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Upcoming June trip to France but am at a loss for packing light. What would you bring to fit in a carry-on? Going to Paris, a bike trip in the Loire valley, and a history conference in Provence!

Hey there, I threw together this collection of things I would take  for your June trip. I’ve never been to Paris, a Parisian Bike Ride or to a history conference. But, these pieces feel right. Alter to your taste, style, need. It’s your trip, you should have fun, be confident and comfortable.  Also, check out Annstreetstudio on Instagram. Jamie has been living in Provence for the past few months. Awe inspiring. Hope this helps. 


The Royal Chateau of Chambord in the heart of France’s Loire Valley photographed helplessly close to flood waters that had hit most of France and central Europe last week. Fortunately they raising flood levels receded over the weekend and the Sun even came out to mark the beginning of the weeks/months of clean up.

Source: ChateauDeChambord Instagram.

209.8 pounds before Paris –> 214.2 pounds after Paris

Geez, Libra, way to be aggressive with your expectations of my future weight gain! I was on vacation!

My first time in France was amazing. We took a day tour of the castles of the Loire Valley, visited a vineyard, went to the palace at Versailles, spent a day at Disneyland Paris, and then did just Paris stuff for the other six days.

I had macarons, mille feuille, croissants, pain au chocolat, a one-Michelin-star tasting menu, a three-Michelin-star tasting menu, pork trotters and the best polenta I’ve ever had, hand-pulled noodles, banh mi on real French baguettes, chorizo paninis, a chili cheese dog and a pound of fudge at Disneyland, the best gelato I’ve ever had at multiple locations of a Paris chain that also happens to have two locations in NYC that will now be the death of me, Kir Royales, all of the wine ever, Pizza Hut, the Paris version of a taco (which is actually a burrito), potatoes baked in duck fat and mixed with cheese, so much bread and butter you wouldn’t believe one human was capable of eating it … actually, I should stop, this is too glorious/painful to think about.

I think all of the food tasted so good partly because I haven’t cheated on keto in literal months and partly because the food really is that amazing. The city was like NYC except much prettier and more tourist-friendly. Like, the train actually goes all of the way to airport! And the trains come every 2 minutes!

Point is: Paris is everything. We had a lovely little Airbnb with a terrace right in the 4th arrondissement and walked everywhere and drank the best coffee at all of the cafes and tried to speak French and failed but everyone was still so nice to us. I already miss being there so much.

I planned a bunch of outings for this week to enjoy while I’m off the wagon, so I won’t be fully back on keto until Sunday. Now please excuse me while I go catch up on one million of your posts!