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I did it fam, reached another goal, 250 songs and over 15 hours. Next goal: 300 songs

edit: changed from ‘Star Panlions’ to 'Star Lahnce’

Klance playlist / art by @kawovan

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(Photo Tutorial from @.nyounguii on Twitter)

Ok the cancellation of Sense8 was prefixed ok. It’s not like Netflix didn’t know how much the show was costing. They had a freaking budget for it. Netflix is basically a TV network now okay. Before they didn’t really had to advertise because they had rights to pretty much all the shows and movies. However, once other networks realized how good Netflix was doing, they stopped given out rights and started streaming themselves, hence Hulu etc. That’s around the same time Netflix started making their own shows (House of Cards, OITNB). Now they are heavily reliant on their original content, just like all the other networks, but guess what? They don’t do nearly as much advertising. If you are going to spend $9 million per episode of a show (which is the reported cost for Sense8 episodes), why the hell would you not advertise it?

Let’s take Game Of Thrones, for instance. That’s another show that is shot in various countries, and costs millions per episode to make. The new season is starting on July 16, but HBO has been advertising that show for weeks already. Not a day goes by where I log into Facebook and don’t see at least 1 ad for GoT.  2 Months before the season is out and they are already getting the hype up. You know many times I saw an ad for Sense8 anywhere? Not once! Aside from a little behind the scenes shoot a year ago (May, 2016), and the Christmas Special, there was nothing! I didn’t even get an e-mail from Netflix telling me that the season had started. My friend had to remind me. How many times did they show Sense8 on the log-in page? I didn’t see it a single time. Did you? The ad from The Crown still there though!

2 years making this season; took so long people completely forgot about it, and then when it finally comes out they just kind of put it out there. No fuss; like it was nothing. How many times did the actors show up on late night or any other popular talk show  to promote Sense8? How many magazine spreads? Any promotional online photo-shoot and or campaign? Are you seriously going to tell me that they budgeted over $100 million dollars to produce the season of a show, and then expected to make their money back without any promotion? You don’t even have to be a business person to know how ridiculous that is. Anyone who’s ever made anything know that no one is going to buy your product, if they don’t know you’re selling it. The show doesn’t have a comic book following to back it up like the marvel shows, so it needs promoting. And with a nearly $100 million dollar budget, there is no way promotion and advertisement was overlooked. You don’t make a project that big and then just forget the fact that you need viewers watch it. This was done on purpose, and the fact that they are not even wrapping up the story shows exactly what kind of company Netflix is becoming.

Next year there’s gonna be 13 episodes on why some white boy became a school shooter, and another 12 on the shitty story a white boy with glowing fist doing bad fight choreography though! Herp derp

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89 with Taehyung please

Lessons in Love (Taehyung x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Are you hitting on me?”
Summary: Taehyung flirts like a 12-year-old, but you’re able to figure everything out anyways.
Word count: 1.5k words

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“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” you frowned, looking at your friend, Yuna, who had dragged you to her mathematics study group. “You know I’m terrible at math.”

“So this is a chance to learn!” Yuna answered with a smile. “We’ll help you study, it’s not a problem.”

“You and your friends are so smart,” you whined as Yuna dragged you through the library towards the private rooms. “I’ll look so dumb in comparison.”

“Trust me, they’re not like that!” Yuna comforted, finally stopping in front of a closed door. It led to the room her study group booked every Wednesday. “Besides, you’re like the English god, so if anyone needs help with that you can pay back the favour.”

“If you’re sure,” you conceded, albeit hesitantly. Yuna nodded enthusiastically and turned the knob, swinging the door open to reveal the small room behind.

There was a single table surrounded by three other students. One girl, who you vaguely recognized, was sitting closest to the door. The head of the table was a boy named Namjoon, the certified genius on campus. Beside him was another boy, but this one you didn’t recognize.

He had messy brown hair and tanned skin. His lips were a little pouty, and his nose was strong. When your gaze traveled up, you saw that his dark, long eyes were ringed by thick eyelashes. He was also staring right back at you.

Blushing, you quickly averted your gaze and turned uncomfortably to Yuna.

