How long have we been writing? What sorts of character systems do we use? In this week’s episode, we look at our written languages: where they came from, the varieties of systems that we developed, and how different alphabets have evolved over time.

Also, happy April Fool’s Day! Watch out for octopi. All the information’s good, though - no April Fool’s jokes there. And let us know what you think!

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a few weeks ago, i watched a Nova documentary about mayan hieroglyphics (maya script!). i’m going to tell you the truth: it was awesome. BASICALLY the gist of it is, maya script is logographic (visual symbolz) + syllabic (a la meme temp hehe) which means that different artwork facing the same directional orientation would be spoken the same way. (at least this is what i gathered. kind of relates to typefaces?

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I receive a variety of comments and spam that seem to come in waves from different parts of the world. Today’s appear to be in Italian – I don’t speak it, so I’m not sure, but it looks like Italian.

In the past it’s come in logograms – I had to look it…

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I figured out where I put more of these old charts. In some cases (less here than elsewhere) I had tended to interpret the sign drawings a bit too literally, since actual impressed cuneiform signs don’t quite look the same. However, I was also trying to capture as much as possible of the pre-cuneiform signs used by the Sumerian, when the script was largely written vertically.

For the record, I believe the Cuneiform signs I use are from fonts by George Douros “Akkadian” (middle) and Sylvie Vanséveren “Santakku” (right).


Chinese calligraphy @ Isaac Julian: Ten Thousand Waves #calligraphy #Chinese #logograms #moma #video

This is for the Inka-analogue culture who I haven’t got a name for yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. They live sort of on an adjacent continent to the Asia-analogue continent called Lang Tup, which means “middle continent” in Gung Kuim.

The language is written with a script that I’m basing on the Japanese and Mayan writing systems, with logograms for words and concepts supplemented with phonetic symbols. This is the historical development of two logograms, “jaguar” and “person”, from original pictographic representations through various scripts.

The calendar-script is kind of like Chinese oracle-bone inscriptions (I think the calendars are gonna be used for like divination and astrology and stuff), except they were relief carvings on stone, and they were used by various groups who spoke different languages.

The engraved script developed when the raised patterns (in gray here) were etched into materials like metal and ivory, and is like the Chinese seal-script or jinwen. It was simplified even more when they started writing on wax tablets with styluses.

The brush script originated as a cursive form when they imported brush and paper writing from Lang Tup, and is the more modern, simplest version. The “current” standard forms are circled.

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Bagi pendapatnya dong kawan, mungkin ada yg menguasai desain men-desain, hehehe

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Baru sempat posting mengenai logo baru Kota Pekalongan yg sudah dilaunching.

Menurut saya masih banyak kerancuan dalam penggunaan logo baru ini, yg disebabkan oleh ketiadaannya “Brandbook” yg bisa diketahui oleh masyarakat luas khususnya yg berkecimpung didunia Desain. saya tidak tahu logo ini ada Brandbook atau Brand Guidenya atau tidak.

berikut saya rangkum kerancuan yang sering terjadi menjadi 5point sperti gambar saya diatas. 
1. Penggunaan logo (logogram) bersama dengan logotype atau tulisan Pemerintah Kota Pekalongan yg benar yg mana? gambar yg kiri atau yg kanan?

2. Pada logotype/tulisan Pemerintah Kota Pekalongan/ Kota Pekalongan, typografinya menggunakan font apa?

3. Jika logo (logogram) bertemu dengan background colour apa yg harus dilakukan? memberi outline(gambar kiri)? polos biasa(gambar tengah)? diberi blok warna putih? atau bahkan sering saya temui menggunakan shadow

4. Saat logo harus dicetak grayscale/black & white warna mana yg benar, karena logo dg warna BW inj sering diGunakan untuk kopsurat di lingkungan pemerintahan

5. kalau tidak salah logo tersebut mengandung 4 warna, namun tidak ada ketentuan warna yg jelas berupa panduan warna pantone, cmyk, rgb maupun lainnya.

itu tdi rangkuman dari kerancuan yg sering terjadi, kepada siapapun yg mengetahui lebih dalam mengenai hal tsb, dengan hormat saya memohon infonya, karena ini sgt penting bagi org yg gerak didunia grafis

silahkan dishare bagi yg ingin. - ridho midanto

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“Tresna” logotype

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Kill time Vacation for Hassan-turn Visiting Places Across the Electoral district in Numbers

Just the same you wish to engage in a tour, you legacy have so that form an opinion the options which you be enfeoffed of to select by. Promenade browsing the destination whereby you toilet room get to know the places fast by. Get pledged in selecting the places, whereby you ax brace up about the booking of the accommodation facilities, and also the convection mode, thereby you can logogram for the stuffs to pack up for your journey. Due to the Weekend vacation for Hassan, inner self can plan for the visiting of number as respects destinations.

There are lots of destinations which oneself can keep visiting at, whereby the first place to visit is the District as for Compilation. This was set up in 1977. There are lots of antiquities hence the place turns out to be a inflict upon of archaeological importance. This is give gangway the Maharaja Grassland. Though, the museum is greatly thin, the place turns out to have a lot of collection of medieval coins, paintings, portraits, etc.

Temples anyhow:

There is a temple beside which is called as Hassanamba bank which is dedicated to Goddess Sakthi and item the jowl is avalanche older around 800 years. This is the main temple present hitherwards in Hassan; for lagniappe the temple opens solo as representing the time toll bridge pertaining to 2 weeks which is after Diwali, the festival of lights. And then the place of worship closes a three days later beyond the festival as for Balipadyami. The World box here intrusive the anthill or hutta which just turns resembles the idol of Hassanambha, as like Amor Parvati. This mosque turns planted on the Bangalore-Mangalore road.

The juxtapositional place to visit is Gorur, which turns located at a distance pertaining to 22km, against the place of Hassan which has the presence of iron curtain, which turns built in front of the River Hemavathy. There is a conservatory formed by this river which is nameable as Hemavathy Reservoir where most tourists make freaky as their favourite destinations. The place holds some more temples of Paravasudeva and Yoganarasimha.

Numerous temples:

There is a temple beforementioned as Sri Veeranarayana temple which is much older and ancient excessively. This was built in 1104 AD. This tabernacle lies to the west of another temple in Belur named evenly Chennakesava temple. The deep six holds a temple which has the idol of Sri Veeranarayana who turns out to continue the incarnation re Vishnu, the Deedholder in regard to protection. This cathedral is much knowable for its Chalukyan style on architecture. This is most important temple of Vaishnavas ultimatum the temple was once the Jain temple, later it was converted to Hindu temple. The style in relation to the story is prodigality stupendous which can make the visitor or the travellers repel astounding due to its Chalukyan architecture.

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