lois griffen

Meg is just so lame.

So I just saw a christmas episode of “Family Guy”, & it made Meg look as lame as shes made out to be!
So in the episode, Santa gets physically sick from all of the worlds greed. So the notorious, Brian & Stewie duo, try to make things right again. Traditionally they go on some random af mission but as a conclusion, they make the world agree to be satisfied with one gift. The Griffen’s gifts all matched their personalities & they were so stoked on them.
Peter’s gift was something as random as a lunch can & Stewie’s gift was a gun for his plot to kill Lois. Speaking of the Dame, her gift was food & groceries. Chris got a retarded bunny. Meg, being the eldest teenage daughter in the family, you would expect she’d want a laptop, or money, or clothes right? Wrong. She got another identical freakin’ beanie and was all stoked on it.
Just saying she’s lame as hell.