Branding for Michael Elliott by Six

“Known for its innovative and creative thinking, Michael Elliot wanted a brand and collateral echoing those traits, positioning the company as a market expert. Evolving the existing Michael Elliot logotype, the new visual identity includes printed material and a redesigned website, where the use of a graphic secondary typeface, large expanses of colour and a suite of commissioned images combine to create a bold, professional and creative tone.”

Taking time to learn about their clients’ businesses, sectors and commercial challenges, Six develops robust strategies and thoughtful designs, characterised by meticulous attention to detail. Led by their highly experienced co-founders, their design team has the ability to apply their talents with equal effectiveness across visual identity, print and digital design.

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If you’re interested in getting a personalized painted portrait/icon/logo please…
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This video shows a few examples of my work.  

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12•05 | 14/100

the other day i received a new project and im so excited for it since its logotype designs and since today was my day off uni i went and did a few sketches for it along with watching the last airbender and having some milk and cookies because thats always a good snack 

ig: productiveflower


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