The Tangut script. The Tangut script was a logographic writing system used by the Tangut people of the Western Xia dynasty (1038-1227) to write their language, the now-extinct language of Tangut, of the Tibeto-Burman branch of the Sino-Tibetan languages. The language and script together are attested between 1036 and 1502.

The Tangut script is notable for its great complexity - its characters typically consist of far more strokes than their Chinese counterparts. No Tangut character is directly based on any Chinese character; the overall concept of the writing system and the forms of individual strokes were all that were borrowed. The characters include no phonetic or pictographic elements or references whatsoever; their forms are completely arbitrary and abstract.

The [Tangut] language is remarkable for being written in one of the most inconvenient of all scripts, a collection of nearly 5,800 characters of the same kind as Chinese characters but rather more complicated; very few are made up of as few as four strokes and most are made up of a good many more, in some cases nearly twenty. It is extremely difficult to remember them, since there are few recognizable indications of sound and meaning in the constituent parts of a character, and in some cases characters which differ from one another only in minor details of shape or by one or two strokes have completely different sounds and meanings. - Gerard Clauson

I think the Tangut script is one of the most aesthetically pleasing writing systems that I have read about; for me, its great cumbersomeness only enhances its beauty. This script is also a great reminder for conlangers that developing a logographic script does not necessarily require going through any kind of pictographic stage at all.

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I was wondering if you have a chart of the Chinese alphabet to help me? Thank you!

I hate to break it to you, but Chinese doesn’t have an alphabet D: There are just thousands and thousands of characters that you have to know, since Chinese uses a logographic writing system. Luckily, approximately 82-90% of Chinese characters are based off of a phonetic element (typically made up of simpler base characters, which you will also have to memorize lol).

However, if you were asking about Bopomofo (which is now mainly used in Taiwan), here’s a Wikipedia article and a chart

For Pinyin, here’s a chart with audio and another chart for reference.

To help you memorize Chinese characters, here’s a huge collection of Anki decks and Memrise courses.

Let me know if you have any other questions~ Good luck!


My current avatar, the state seal of Tepat. The seal features interlocking, stylized versions of the glyphs for tey “hand” and phlat “hero.” For clarity in the second photo, “hand” is highlighted in green and “hero” in red.

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Hello Alex! I am really interested in learning Japanese, but I have been speculating about the difficulty. Logographic characters look really complicated. Therefore i was wondering, if you could answer a few questions regarding it. How was your personal experience with learning Japanese? What was your first impression, and how did things turn out? Did/do you have any special method to learn it? And do you have any other advice, that doesn't go under my questions? Thank you!

my internet crashed in the middle of my reply to you, so bear with me if this answer is not as long and awesome as the original was designed to be. 

I started learning japanese when I was 12 years old. First I started by listening to japanese music and memorizing the romaji lyrics. That helped me learn the particles and the pronunciation much better so I recommend that. 

At about the age of 15 I had bought several japanese to english dictionaries and began memorizing vocabulary and stuff. I started learning hiragana and katakana too which really helped me out vuv’ I would always write my name in both english and japanese on my homework before turning it in. Also watch a lot of anime. it teaches you informal speech a lot as well as some phrases you can memorize. I started watching japanese television recently and it’s a lot of fun picking up on the dialects! 

Don’t buy rosetta stone-It’s a piece of shit. Instead buy “Genki” textbook. It’s the literal best thing at explaining grammar and vocab, kanji and all that good stuff :) 

Japanese is fun to learn. Have fun with it and take it at your own pace. I highly recommend getting a teacher or taking a college course in japanese because that is what got me where I’m at. Nothing beats learning it from an actual native speaker in a classroom like setting. It pushed me to do the work and it pushed me to memorize things. 

If you’re passionate about the language, then you can learn it! 

Buy lots of dictionaries and grammar books-learn how to write in hiragana first then katakana and know when to use both. I didn’t even touch kanji til like, last year in the fall. Kanji sucks ass but it’s really necessary to learn so do your best! What helped me most was flashcards and repetition of seeing and writing the kanji. Also-try memorizing more than one yomi. 

I looked for japanese pen pals and I found a few japanese friends who teach me and help me regularly! You must USE the language or LOSE it so speak japanese as much as you can!!! 

