Branding & Interior Design for Gizmo by Emil Kozole

“Gizzmo.si is the first digital concept store in Slovenia, where customers can browse through more than 10.000 items using our iPad app in a comfy environment. Click-and-collect service allows them to have products of their choice presented live on the spot within 60 seconds for review and purchase.
The aim of the project was to unify both online and offline shopping experiences to the maximum level and make them simpler, faster, and more flexible. Collaboration with Žiga Kramperšek, Blaž Lozej, Miha Artnak, Lucijan Kranjc, Lovro Podobnik, Žan Grad & Matej Vrabec.”

Emil Kozole is a graphic designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia, currently based in London where he studies Communication Design at Central Saint Martins London. He is focused on print design, typography, art direction and interaction design.


12•05 | 14/100

the other day i received a new project and im so excited for it since its logotype designs and since today was my day off uni i went and did a few sketches for it along with watching the last airbender and having some milk and cookies because thats always a good snack 

ig: productiveflower


{the colors from autumn}
{edits made by me :)}


Nota Bene Branding by Blok Design

“One of Canada’s top chefs was re-launching his restaurant, from the space to the menus. A new identity was needed to tell his story. Inspired as much by +tongtong’s marriage of organic elements and contemporary materiality as by Chef Lee’s philosophy of cooking, the identity reflects the essence of what good food is about and the elements that come together to create a memorable dish. Imagery has a raw sensuality and sense of craft that mirrors Chef’s deep love of food, while texts give voice to his sense of playfulness and the restaurant’s spirit of conviviality.”

Blok is a design studio specializing in brand identities and experiences, packaging, exhibit design, installations and editorial design. Since 1998, they’ve been doing what they love, which is collaborating with thinkers and creators, companies and brands, from all over the world, taking on projects that blend cultural awareness, their love of art, and their belief in humanity to advance society and business alike.


Branding & Packaging for Blanca Tea by Dmowski & Co.

“We were commissioned to create a identity for a new tea brand. The assignment included units such as: logotype, monogram, packaging stickers and stationery.”

Dmowski & Co. is a graphic design studio based in Warsaw, Poland. They are specialized in corporate identity projects for companies, brands, professionals, places and products.


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Branding & Packaging for Terra de Flora by Parámetro Studio

“Terra de Flora is a romantic and feminine brand inspired by the french botanic gardens. The workshop is located in San Pedro Garza García, Monterrey. For the brand’s identity we used green and navy blue to contrast with the color pink’s femininity; it is accompanied by a modern sans-serif type to bring it back to our time. The icon is inspired by the french victorian nursery gardens which became the brand’s protagonist element.”

Parametro Studio is a design studio based in Monterrey Mx and Mexico City, specialized in creative strategy, branding, digital media and architecture. It’s all about becoming something new and iconic.