So if indeed Luke Skywalker is “The Last Jedi” so this means that neither Kylo Ren nor Rey will be jedi.

And this means that there are plans for these two strong-in-the-force characters, beyond that.

Maybe Grey Jedi, maybe these two will balance the force together because, there cannot be light without darkness, or darkness without light, they are connected.

I mean

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Okay but can we talk abt how the literal last scene of ATLA was Zuko being emperor and confronting his dad abt what happened to his mom and they just NEVER addressed this again??? Not even in LOK????

C O M I C S. It’s all in the comics!!!

So I’ve got a buddy watching LoK for the first time, and I’m actually really thrilled because she loved Book 2. Her pace is basically a binge-watch, and for that reason, I do think so many of the sins of that season were that we had weeks and weeks to ruminate on like, “UNALAQ IS OBVIOUSLY EVHUL”, as well as seeing some of the balls Bryke tossed into the air just smash.

Idk, Book 2 is my dumpster baby, but I want nice things for it. It’s the bridge season and was so inherently interesting just in terms of the ground it had to cover and the conclusion it came to. Protect DB. 

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Do you think Katara and Zuko have been really out of character after the ending of the ATLA show, like in the comics where they make Zuko look like a villain randomly when he was his usual nice and calm self at the ending of the show and how Katara just seems different from the way she usually acts and then in LOK, I think Katara especially is out of character in that show.

Yeah, Bryke really have just done their own thing with the comics. They don’t really care about consistency or building off of the developments from the show. They have their own vision of the characters, which is far different than Ehazs’ vision. This is why the characters’ personalities are so different in the comics.

Zuko’s entire arc from the show was about how the Fire Nation distorted his true personality, and how he had to rediscover who he truly was to become the good person he was always meant to be. Bryke don’t care about this and they prefer Zuko as a villain, so he can perpetually be the foil to the real hero, Aang.

And Katara has just been reduced to Aang’s trophy girlfriend. She is just there to look pretty and emotionally support Aang, be jealous of Aang, dote on Aang, etc. Her entire character revolves around Aang, basically.

The comics aren’t even Avatar to me. They feel like bad fanfiction with Aang as Bryke’s self-insert, Katara as their waifu, and Zuko’s character being butchered because they don’t like him and he almost ended up with Katara.

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Okay, I love AtLA and LoK so much, that if I think about them too much it literally brings me to tears!!! like, oh you wanna play the LoK credits, shit, I'm fucking sobbing.

the ATLA finale will make me cry every time. without fail. the music is what does it man, the folks behind the score don’t get enough credit cause those 2 series had BEAUTIFUL themes

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I don't get people saying that Klance is dead. Like, s2 was written the same time as s1 so it's not as if they knew the Klance hype. They don't have to worry about the network, they're supportive of LGBTQ rights, and it's the same crew as LOK

omg are people saying klance is dead? i mean.. season 2 was a pretty low kick in the balls for klance, i won’t lie. i wouldn’t say it’s dead though? there was a lot going on. there wasn’t much of anything in terms of romance? not in my opinion anyway.