“Hey guys!” she chirped. “This is my friend, Y/N. She’s in the other class, so that’s probably why you don’t recognize her.”

“Just to preface this, I’m pretty shit at math,” you said, wanting to address your discomfort immediately. “I know you guys are all really smart but I don’t want you to think I’m, like, taking advantage of you. If you need help in literally any other subject, I’m here.”

“Nah, no worries,” Namjoon responded with an easy smile. “We’re not math elitists or some shit. I’m Namjoon, by the way.”

“I’m Jisoo,” the girl added dully, briefly glancing up from her laptop in front of her. You smiled, but Jisoo turned back to her screen too quickly to catch it.

You turned to the handsome boy beside Namjoon, waiting for him to introduce himself. He blinked owlishly at you for a moment, his face expressionless. Slowly, his eyes met yours and his mouth began to open.

“Your shirt looks weird,” he said. You looked down at your t-shirt, which had a print of an old anime series you used to watch.

“I, uh–you–okay?” you spluttered, confused by the boy’s comment.

“What the hell, Tae?” Namjoon asked, bewildered. He turned to his friend, his eyes narrowed. “I thought you liked–ow!”

The boy turned to glare at his friend, and when you looked back at Yuna in confusion, she just rolled her eyes at you.

“Just ignore Taehyung,” Yuna snorted, grabbing your arm and leading you to the table. She pulled you down into the seat beside hers and turned to address the group. “So! Let’s start reviewing for the quiz next week.”

You glanced at the clock beside your computer. It read 3:04 AM. Groaning, you looked at the stacks of sheets in front of you, and then at the textbook filled with highlighted text and sticky notes. But for the hours you had spent studying, you learned next to nothing.

In a moment of desperation, you logged into Facebook and open your study group chat, which you had been added to after your first sit-in.

Y/N 3:06 AM

SOS!!! Is anyone online!!!

Tae Tae 3:10 AM

ya sup

Y/N 3:11 AM

I don’t understand anything??? Pls help

Immediately after you hit “enter,” Taehyung viewed the message. But no response came, and the typing bubble didn’t appear either. You broke out into a nervous sweat, overwhelmed by the fast approaching quiz and your lack of understanding of math in general.

Then, a message notification popped up onto your screen. Taehyung had messaged you separately from the group chat.

Taehyung 3:14 AM

lets just dm. dont wanna annoy the others

Y/N 3:14 AM


Taehyung 3:15 AM

so what don’t u understand?

Y/N 3:16 AM

Everything!!!! All the stuff we went over last meeting has completely left my brain.

Taehyung 3:17 AM

ok prepare urself this is gonna be a long lesson

So, for the next hour, Taehyung did his best to explain the different concepts and methods to you, while you scribbled notes furiously on your worn notebook. By the time he had went through all the material, your hand was throbbing and it was well past 4AM.

Y/N 4:37 AM

Thank you sooooooo much Taehyung! I owe you my life

Taehyung 4:38 AM

no thnx

Y/N 4:39 AM

Ok, rude. But seriously, thanks. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise

Taehyung 4:39 AM

no probs. but u owe me now so don’t forget

Y/N 4:40 AM

I won’t!!!!! You’re the best!

Taehyung changed your nickname to “idiot.”

The day of the quiz came quickly, but when you sat down at your desk, you felt more relaxed than in any other math class. This time, you were actually prepared and confident in your abilities. So when the quiz arrived, you whizzed through every page.

Everything Taehyung had explained to you was on the quiz. You were sure that if you found the quiz easy, Taehyung could probably do it in his sleep. Even though you thought he was a bit annoying, he still had saved your ass.

When the test period finally finished, you grabbed all your belongings and darted from the testing centre. You spotted one of your friends, Jungkook, dashing towards the exit as well.

“Hey, Jungkook!” you called. He turned around, and once he spotted you, he smiled and waited for you to catch up. “How was the quiz?”

“You know I’m the fucking worst at math,” Jungkook scowled, crossing his arms as you walked together. “Fuck, why is this a mandatory course. I’m in liberal arts for a reason.”

