lois london aka mortis!!!

A day at the comic book shop

So I went to the comic store today to pick up comics and I had the Iron Age featuring Dazzler as well as my usual. This is the convo I had with the new guy at the comic book shop.

NG: Oh, cool. You like Dazzler?

Me: Yes, but I like her crazy sister more.

NG: Lois London AKA Mortis!

Me: Ohmigod, I thought people only called her that on like the internet.

NG: I actually got it off of this Dazzler tumblr.


NG: YES! Do you follow it?

Me: I know who runs it! I’m seeing her in like two weeks at fan expo!

NG: That is the best tumblr.

Me: I will let her know you said that.

This convo has made having cramps SO much better.