I don’t know how to love you
I will either be too cold or too hot
I will come on too fast, too strong,
Will crush into you until we are both burning ashes.
Or I will keep a safe pace,
Not tell you about the galaxy I see in your eyes,
Or the burns that come from your fingers.
I will deny falling asleep hearing the chant of your heart,
Will pretend I was cold, my feet were freezing,
Cause I won’t tell you my soul was seeking the composure of your breathing.
And I will be silent,
As you talk about the color of the sky and the way the streets look in autumn,
Just after the rain stops.
You often wonder how did I miss that, 
I never answer.

I can’t apologize for staring at

phenomenons   (part one) (J.E)

I have never felt a touch more gentle,
Like you could heal me,
Like you wanted me to feel just as you saw me,
pristine, scathless,
Not like I knew I was,
disastrous, volatile,
I’ll always miss the way you used to touch me,
dauntless and unfettered,
like I didn’t disrupt you, like I didn’t taint your hands.
—  the stain of turmoil has never been one easy to vanish
new favorite words

A is for…

a corps perdu
phr. - ‘with lost body’; impetuously; in desperation.

ab ovo
phr. - from the egg: from the very beginning, hence completely and in great detail; throughly or voluminously.

n. - state of being impossible to understand; Philosophy, sceptic doctrine that knowledge cannot be certain. acataleptic, adj.

adj. - like a needle.

adj. - darky, gloomy, forbidding.

adj. - Occurring at nightfall.

adj. - lacking substance, unreal; gaseous.

n. - ignorance; especially ignorance shared by the wholehuman race.

n. - one fond of cats. ailurophilia, n. ailurophobe, n. one with dread of cats.

n. - worship of filth, dirt, smut; obscenity cult.

adj. - having white flowers.

n. - study of nature of truth.

adj. - pertaining to pain, especially in association with pleasure.

n. - worship of strange gods.

n. - self-love; self-respect.

n. - nonsensical writing.

n. - something which can bring back a lost love.

adj. - reminiscent; aiding the memory.

n. - the inability to be happy.

adj. - preventive of nightmares.

anthophilous, anthophilian
adj. - flower-loving; feeding on flowers.

adj. - having many trees.

n. - worship of stars.

aureate, aureous
adj. - golden-colored; ornate.

logophile \LAW-guh-fahyl, LOG-uh-\ noun; a lover of words.

This word must actually BE a lover of words, because I’ve already found 48 hidden inside it: logo, log, pig, pog, gill, pill, hill, pile, oh, hi, lo, go, leg, peg, eh, I, loop, pool, hoop, goop, goo, ogle, pho, hole, pole, gel, hell, poll, lip, hip, hog, ego, helio, hello, pogo, lope, lop, pooh, hop, loge, pie, lie, oil, ill, polo, pi, loo, HELP!