“Tell me about it,” you replied, laughing humourlessly. “Luckily, this time I had help. The quiz wasn’t so–”

“Y/N!” someone yelled suddenly, their deep voice booming throughout the hall. Startled, you glanced up, spotting Taehyung a few meters away from you. He hurried over, nearly tripping over himself in the process. “How’d the quiz go?”

“Really well, actually,” you replied. “Everything you explained to me was on it, so I could answer all the questions.”

“No way,” Jungkook snorted. “Y/N, good at math? That’s fucking new.”

“What the fuck?” Taehyung growled, narrowing his eyes at Jungkook. “Watch yourself, you prick. Y/N isn’t stupid.”

“Woah, chill man,” Jungkook replied, putting his hands up in surrender. “I was making a joke. Calm yourself.”

“Let’s all just relax a little bit!” you exclaimed tightly, grabbing Taehyung’s arm and pulling him away from a very volatile Jungkook. He put up little resistance, letting himself be led around the building. When you reached an emptier hallway, you stopped and look back at Taehyung. “What was that all about?”

“He was implying you were stupid,” Taehyung mumbled, his eyes downcast. “And you tried really hard to study for this quiz.”

“You probably tried harder than me, if I’m being honest,” you said. “Plus, you call me stupid all the time. Are you the only one who can say that?”

“No,” he muttered, still unable to meet your eyes. He said something, but he was speaking too quietly for you to understand.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“I said,” Taehyung began, clearing his throat awkwardly, “your hair looks bad.”

Reflexively, you reached for your long hair. You had slept with it in a bun last night, so your hair fell in loose waves. Objectively, you knew it looked pretty nice. You looked at Taehyung, confused, but when you saw his expression, suddenly everything clicked.

His cheeks were dusted in pink, and his eyes were darting around everywhere but your face.

“Are you–are you hitting on me?” you asked slowly. Taehyung’s cheeks darkened into a deeper red, and he bit his lip. “Oh my god, seriously? Are you twelve or something?”

“What!?” Taehyung whined. “You’re cute and it’s intimidating! What else can I do?”

“Ask me for my number or something?” you suggested, trying to hold back laughter. “Like a normal person our age?”

“Well, if that’s the case,” Taehyung said, finally lifting his gaze to your face as he scratched his nape awkwardly, “can I cash in my favour for your number?”

“I think I can do that,” you smiled, reaching for Taehyung’s phone once he fished it out of his pocket. “I might even say yes to a date, too.”


hey dumbo

- Girl in Luv

Wow I’m done and it’s 3AM. Nice. This is unedited, so I’ll go back and make corrections later. Hope you all checked out our masterlist! Happy 3k woot woot! Thanks for everyone who’s stuck with us. We’re so glad you guys are enjoying our imagines. Happy reading

Half of my childhood friends grew up to become elementary school teachers, and logging onto Facebook is always a trip, because their statuses are always shit like “I had to ban dabbing in my classroom today. Too many dab-related injuries”

talesfromcallcenters: "I had to talk to the cops for like, a whole hour. You shouldn't have called them because I'm suicidal!"

(I’m on an overnight shift. It is about 3am when the call comes in. It is important to note that the agency I work for is NOT a suicide hotline, nor are any of us trained in crisis intervention. I had a class on intervention a few years prior to this call.)

W: “Hi, yes, I’m calling in because I need some help. My son and daughter won’t talk to me anymore.”

Me: “Certainly, how can I help you?”

(Over the course of talking to this woman, I realize within the first 20 minutes of the call she has all the red flags for suicide. She makes statements like:

W: “I just don’t want to live anymore.”

W: “I have some pills. I’ve been saving them up.”

W: “I’m thinking, so, if I take these pills, I won’t have to deal with this anymore. I am going to do that when we’re done with this phone call.

(An hour and half into the call, my boss logged on to facebook at 5am. I was the only overnight staff, and nobody who I had messaged was answering their phones. My boss agreed to log on and start answering calls and got her number. I told her not to call 911 quite yet as I was trying to get an address.)

W: “Well, I think it’s time to say goodbye now. I need to go do what I need to do.”

