The Chronological Superman 1955:
Noel Darleen Neill (born November 25, 1920) boasts more Superman credits than practically any other performer in any incarnation of the series, particularly those who have played the role of Lois Lane. Debuting in the Superman serial, she took over for an otherwise-committed Phyllis Coates and reprised her role on The Adventures of Superman television series for its remaining five seasons. She also appeared in a silent cameo in the 1978 motion picture Superman: The Movie (alongside Kirk Alyn), appeared on the syndicated Superboy television series (alongside Jack Larson), and had a small role in Superman Returns in 2006.

Unlike many of her co-stars, Neill embraced her notoriety as Lois Lane, despite the inevitable typecasting. Although she retired from public life a few years back, she spent decades as a regular sight at conventions, press tours and fan events, eager to discuss her years involved with Superman on television and film.

Sadly, Noel passed recently on July 3 2016 at the age of 95.

The amount of fan boy temper tantrums after ONE preliminary promo photo of Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman is ridiculous.

They are saying such horrible things about him on Facebook and he hasn’t even filmed one scene as Clark yet. Just some heavily photoshopped, not great promo picture.

And because it’s not Tom Welling. Look, I adore Tom and Erica. They are ‘my’ Lois and Clark but they cannot be the permanent Clois on Supergirl. They are two, completely, different universes. Yes, they can totally do a crossover like The Flash but Supergirl needs to establish their own Clark. Hopefully Lois is soon to follow because Clark without his soulmate isn’t right.

And, frankly, I’m getting super tired of Cat and Lucy’s bitchy, pot shots at Lois. This is an amazing, strong character being shoved down to a punchline and punching bag because of her awful sister and jealous Cat Grant. That’s how it comes across when the writers have Lucy (ick) and Cat make barbed comments about Lois. Jealous and insecure in their own lives.

I get that they don’t get along in the comics and never have but Lois is definitely the more beloved character here. Supergirl isn’t following any comic panel for panel anyway, just based on a basic storyline.

So, yes, the comments in season one are old and I hope in the coming season Cat or Lucy say something in front of Clark and/or Superman just to have him light into them because, at this point, they both deserve it. I wanted to like them. I did but not at the expense of one of my favorite characters, Lois Lane. She deserves more respect than to be some punching bag for a petty, jealous woman and the disaster that is Lucy Lane.

Back to my original topic, (sorry I deviated but I’m just so irritated about Lois treatment on Supergirl and she hasn’t even been cast!) I hope these fan boys and girls give Tyler a chance instead of just dismissing him because they didn’t get their way and get the actor they wanted. These are supposed to be grown people, not toddlers. There’s a difference between having an opinion and being a negative dick right out of the gate.

Look, I’m not going to make the mistake of using this photo to critique Hoechlin because Clark Kent is a role for which some pretty nontraditional choices have paid off like crazy (Christopher Reeve was one of them) but I do have some questions of the studio, especially in light of this property recently changing hands to the network that also houses the collection of mistakes that is Arrow.

Was this photo very very rushed or does Hoechlin have a permanent five o'clock shadow? Because I have authentically been waiting for this guy to shave for like a month now. This isn’t even really a completely aesthetic call, though he does look ready to hit the open road with his super powered biker gang, because Clark Kent has a fairly white collar job and is not the guy to casually break the dress code. What does this man look like in the office next to his impeccably groomed Lois Lane?

Speaking of Lois, it’s time for Supergirl to prove that as a self-proclaimed “feminist” show they don’t have a misogynist grudge against Lois Lane, because they have yet to provide any evidence of that, and casting Clark, Jimmy, General Lane, and Lucy while failing to cast Lois is starting to look less like a coincidence and more like a bias. Don’t make the mistake of being the Superman property that disrespects Lois Lane, Supergirl, universes have been rebooted over this.

He looks YOUNGER than ever in this picture. This is a little alarming considering that he’s been Superman for about a decade. Do Kryptonians stop aging at 21 in this universe? How old is Lois?

Why don’t their uniforms remotely coordinate??? Supergirl had an opportunity here to reverse-define what Superman’s look was in this universe and yet none of this goes together. Her outfit is gorgeous and his looks like it was designed with no thought about what would work with this actor’s body or what would make them look, I dunno, related, while standing next to one another. Why is his collar so open? What is the purpose of this awkward belt? It’s certainly not holding anything up; if they wanted a splash of color there, why not just go with the red briefs?

The hair. I have to assume they’re going to fix the hair. They’re going to fix the hair, right? …right?

  • Public:Superman is a danger! He's only brought destruction and death
  • Meanwhile Clark Kent:*looking at flowers in the grocery store*
  • Media:Superman, friend or foe?
  • Meanwhile Clark Kent:does Lois like roses or tulips?
  • Government:This alien is a menace! Such a dangerous creature should be locked away or killed!
  • Meanwhile Clark Kent:you know I think I'll go with the tulips
  • Meanwhile Clark Kent:maybe I'll make dinner tonight too...
  • Someone:Batman V Superman sucked.
  • Me:Don't talk to me...
  • Me:*holds Bruce* or my husband...
  • Me:*holds Clark* or my husband's husband...
  • Me:*holds Lois* or my husband's husband's wife...
  • Me:*holds Martha* or my husband's husband's mom...
  • Me:*holds Diana* or my cool sister-in-law...
  • Me:*holds Lex* or my annoying neighbor...
  • Me:*holds Doomsday* or my annoying neighbor's ugly pet...
  • Me:...EVER AGAIN.

DCEU + Ladies (So Far)

“You can call me whatever you like. Take a bucket of piss and call it Granny’s Peach Tea; take a weapon of assassination and call it deterrence. You won’t fool a fly or me. I’m not gonna drink it.”