The other day there was some talk about designing a logo for Tracy Industries/other Tracy businesses. I’ve always sort of had this loose idea of what i thought such a logo would look like (mostly stemming from TOS) but I’ve never actually drawn it out before last week.
So here’s the final version(s) of that sketch i posted the other day - my take on a logo for Tracy Industries.
I’ve also added variations with different company names from writerdarkflamespyre (who I really hope doesn’t mind me doing this and who’s own logo designs you definitely check out too).
And included at the end is a version without text next to the sketch i did the other day… 

Other people’s Tracy company logo designs you should also check out can be found here:
writerdarkflamespyre - [link]
lenleg - [link]
link-of-asgard - [link]  [v2]

(if anyone else has done one and i’ve not listed it here let me know and i’ll add it)