Lohashill-Waterdrop Shiny Pearl BB Cream Oil-Free

I got this bbcream in shade 02. My first thought on the packaging is that, its very similar to the Skin 79 Hot pink. I think the pump is a bit stiff. 

As for the bbcream. the texture is super light, velvety, dewy and not sticky. 40% of coverage.When applying the bbcream tiny water droplets are activated which is absorbed to lock in that moisture. It also has sun protection, however i’m not to sure how much SPF it contains.

The smell is slightly floral. this bbcream is also sweat proof and water proof. The under tone of the bbcream isn’t grey and it matches my skin tone straight away. The bbcream can last up to 3 years. So for those who have fairly good skin [normal/combination/slightly dry] I recommend this.

good product overall 4/5

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