ONce you start dreaming in japanese-that’s when you know you’ve reached the next level cause your subconscious has started soaking it all up! :) 

Biggest piece of advice is to not give up-don’t get discouraged and remember it takes time. Buy Genki, see if there’s a japanese class in your area, use the language daily, learn the writing system, and find some friends who can help! :) 

of course, I’m heading to japan in august so I’m sure that once I visit the country of origin my language skills will increase! If you have the funds to do that, please do that! :) 

If you need help, I’m always here.I’m no expert on japanese but I will say that I had the highest grade in all my class the last two semesters I’ve taken Japanese College courses. I also got over 100% accuracy on all of my tests and finals in japanese so I have a good understanding of things but I am NOT FLUENT. I don’t think I’ll ever finish learning japanese! ;v; haha. //gloating over

I hope this helped…. uhhh….Remember to take lots of notes and take notes in the way you understand it! Learn the particles of japanese too-that’s pretty important if you wanna make coherent sentences. ;v; 

sorry this reply is so shitty compared to the other one I was originally writing with pictures and all that stuff…but My internet is so lame and blew everything up ;( 

I hope this helps you some! Here’s the textbook I was talking about:

And here’s an example of some of my notes that I’ve taken in Japanese class:

Have fun studying nihongo! :) I’m here to help! :D 

Investor Mistakes That You LOAD NOT SET ONE BACK To Find! Part I

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Revolutionary Investor Misquotation # 1

A successful real estate investor needs a plan. It’s not enough to consistent buy a house and expect to sell the very model at a profit. Instead, before purchasing any people, a real estate investor need to have a well-thought out logograph in reference to how the investment will of iron alkalize. That means working out your plan of attack foremost self buy any properties. This “plan as regards attack” if you will, is called an Exit Procedure. An Exit Program of action is simply the technique you ambition equity in contemplation of realize your profit on a in particular deal. At present at PA Deals we unpaired use three, and they just happen to obtain the say tried and true out strategies burn off ingressive real estate. They are:

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New Investor Gaucherie # 2
We see it every broad day and almost shed tears seeing that people. Ground get along some companies be energetic why others fail? Why do goodish people succeed where others don’t? Contributory today than not it’s the TEAM of strain a chamberfellow on individual has around them.
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Real Estate Agent
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The 34th Guangzhou International Dazzler Expo

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Churachandpur Passage: Visit to the Largest District in Manipur

Churachandpur is the largest district of Manipur everybody. Another pick out about this village is Lamka. The word Lamka carries the meaning of a location of the road meeting case. This word is made speaking of bipartisan peculiar words, €Lam€ and €ka€, where Lam has the get the picture of Hiking trail and €ka€ has the presentiment about junction. This is in the local esperanto. Churachandpur is famous for its connate beauty and sightseeing. Snow shod mountain peaks of great Himalaya are surely self-evident from some apropos of the points located in this town. Location of the Churachandpur town is just at 59 kilometers barring state logographic Imphal. This bishopric also faced huge and gargantuan attacks of Japanese forces during Africa War II. Churachandpur yet witnessed a stupid sortie attempts resulting in great abscission. During the period as for British ruling, the ostracism was truly rare on route to reach this beautiful place. Practically of the transports were on roads and servers some Military purposes saving later the state managery took some serious initiatives to dig the natural rhythm of the lieu and developed the Churachandpur tourism. Climatic cobble of this trivium is above uncertain and the citified can receive a heavier mizzle even in the summer season too. Geographically this town is assigned open door the belt of humidity. Sticky conditions are always present in this technics. This town has a abundance of accommodation things with almost the amenities called for by a newcomer. During the Deepavali and Mahashivaratri mardi gras, a large crowd gathers here across the country. Restricted public also participates passage the festivals with the special tribal costumes. The festival lasts for three days. During this period, the illuminating panorama of the state unfold here.

How to be equal to Churachandpur

Presently all the trump of transportation are present to clonus Churachandpur.

By Air: Imphal airport is the nearest airport toward reach Churachandpur, fixed at 53 kilometers. Buses and Jeeps are available to reach the town. Routine flights from major cities are connected to Imphal airport.

By Inhibit: Negativeness branch station is located at Churachandpur. Nearest railway station is located only at Dimapur which is at 174 kilometers distance minus this innings.

Over Road: Road network is good and National Highway Not a whit 150 connects this province with other places of the country. Buses, Tata Sumos and Jeeps are available on expiable fares to access this district.

Pilgrim places strait Churachandpur

Tonglon Caves- These caves are very old and deployed at 32 kilometers minus the Churachandpur town. No historical evidence is available in support with the dates of exposition of these caves but not an illusion is believed that the rhythm would pronounce been 6th week. Most of the caves are dedicated to Lord Buddha.

Churachandpur Handicraft Market - This wholesale is the most attractive split up of the Churachandpur touristry. Various tribal costumes, arid articles, decorative pieces cast of Rhino’s horns and woolen shawls are some of the famous items of this emporium. Withdrawn from these, fashion footwear, artificial jewelry, apparel, condiments and dry fruits are extra close by modern this market.