Motorized Tachikoma created by mahj

It walks, it rolls, and it’s cute as a button. 
You can see this model in action by visiting youtube.com/mahj .
This is a motorized Tachikoma, inspired by the series Ghost in the Shell. It can walk and drive, and either move its eye dome or wave its hand. 
It has four motors and is built out of 897 parts. Lego has released two models comparable to this; the 8275 Motorized bulldozer and the 8043 Motorized excavator. Both these sets cost $150. They each have 4 motors (like the Tachikoma) while they have 1382 and 1125 parts, which is a great deal more. While licensing may bump the price up a bit, I think the end model should be very affordable.

 (via LEGO® CUUSOO | Motorized Tachikoma)