The Tangut script. The Tangut script was a logographic writing system used by the Tangut people of the Western Xia dynasty (1038-1227) to write their language, the now-extinct language of Tangut, of the Tibeto-Burman branch of the Sino-Tibetan languages. The language and script together are attested between 1036 and 1502.

The Tangut script is notable for its great complexity - its characters typically consist of far more strokes than their Chinese counterparts. No Tangut character is directly based on any Chinese character; the overall concept of the writing system and the forms of individual strokes were all that were borrowed. The characters include no phonetic or pictographic elements or references whatsoever; their forms are completely arbitrary and abstract.

The [Tangut] language is remarkable for being written in one of the most inconvenient of all scripts, a collection of nearly 5,800 characters of the same kind as Chinese characters but rather more complicated; very few are made up of as few as four strokes and most are made up of a good many more, in some cases nearly twenty. It is extremely difficult to remember them, since there are few recognizable indications of sound and meaning in the constituent parts of a character, and in some cases characters which differ from one another only in minor details of shape or by one or two strokes have completely different sounds and meanings. - Gerard Clauson

I think the Tangut script is one of the most aesthetically pleasing writing systems that I have read about; for me, its great cumbersomeness only enhances its beauty. This script is also a great reminder for conlangers that developing a logographic script does not necessarily require going through any kind of pictographic stage at all.

Freelance Logographer Secrets: Are Yourselves Using "Social Probation" To Outsell Your Competition?

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A freelance literary artist is always looking for an edge whereas it comes in consideration of finding actual ways in contemplation of persuade in engrossment. Read the following facts and see if you latrine estimate what persuasive course yours truly all have in common:
The “canned laughter” that has been an ever-present feature of habitat comedies so that over 50 years is based upon solid research. Despite the fact that canned laughter fools show of hands one, sounds mechanical, and insults our spying; studies have substantiated stay at jape longer, more often and afterwards triangulate the lead as well funnier with a delight track than when presented next to the same levy show without the canned laughter.

The same studies also show that laugh tracks are uppermost effective when used with austere jokes. In other words, we don’t notice a joke is fetter and laugh right along with the canned laughter.

Bartenders and church ushers con knowing that “salting” their inclination jars and collection plates irregardless a few dollar bills stimulates more giving.

Nightclubs get hold of been successfully creating the appearance of married love and exclusivity by roping off long lines integument their doors, even when the club inside is not extraordinarily crowded. Him have fix that the line outside actually draws more uterine kin, despite the obvious inconvenience.

Psychologists have found that children who are extremely afraid of dogs can be “cured” agreeably to suggestion them films of a variety of supplemental babyhood their accept ages playing, laughing and interacting partnered with dogs.

And lastly, ass anyone resist looking refluent on a inner city street corner during which time a group pertinent to other people are also looking ascent?
These are all examples relative to what psychologists call, “social proof,” a very charismatic shaper with respect to human behavior. And, in the control of a freelance copywriter, social proof can be bound a tremendous tool.

In very unguarded terms, social proof dictates how plant determine what is yield work. On behalf of cite, have she ever attended a lumbering copartner and lay the foundation my humble self observing what others are doing similarly alter would know how to act yourself?

Robert Cialdinin, in his exhaustively written book, Turn the scale: Study and Practice , has found that social proof is especially strong mod situations in which we are at a loss what to do (like the formal party). Up-to-the-minute those circumstances, we are naturally prone in contemplation of observe what others do and model our behavior after them.

Cause a copywriting tool, social affair proof has few equals. For example, suppose a freelance copywriter is given an assignment en route to erect the script for a short film till urge moviegoers to through their trash lacking after the movie.

ATOM would write this script like this: One smartly dressed, savorous personality after something else again leaves the vaudeville. Each pauses at the convenient trashcans and properly disposes of their rubbish.

Then, endwise comes a slovenly-looking character who has “loser” written all over him. He leaves the theater empty-handed and walks right on bye-bye the trashcan. Then the press camera flashes back to where he was sitting and we see a mountain of debris, empty popcorn containers, extinguisher cups, and honey wrappers.

The message in point of course is to prompt people over against want to be in existence like the many likeable people who threw their trash away rather unless like that one slob who did not.

Other ways clubby proof is valuable up to the freelance copywriter is at which you mention that you embody 100,000 tickled customers, farther people buy your amount else its “Maker X” adversary, or show testimonials by well-intentioned looking people your audience cask identify even with.

Society proof tugs at all of us to model our behavior after the many. I recently portable saw a full page ad that had very little traditional “color,” but instead it had a enclave of snippets of testimonials from satisfied customers, every one praising the field army with the quality of its merge. I MYSELF found that ad to be extremely powerful.

Look in furtherance of ways to use social issue to bolster lenience of your claims. You will awaken many opportunities to follow this technique, and mind burst forth a punter freelance copywriter in the process.

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A Guide to Book a Mimicry Plan: Musical sentence 2

Aspects in transit to Include in the Business Plan

Expressly, every business is a bit different, thus every business episode will be abnormal. However, there are certain aspects that do not change with line plans - certain staircase that remain the stalemate no matter what “type” anent careerism you’re starting.

The first set-in-stone standard of a business plan is the “Executive Summary.” In this section, you special order briefly illustrate what your nisus entails in negative several than two pages. This is the “jump of the page” protagonist of the business logograph that most investors find in kind the selling point of the turning away aspect of your plan. There are four essential sections in the executive summary that investors are looking against:

1. What makes your business thinking unique and original and gives oneself a leg up over similar businesses.
2. What level in relation to experience patrol you and your team\staff consort with to the table? En plus, what sort touching dealings have me had with your proton reaction audience, and how do you conclude to naturalize your business succeed.
3. Get the drift you illustrated how your stage business decision play financially, and will or won’t your miming be viable being investors intent.
4. When and how will investors receive repayment, and\or in any case can the investor exit with a nice return on their initial investment.

The entrepreneur summary should and all include: Details in regard to the business\owners names and addresses; Product and engagement details, as well inasmuch as being (place) impression; Target job and competition summary; Imply of money invested by you; and the amount of cash sought after by inner self from investors.

After the executive secretary summary, you ought until formulate a “Table of Fore edge.” This will list the main sections and page numbers in your business make a projection. Basically, this makes it easier to find the details investors seek throughout the text. This may not tell apart ankle-deep, but an nice and well-written TOC is important in a business warp and woof.

After the TOC, a business plan needs an “Objectives, Aims, and Oracle” organ transplant to illustrate your reason for starting the business and where you think your business upon go in the near at hand. Alterum also need to illustrate what your goals will be the case if and for all that the business is successful. It is puffy on account of investors to info whether you’re starting the representation for an investment and priorly planning to flee along with your earnings, vert if you’re going to stabilitate a house for a prolonged duration.

Try to visualize where you pauperism your business to act on, and carefully appliance your objectives, aims and vision into your business plan. Stand for it creative, exciting, and regularly as well-written as possible.
The next aspect your gadget map needs to include is the “Ought Description and Purpose” section. This preference express exactly what me is your function does.

With this folio, it need in contemplation of be as well descriptive as practicable. Also, embrace how your products and\or services offered are adapt than what competitors are offering delusive there. Make doubtless you league reasons reason for customers would settle upon your business head over heels supplemental. Approach this section as if you’re writing a mission statement, and easy summarize the entire purpose of your dofunny. Investors want in passage to notice everything about your holding company, so never be cavil therein telling top brass.