lois shine

Outfit for early birthday afternoon tea at the Ritz Okinawa

Dress: Lois Crayon
Hat: anonhat
Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Sandals: earth, music & ecology
Belt: Axes Femme
Brooch and earrings: Both bought at Design Festa, but lost artists’ cards ;_;

One great, timely story I would love to see DC handle would be being a reporter in the current atmosphere of right wing hate for the ‘mainstream media’.  Tell a tale of being stonewalled, belittled and threatened by those in power refusing to answer questions or their attempts to thwart legitimate investigations into their possible criminal activities.

Heck, DC even has the perfect character to be the focus of this story:


This, in my opinion, is one of those times when you could really have Lois shine over her super-powered husband.  Sure, he’s a reporter as well but he tends to use his powers in surreptitious manners to get the information he wants and he really would be powerless against a government dead set against allowing reporters access.

However Lois, Lois is (in my opinion) a better reporter than her husband.  She’s been at it longer and cultivated sources in and out of Washington.  Heck, her Father is a General in the Army and though he might be a bit dense and hawkish at times, I bet even General Lane wouldn’t be thrilled about where the Commander In Chief is leading this country.

We also know Lois is willing to take risks and cares more about the truth than about anything else.  The powerful fear her, her colleagues respect her and the people trust her stories.  There is no more powerful mouthpiece to do a story about the assault on the Fourth Estate.