Nancy Liang (b.1990, Australia)

Nancy Liang is a Sydney based illustrator and artist who explores whimsy and magic in mundane and other moments. She focuses on landscapes, city streets and suburban locales of which she attempts to draw out social, cultural and even personal narratives. Using her interest in dioramas her illustrations take shape through textures and colours from papers, found objects and other miscellaneous materials. She is most active making Gifs and now dabbling in Processing. Outside the practice, Nancy is an art teacher at the International Art Centre based in Carlingford.

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James Kudo (b.1967, Brazil)

James Kudo was born in Pereira Barreto, Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the early 90s a man-made lake built by the local power plant flooded parts of the city. Kudo’s paintings are informed by memories of his hometown turned Nouveau Atlantis, intermingling with recollections of other regional changes and processes of urbanization. Free-floating fragments of houses, planes of color and abstracted natural elements convene in striking combinations in Kudo’s re-imagined landscapes. (src. Juxtapoz)

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