lois litt


In another news, the new suits episode was nothing short of extraordinary. This show never fails to impress me with its ballsy moves and brilliant writing.It’s such an amazing show  with its dynamic characters and engaging plot.

The fucked up relationship between Harvey and Lois is such a beautiful mess. I absolutely adore their dynamic. I surprisingly liked Rachel and Mike this week even though I could care less about them because where’s my baby Katrina tho?

And I think it’s already been well established that Jessica Pearson is a fucking Queen. Bow down you unworthy peasants.

The tension is really building up and everything is going to obviously reach a peak and explode soon. I wonder how it’s all going to play out, especially with Harvey and Donna. Like fucking get together already, it’s been 5 years. 12 years if you count the show’s timeline.

I’m so excited to see how it all pans it out but If I know one thing, it’s that this show never disappoints and I’m all here for it.