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crooked-djinn  asked:

Do you think movie theaters are a big thing in the FF8 world? How well do you think Laguna's movie did? I think it'd be kinda funny if Siefer was one of the only people who saw it.

I always imagined that movie theaters as we think of them classically (single screens with drawn curtains, not the huge multicinemas we have now) were quite popular in Timber. I don’t know, maybe it’s the slightly steampunk atmosphere to the place. And maybe one BIG, high-tier theater somewhere on the main drago of Deling City. I can see more corporatized, modern cinemas here and there in recreational areas like Balamb, or the coastal section of Dollet. 

I do imagine that home theaters are quite the fad in Esthar, though. And I have an inkling of who got them started…

I…don’t actually imagine Laguna’s movie did too well. Possible it made it into some small theaters here and there, but otherwise was relegated to the equivalent of late-night B-movie grunge of the sort you’d watch in the late ‘90s when you were awake at 3am in a bout of insomnia. I kinda think of The Sorceress’s Knight fell into the same bucket of guiltily enjoyable tripe as Carnosaur 2. So, something a young Seifer would eat right up, hahaha~

I sorta doubt he saw it in theaters the first time, though. I’m trying to remember where I got this impression, but I think he saw it when he was little? So maybe right after he came to Garden. Unless someone had the patently awful idea to take an 8-10 year old Seifer to the Balamb cinema…he probably found it in a pile of DVDs (or whatever; we know they used some kind of optical discs, since they exist in the “Change Disc” screen in the original PS1 and PC versions) and watched it during some training class that got canceled due to rain…um, did I just date myself? Like they did with us in phys ed when I was in school, haha. I bet he didn’t really *watch* it that much, though. He probably spent a lot of time standing up and mimicking Laguna’s actions, nearly stepping on other kids who were trying to watch it while fighting his invisible dragons. 

But obviously, he became enamored with it. I don’t get the impression Garden would have allowed too many sedentary activities like movie-watching, and would have relegated it to “time where we really need the kids to sit still in one place while we take care of administrative duties” and maybe some entertainment for anyone stuck sick or injured in the infirmary. So it probably was a movie that was played repeatedly, enough for him to memorize the motions. Maybe he saw it in the theater if they were showing double-features in a cheap cinema somewhere.