! Someone please let me know if I should do another one or if you think this is accurate! 

LOK Villain Party.


So here are all four of my lok villains fan art, where I decided to play musical chairs with each of the villains themes and motivations. In retrospect maybe I should have made zaheer the equalist and unalaq the great uniter. But whatever the drawings are good and red lotus amon and dark kuvira are cool.