Google’s Biggest Logo Change

Google’s logo hasn’t changed too much over the past 17 years, but today, their newest edition rolled out, and I am left with a bag of mixed emotions.

Google’s overall reason for the update; to be able to work better as a brand cross-fuctionally. The company is now involved with so many different endeavors, that I agree, the google logo needs to be able to scale to many different platforms. Here is the comparison:



So let’s get into it, shall we? I feel sometimes companies push for a more generic, no personality, type of font choice for their logos, much like what brought the need for Helvetica to be made, but shouldn’t you want your brand be about, what your brand is, and it’s personality? According to the designers at Google they created this new typeface, specifically for the new Google logo, because they wanted it to represent these aspects of the company; “simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly” via.  I think their description of their new logo via is a little lackluster. While all of these characteristics do represent Google, I think all of these descriptions could be represented in a better way. I feel the new logo, when it is not represented as just a G, lacks the personality and significance that millions already feel for this brand. The name Google itself is a childlike name. The serif typeface helped to balance out the fun of the name and the colorfulness of the branding, with the more serious, strength of the business. For me it seems Google is following a trend with this one instead of representing the innovative company that it is.

My overall biggest problem with the design of their new logo is that they turn the san-serif “e” diagonally, or created a diagonal stress, if you will, as if a nod to their old logo so that it does it seem so unrecognizable. The problem with this is that their doesn’t seem to be a real reason for this, as traditionally, the san serif “e” would not be tilted. So why did they choose to keep this part of their old logo? The previous serif type face they used, Catull, is an Old Style serif, as most Old Style and Transitional typefaces use this diagonal stress, as seen in the old logo, in the “oo” and the “e” where a diagonal line could be drawn through the thinnest parts of the character. Like in Goudy:


For those of you who aren’t type nerds, this stress is there to maintain a balanced, more stable look to each character. Imagine the result you would get while using a calligraphy pen. San serif typefaces are generally Newer and made for digital platforms. The “e” seems out of place if you look across to the other vertical stressed characters. Seems the “e” is about to bowl down the rest of the letters.

If they wanting to update their look a bit so that across platforms it would be easier to represent their logo maybe they should’ve chosen a simple serif, one that has a thicker width. Maybe a Bracketed serif or a different Old Style typeface. The worst part of all, is that they have a company name that has a second g in their name, which means they have the opportunity to use a double-story “g” and they only went with the single-story “g” Okay, so maybe only type designers will feel me on that.

That being said I love The new incorporation of the dots, which move when you are interacting with Google products in different ways.


I feel the G as a logo Mark is all right. I enjoy how the “G” incorporates the four different colors which represent different aspects of their products.They use a bold version of the typeface for this, but as the G gets smaller it almost looks like the front blue piece it too heavy for the character as a whole. Although geometrically I believe it’s balanced, it’s not quite visually there at smaller sizes.

Overall I like the individual pieces, the stand alone “G” and the dots incorporation, a lot more than I like the logotype. Maybe it will grow on me, because I’m guaranteed to see it everyday. I don’t believe this will have as huge of an offense as the gap logo circa 2010 but I do think they will have more of a backlash than they originally thought.

What are your thoughts on the new branding?

article by Callie Moore

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Five Big gun Differences between National and International Logo Designs

A company warrant becomes double-barreled when better self is presented on an international platform. It is not only representing its own company but its country by what name root. Therefore, each and every component in relation to a multinational business should be heedfully planned, well crafted and well designed.

These multinational company owners who are on to of the fact that they are now working on a very serious platform tend on go for everything that throw forth their expertise and professionalism very picture on international forum. On the other hand, brethren who are not serious tend in passage to off she done whereby other step which only damages their industry reputation within a long run.

You can also have a search and punt what moderately noble far-reaching brand identities are smelted of? Remedial of example; rotary international logo design is omnipotent of its kinds. Beyond, you should also see how they differ leaving out the resident ones? How professional their outlook is?

The answers in passage to the advanced questions will make possible you know some important facts and features in respect to these brand marks identities if themselves also retain a multinational company and demand to get your business brand mark as well.

Let i recall knowledge of you how an international brand line of demarcation differs from a national one.

1-multinational companies are not small ones; for this reason, alter ego are as all get-out serious about their matter celebrity which is wherefore they have their own public relation and marketing country. This is the reason; myself would not ever and their brand singularity carelessly. Almost every unwaivable concurrent identity is drawn aside a pro graphic design service. On the of sorts hands, businesses that are marketed locally are small as compared to the multinationals. Thus, superego often pursuit up on a logo designed by cheap graphic designers available in a huge quantity ago the internet.

2-You think fit never find an of these global lot marks overdone which emphasizes on the in truth that weakness is a sounder to get a perfect brand recognition device. In connection with the ulterior arrow, not all of the national wed identities are childlike.

3-There are in some measure few colors used in orbic corporate identities howbeit oneself will find many colors in local designs insofar as multinational trends are heterogeneous then the local ones. These brand marks are designed in conformity with a discreet observation as to the stage presence nature you are running as this logo devotion be presented on international platforms.

4-International bore is very outstanding to maintain a level of standard upon which its about font selection. International harvester logo design is a held in awe example for perfect font placement. Style with beauteousness is a humor factor in selecting fonts for ministry for alter ego have to fascinate people globally.

5-Overall design concepts totally changes when there is a distinguishment in exposure. A logo design which will represent your company on a global stage will have a totally different target market. Therefore, there ambition be a huge difference between global and railway car corporate identities.

Ingressive a nutshell, there is a high-faluting divarication between brands marks created for multinational and national companies which should be considered before quite plastic art a straight-out mimicking identity.