Me, to my boss via FB: We’re loosing her - get the cops ASAP

Me, to woman: “Oh, don’t go yet. You haven’t told me about your cat. Can you tell me about your cat?”

(I kept her talking until she left to talk to the cops, who were doing a welfare check. That wasn’t the end of it, though. Two hours later, when my boss was working she called back.)

W: “Thanks for talking to me, but maybe next time don’t call 911. The cops made me talk to them for two hours!” Click

(The cherry on top was when her case worker called back the next day, FURIOUS I’d called the cops on her client. The beauty was she got my boss, who had gotten up at five am. My boss politely told her we weren’t a crisis center, that she was damn lucky her client had gotten someone with crisis training, and with a strong request for her client to call a suicide hotline next time.)

By: writeandknow

Top 10 Facts Of The Day (March 28, 2017)

10. Japan requires citizens between the ages of 45 and 74 to have their waistlines measured once a year and are expected to fall within an established range. Companies and local governments may face fines if their employees are overweight and do not meet these guidelines.

9. The fuel for each of Nazi Germany’s V2 rockets was made from 30 tons of potatoes.

8. The swimming pigs of the Bahamas. They live freely on the beaches, and after basking in the sun for hours, they swim in the surf. The pigs are exceptionally friendly, running from under the shade of the almond trees to greet visitors that bring them treats.

7. Tony Perkins, the leader of an anti-LGBT hate group, who claimed that God uses natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding to punish homosexuals and their supporters, had his own house destroyed by a flood.

