Kebak Nurian from my trilogy Lohikaarme. He’s a Fire Affinity Lohik, which are prone to control issues. Fire magic is very unstable, so many fire affinities receive tattoos very early in their lives. 

Kebak’s first tattoos were on his arms and his ankles. They bound and kept his magic from being unleashed. The tattoo on his back he’s only had for three years and helps keep his magic better under control, since he is one of the most powerful fire affinities born in 100 years. 

This is Eirwyn, High Priestess to the Fire Goddess Ildrai.

She’s the only Lohik with foresight, which is why she’s the High Priestess. Born only after the last High Priestess dies, she is kept under lock and key, which she hates.

Her duties include speaking with Ildrai, scrying the future (despite her foresight ability, she can only see possibilities, unless it’s a huge event). She can also see into the past, but it’s much more taxing on her.

Her flame tattoos on her wrists allow her to handle the flame of Ildrai during the Solstices. Her arm tattoos have Ildrai in the Old Script.

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i would love to, honest! you're friends with my three tumblr parents gaito, fox and risa so i mean. and they all tell me you're really cool too and stuff. i don't have many friends that like reiji and it's really sad so i saw your url and everything and aslkdwlet743

I am THE Reiji lover around these parts so yes, please - come near me and relish in the Reiji love :DD

akjsdfklasdj aaaaaaah, and they so super too so I feel honored ;-;

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hi... excusemei'mashyweenie but first of all your url is amazing and i love reiji with all of my heart and then... i might have looked through the stuff you've made... i uh. godi'mbadatthis HI I LIKE YOUR BLOG i'm hiding now

waaaaaaait, come baaack my dear <3

Thank you so much!! oh gosh, it really does make you happy you enjoy my things and REIJI TOO, HE NEEDS MORE LOVE YES<3<3

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