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(Above are my stock photos of loin from St Olaf Tap which makes a very fine Tenderloin. The tenderloin of applecation. Jennhoney approved 👍🏻🍏👍🏻 )

@endreal yeah, that other place’s tag line is “biggest & best” and they are neither in my opinion.

@syro I’ve seen you comment on these before and have been planning another educational post. I’ve been educating on this topic for years. Here we go- This is called a (pork) tenderloin. It’s a pounded breaded fried pork loin on a bun. I eat mine with only pickles. But they also are served with onion, tomato, lettuce, and/or mustard. It’s a Midwest thing. They probably originated in Indiana but ~Iowans also know what to do with loins~ (state motto). They should be freak show huge, that’s part of the traditional experience. Most places offer different sizes though. A lot of places forget to season them (like yesterday. My dad called it an old person’s loin).I never ate these as a kid but as an adult I noticed my mom and her little sister would demand a tenderloin on visits. And when I realized that it was part of my regional [food] heritage I became a Tenderloin Explorer.

@womaninterrupted because years ago you asked how you eat it and I don’t know if I ever showed how. I’m sure people eat them differently but what I do is cut the loin to bun size. Eat that in restaurant and then take the rest home and fest for days! If the loin is good it’ll taste great cold as well.

And @songbirdstew because loin.

[I was butt gif’d on the dashboard by Treva]

me: hahaha THANK YOU
I just don’t see Tom Hardy’s butt enough
and if there was any fairness in the Universe someone would be saying that about me right now.
Treva: that was an enlightening google image search, let me tell you
me: were you searching for Tom Hardy?
Treva: tom hardy butt, specifically
me: hahahaha
Treva: the first two pages of web results are ALL about him taking a pain ball in the butt. There’s a youtube video, and stills of the video.
  painT ball, not pain ball. Though I’m sure it hurt.
me: well, let me tell you, if you ever search “Bronson” on tumblr you will see a lot of penis that is not Tom Hardy
Treva: interesting, interesting
  filing under ‘future penis needs’
me: yeah, I’ve seen the paintball
Treva: somewhere Julia is going into convulsions
me: I guess there is a Bronson porn guy? I don’t know, it was not the penis I was looking for, I wasn’t even looking for penis at the time

~political discussionz with jennhoney~

me: I can’t even hear the name santorum without tensing up and having trouble breathing
Treva: oh jesus
(actual political/personal stuff)… pro-Santorum…, “That’s it, we’re done.”
me: ugh
Treva: And I honestly cannot believe that Newt Gingrich is even running in the first place, never mind that he’s made it this far. I keep waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop up and tell us all we’ve been Punk’d.

…Treva said actual political things and I said…

me: yeah, I feel sick
Treva: oh, dear.
me: that’s my whole political discussion
  I feel sick
Treva: hahahaha
me: What about Tom Hardy’s Penis though, WHAT ABOUT THAT?!?
and that’s how I wrap things up
I’m sorry
Treva: if you hadn’t said it first, I was going to!
I was just typing, “Let’s change the subject. How about Tom Hardy’s penis?”

me: hahahaha
Treva: YAY
 me: ~~~

(woodland creatures, silliness, and anatomy is about all I’ve got to offer conversationally.)

songbirdstew replied to your post “OMG. My family has been home 10 seconds and I can’t breathe.”

Can we assume there will be apology pastries in the morning?

MAYBE! although, I was really impressed with Murble’s apology. That never happens. and then I ran into AuntPretty1 at the park and she calmly made sure it was okay that she go on the trip (it is) and said, “ we just sort of sprung that on you right as we walked in the door!” (that’s exactly what they did) So, I’m not going to my brother’s movie, it would be a tremendous financial strain right now.

I feel okay. I’m embracing my okayness.

songbirdstew  asked:

You were in my dream last night, too! We were shyly embarking on a 2-week stay in a hotel room together, as a trial run for moving in together. I don't recall if blindfolds were involved.

haha this is hilarious. I like that we were being so careful. I’m sure blindfolds were involved in some of the trials (Jules would kindly provide), like maybe navigating the mazelike storage unit where all our things are held- freeing the captive C and Sid. this got away from me. there was a Minotaur, right?

this is a little shrine to Treva's perfect replies

songbirdstew replied to your post: we’re alone TOGETHER

I’ll bring avocados AND whipped cream, so everyone is waffle-happy!

songbirdstew said: Cuddle Cunt was my nickname in high school.

songbirdstew answered your question: Hey, I’m glad you didn’t answer. It’s [actually…

It has to be anal sex, it has to be. Not just her word, everything.

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Whaaat what what what? What is that Spock gif from? I don’t recognize it. :-O

I’m actually not sure, I can figure it out, just not tonight.


your no good lazy loin partner

songbirdstew replied to your photo: ~hey tumblr~hey let’s scroll this I think it is…

That loin sneaks into all of your important words.

I know. we don’t need to explore that.