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  • a/n: this came out longer than i expected bc i got carried away with the ridiculousness of soonyoung
  • soulmate au where you will switch bodies with each other randomly
  • everyone thought soonyoung was the unlucky 1% that didn’t have a soulmate
  • why? because he didn’t have anything that showed signs of having one
  • he didn’t have a timer, he couldn’t hear his soul mates thoughts, he couldn’t feel anything his soulmate did
  • but soonyoung was positive, no matter how many people gave him that pity look soonyoung always smiled brightly because he definitely knows he has one.
  • soonyoung looked online for answers and he found a forum about people who didn’t have any physical signs of a soulmate, he discovered that for some people it takes time for it to develop
  • so that’s what soonyoung believes
  • “it’s not that I don’t have a soulmate. I just haven’t figured out how to find them” 
  • he’s really positive through all of this, he’s just this kind of really free spirit that whole heartedly believes he has one and on the off chance that he is in fact that 1% well he says he’ll just steal seokmin’s soul mate
  • the first time he switched bodies with you wow did he freak out a lot
  • he woke up really groggy and didn’t know where he was because the blanket was a lot fluffier than he remembered and when did he get a lot more pillows and why does his chest feel heavy
  • soonyoung literally shoots up out of bed and falls off and He’s running to the bathroom and he has this horrified face like “IM A GIRL”
  • he’s really really really confused and so he does what any person would go
  • google ‘'why did I suddenly turn into a girl’
  • turns out a lot of the results point towards soulmates and now soonyoung is grinning from ear to ear like “TAKE THAT SEOKMIN I ACTUALLY HAVE A SOULMATE”
  • and for 10 minutes soonyoung stares in the mirror bc wow his soulmate is kinda breathtaking even with bed hair
  • feels really really really bad bc he has to change out of your pajamas and He’s closing his eyes with your shirt off trying to find another shirt and He’s screaming “IM SORRY”
  • leaves a note on your mirror saying he’s sorry once again
  • finally changes into normal clothes and because he feels kind of skeptic, he’s slowly stepping out of your room
  • found your phone and wants to unlock it but doesn’t know the password so he can’t really call anyone
  • instead he locks himself in your apartment out of fear because he doesn’t know what a girl acts like
  • decides to binge watch tv shows and eat the junk food you had lying around (you did not appreciate the 15 bags of snacks he decided to eat)
  • he discovers your laptop and luckily for him it wasn’t locked, he’s messing around when it finally occurs to him that he could log into his facebook and call the members
  • video calls seokmin
  • seokmin screams when a girl answers “WHO ARE YOU”
  • soonyoung decides to mess with seokmin like “hi seokmin, I really enjoyed our time last night”
  • cue seokmins soulmate in the background asking who she is and why they were together
  • soonyoung laughing his ass off before he’s like “okay sorry, it’s soonyoung’
  • “stop lying, soonyoung is a boy”
  • “I’m soonyoung I switched bodies with my soul mate”
  • that goes on for 5 minutes before soonyoung is finally like “FINE THEN WHERE IS SOONYOUNG”
  • soonyoung goes to his apartment bc apparently his soulmate locked themselves in his room and refuses to come out
  • when the doors open Chan, Minghao, and Jun are staring at the small girl at the door like “who are you”
  • “I’m here for soonyoung”
  • Chan: he’s kind of busy right now
  • soonyoung doesn’t even bother, he walked right straight in and knocks on his door “hey its me.”
  • and the three boys watch in astonishment as the door opens and the girl is being pulled in
  • ‘'does soonyoung have a girlfriend”
  • now soonyoung is looking at himself in the eyes of his soulmate
  • “did you change my clothes?”
  • you two just kinda sit in his room together really astonished that this was how the universe decided to have you guys be soul mates
  • and its really silent for a while before soonyoung says “I didn’t look at your body but did you?”
  • it isn’t until the next morning when you guys switch back, so you basically spent the whole night together kind of getting to know each other
  • when you two switch back its a fight for the bathroom because you two literally held it in for 24 hours
  • jun, minghao, and chan sitting in the kitchen staring at the chaos because one) soonyoung just spent the night with a girl and two) what was that about changing her clothes
  • after telling everyone the whole body switch situation everything just kinda makes sense now
  • you and soonyoung will switch bodies at least once a month
  • its really weird and random but you two actually end up enjoying it after the first few times
  • you asked soonyoung to dance in your body once and you literally developed a massive crush on yourself bc you looked good
  • you and soonyoung actually start to get use to being in each others bodies like you don’t mind using the bathroom in his body (since you saw it while doing the do)
  • soonyoung acts cutely when he’s in your body, says oppa a lot because it sounds cute from your voice
  • “OPPAA”
  • “I swear to god soonyoung”
  • it was the worse body switch of your life because soonyoung cried saying his face was so beautiful
  • soonyoung uses your body to flirt and mess with the guys
  • the first time soonyoung knew he loved you was the day after your 3rd time switching bodies
  • he woke up with you snuggled into his chest, his arm was being used as your head rest as you lazily had your arm draped around his stomach
  • and you were dressed in his large white t-shirt with shorts on and even though he was the one that put it on the day before it was an entirely new sight with his actual eyes
  • he couldn’t help but stare at your features because he found you so beautiful, so naturally breathtaking and he wondered if you saw just how beautiful you were to him when you are in his body
  • like he just can’t wrap his head around it, when he’s in your body he just thinks ‘'oh I’m y/n for today okay’ but when he’s looking at you with his own eyes and body, he just feels his chest thump loudly and all he wants to do is lift you in his arms and pepper you with kisses
  • and while he’s watching you sleep soundly into his chest with bits of drool at the ends of your mouth he’s swooning in his head and his whole body fills with joy and that’s when he knows he’s head over heels
  • soonyoung prefers sports bras over regular ones and you could not agree more
  • you two literally bond a lot about the struggles of being a guy and girl
  • you once gave guy advice to the other boys and it was really awkward because they always forget that you become soonyoung once a month
  • jun once complimented your body to soonyoung while you were in soonyoungs body
  • it was awkward so you decided to not tell jun that it was the time of the month
  • but you appreciated the compliment
  • while in your body, soonyoung got hit on and he didn’t know what to do
  • “being a girl is hard”
  • once got turned on while in your body
  • soulmate soonyoung is a really cute free spirited guy that respects your body while he’s in it. and he just really really loves you and always makes sure your body is in tip top shape for the next day. he’s also just a cute bun that likes to mess with others but by the end of the day he just loves snuggling with you and holding you in his arms

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Hey can I get a hc for Zen x MC or Seven x MC playing a game like silent hill or outlast and mc is good at it but when ever there's a jumpscare she starts either singing something along the lines don't kill me to the game or swears and screams out of fear, but then goes back to playing. Even though their playing at 3 in the morning as mc is a serious night owl and their both bored. Thank you 😊

Hi! Sorry for keep you waiting, but finally here it is. I don’t know if this is what you were asking for but I hope you enjoy it!:D

Note: I’m using they/them pronouns, so it’s the most neutral it can be.

