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f32 (Los Angeles) is a highly respected trend-watching company with a reputation for finding the next artists and brands that will shape the world’s culture. From the name to the identity, we sought to express the team’s singular vision. The name is drawn from the setting on a camera that offers the greatest depth of field, while the identity’s subtle play of colours and finishes pay tribute to their refined, highly contemporary aesthetic.


Brim Narrow

 I’d like to introduce Brim Narrow, my new decorative, layered typeface.

Brim is inspired by antique woodtype and chromatic type from the 1800s. Its various styles stack together creating a variety of decorative combinations. Each layer can be assigned its own colour, resulting in a rich assortment of eye-catching results.

It began as a handful of letters created for a logotype, but it soon became clear that it would make an excellent display typeface. I set about expanding it to include all uppercase letters, numbers, European accents and more. Warm and tactile, Brim produces punchy headlines and decorative titles. Perfect for posters, packaging and logotypes.

The name Brim accurately describes the expanded outer edge designed to produce its distinctive outlines. This overlapping structure couldn’t function correctly in wood or metal type; however for digital typography this system produces a more efficient solution for colour type, both in design and smaller file size, important for web typography.

The tight-fitting extruded styles are designed to overlap, creating a solid platform for the letters to jump out from. Steeper than the traditional 45°, they emphasise the narrow design, enabling more words per line.

For more information, download the full type specimen here.

Get Brim here.