The best wish-fulfillment fantasies are those that offer the most heartening moral support. The fact that many critics consider wish-fulfillment fantasies to be “children’s books” ought to be considered a compliment rather than an insult. The fact that adults can still read such books with great pleasure is not evident of such reader’s continuing immaturity, but evidence of the fact that the process of becoming a fully aware and morally competent human being requires a whole lifetime. 

— Brian Stableford, Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction: And Getting Published

Just an interesting quote that reminded me of Avatar.


2018 update !

happy #internationalwomensday to my idol, a heroine, WoC, apart of the LGBT community. facing villains with political ideologies all happening during the new spiritual age. exploring spirituality, balance and growth having way deeper meaning than being a ~*kid*~ show about the next avatar after aang. being one of the most progressive animated series ever. my #raava tattoo isn’t showing but they’re technically the same :-) (if you haven’t seen it go watch it RN) i’m grateful to have watched both growing up


A little trip down memory lane. This is a small fight sequence I story boarded between Su and Kuvira. It’s short but packs a punch. Love the backstory here between these two as it added a ton to the stakes of this battle. I must admit I do miss staging these fights. What a fantastic show to be a part of. #korra #Lok #legendofkorra #storyboard #kuvira #sulinbeifong #joaquimdossantos #

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