- Mod Apu


  • Zen doesn’t play videogames, so when MC got their laptop out of its bag and turned it on Zen thought it was something related to school/work. 
  • Then he remembered it was friday night and MC liked to stay late (and wake up late).
  • He thought maybe they wanted to log in on facebook, twitter or watch some videos on youtube.
  • But no, MC just wanted to play Outlast. 
  • So Zen as a good boyfriend decided to stay awake to do some company to his beloved MC, besides, he was about to act as Oedipus in a new version of Oedipus the king, so he had to read the entire script and some context,
  • They started, one reading and the other playing, even though Zen didn’t have any idea of what the hell was MC playing.
  • He then hears some muttering of MC,
  • “Holy shit holy shit holy shit” on loop, for about one minute.
  • “FUCK” they scream.
  • And then they keep playing like nothing happened.
  • At that point Zen was curious about what they were playing.
  • “MC what are you playing?”
  • “Oh, I’m just playing this game called Outlast, is about a NO GOD PLEASE NO, DON’T YOU HAVE A BETTER THING TO DO LIKE STICKING SOME FUCKING CACTUS IN YOUR ASS OR SOMETHING INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING ME?, anyway, I was saying, Outlast it’s a game where you’re basically a journalist investigating in some asylum because of a letter that accused the place of doing some illegal stuff or something”
  • Zen just leaves the script on the night table and gets closer to MC.
  • He’s just watching carefully every move MC does in the game. Turns out they are pretty good. Zen quickly understands the game, and soon he’s into it.
  • “Babe please hide I saw someone there just hide please, please please I don’t want you to get killed by that thing”
  • “Don’t worry I have this and ohmyfuckinggod you were right there’s something I’ll go hide somewhere okay I’m- OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING, WE’VE BEEN STUCK ON THIS PART FOR THE LAST FIFTEEN MINUTES
  • Hours keep passing by, and suddenly it’s 3 AM. Concept: Zen and MC are playing in complete darkness, both are muttering curses and screaming.
  • Surprisingly they finished the game before 4 AM, but adrenaline was just too much to handle so they tried with Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • They ended the game pretty quickly but oh god their nerves are a disaster and worse; they are theorizing about the game.
  • They don’t sleep til 6 AM RIP.
  • Basically their night is something like:

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Seven/Saeyoung Choi

  • Seven’s also a ight owl so one night hey are just watching some shitty movies like Sharknado or something.
  • MC got bored so they had an idea
  • “Hey Saeyoung what if we play some videogames instead?”
  • Seven was like “This is my fucking jam”
  • Actually Seven suggested something to laugh like Superman 64 or ET the game, but MC said N O.
  • MC then asked about Silent Hill
  • “Can we play Silent Hill? Please?”
  • Seven couldn’t say no to them so both started.
  • A first they were pretty chill, even talking about the game itself.
  • “It’s kind of shitty that the most promising Silent Hill got cancelled don’t you think?”
  • “I even heard that Gullermo del Toro would have collaborated”
  • “Even Junji Ito… what a pity”
  • It was like slow burn, the scenarios were getting creepier and creepier.
  • Shit was pretty tense, they were hugging under a blanket.
  • “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…”
  • “Come on Saeyoung this isn’t really that sca- DEAR GOD WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT
  • Then it calms down again
  • “Hey MC you’re actually pretty good at this, you’re even better than me and Yoosung”
  • Again it builds up
  • FUCK NOT AGAIN said MC just before going back to play.
  • It was kind of surreal to Seven, when he played horror games there was a point where he would just turn off the console and stay away from te game a few days. It happened with Ib, it happened with Corpse Party, it happened with Clock Tower, it happened with Resident Evil. MC just cotinued playing, they took jumpscares like a champ even though they screamed and cursed. 
  • MC’s screaming scared Saeyoung more than the game itself
  • But every defeat and failure filled them with determination
  • They kept playing til sunrise.
  • Their night was like:

