Project Minestuck Update #6

I have to admit, I’ve been slacking haha

We got one of the walls completely finished, but there are still three others and a ceiling that needs to be addressed to. But hey, the walls take a long time to build up with just two people and the tedious-ness of it is started to take its toll on my sanity. So slacking on it is permitted if you ask me lol XP

Though I did get another landmark finished. Say hello to the LOHAC stock exchange! Or… at least my likeness of it. After building it, I was left with a large empty space within the large obsidian box that is the LOHACSE. So deciding to get a little creative and wanting to mess around with redstone, I veered off into a small side project (a sort of easter egg within LOHAC, I guess you could say) with the empty space I was given. It was at first going to be a sort of dance club room with some flashing light disco floor. But then flashing light disco floor turned into flashing troll signs disco floor. A few of the photos above show the signs that I’ve finished so far. A lot of trial and error went into getting them to flash the way I wanted them to, but in the end it was worth it. And it’s gonna look so fricking awesome when it’s finished :D 

But anyhow, that’s what I’ve been doing so far regarding the project. The next landmark on the list is the quest bed, which I’m a little unsure of where to place. I’ll figure something out, I guess. Maybe. And of course, I need to finish the side project and when I do, I’ll be sure to post more screen shots.

LOHAC Completion Progress: I’d say we are about 60-65% done. It’s definitely getting there.

Until next update, guys. Peace out!