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I’ve had a crap ton of crap happen IRL (also the political landscape right now is a hummer) and I’ve been trying to compensate by being extra kind to everyone around me?  (And chopping all my hair off.)  And I feel like “the universe” (or whatever) has just been creating opportunities for me to be nice?  Like - McDonalds is giving out beanie boos right now with their happy meals so we’re going more than we should because the girls are both obsessed with beanie boos and I am getting myself one whenever we go.  We went together on Wednesday night and (Sadness!) all three of us got Frostiness who we already had 3 of.  But, we pull into our driveway and these two moms are on a walk with their 3 fussy toddlers who are getting feisty just as we get out of the car.  Three extra polar bear toys, three toddlers, perfect math!  And last night we were at the park and we played with this awesome family and had an absolute blast.  Just now I logged into facebook and there was this post in a local moms group calling me out for being nice and I’m just a bit melty.  Like - things might be a bit crappy but I can still work to make my little part of the world better and that’s not nothing.

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I'm having a hard time figuring out how to balance all the things in my life and I was wondering if you had any tips on time management. (Side Q: how do you keep up with your studyblr?)

Hi! I’ll list a couple of different things you could and things that have worked for me:

  • use the two-minute rule - I’ve mentioned this before and it is a really good way to organise yourself and help prioritise your tasks. If something takes less than two minutes, do it. Otherwise either delegate or defer it. Here is a visualisation to help you see how it works.
  • write down tasks before bed - I have a post-it note by the side of my bed and will usually write down things that I have to do the next day. Sometimes they’re small, menial things that I might forget and others are really important. It is good to have that reminder and in case you think of something whilst in bed.
  • have some form of a planner - this could be a bullet journal, a daily or weekly planner, your phone or a whiteboard. Just anything that you can write down what is coming up, different events or appointments. Being able to clearly see what is ahead will help keep you on track.
  • set reminders - this could be in your planner or on your phone. But say you have an assessment coming up, write down two weeks before that it is due in two weeks, then one week, then in the upcoming days. Having those prompts will (hopefully) stop you from letting it pile up and ending up doing it the night before!
  • don’t multitask - it might seem like it is helping but really it is not. Focus on one task. Get it done!
  • figure out when you’re most productive - if you work best when you’ve just woken up, tailor your day to suit that. If you find you work best in the evening, spread out your tasks so you can do the more demanding/complex ones later on. 
  • pick out your top priorities - if you’re easily overwhelmed by long to-do lists, pick out the top three or five things that need to get done and focus on them. 
  • set up a work routine - having a level of predictability about your day can help ease your stress and easily manage your time. This could also include setting things to do daily (plan your day, reply to emails at 5pm), weekly (clear your desk, migrate unfinished tasks) and monthly (declutter inbox, back up your computer). 
  • be positive about your day - try to avoid looking at your tasks and thinking this is an insane amount. That kind of attitude is going to allow you to slack off and procrastinate. Try setting time blocks to get things done - but still be a little flexible.
  • remove distractions - ditch your phone, log out of facebook, stop looking at studyspo and get on! You could use apps like RescueTime or Forest to help replace those distractions with studying incentives.
  • limit tasks to between 20-30 minutes - these pomodoro technique is supposed to help you keep you focused and on task by giving you enough time to work solidly before needing to take bit of time off.
  • “objects in motion, stay in motion” - do something small, then another thing that is a little bit bigger. Eventually you’ll be in a groove and just keep going!!
  • set yourself rewards for working - if you get this done, you can spend an hour watching another episode of Game of Thrones. If that isn’t motivating, I don’t know what is!

I try to be on my Tumblr as much as I can (maybe a little too much sometimes). I attempt to answer questions as frequently as I can and post original content frequently. I think because I love running it so much, I do put a lot of effort into and will neglect other things for it.. I hope some of those ideas help you out! :-) xx