Branding for a new urban lifestyle brand Subtil by Sabbath Visuals

“Based in Melbourne Australia emerges Subtil a new urban lifestyle brand.
Inspired by the city of Melbourne and his culture, we created a visual system, based on the waves of the sea and the majesty of nature. Brand with personality, innovation and bold message. Logotype is a direct representation of the concept “Subtle” represented by a strong Wordmark with the subtle abstraction of the letter “i”.  The visual language refers to shapes of the letter “S” as a “Subtle” indication.”

Sabbath Visuals is a multi-disciplinary brand consultancy based in Monterrey, Mexico. Focused on visual and functional solutions to: brands, companies & business which evolve  passion + commitment to the daily formula of success. Compromise to evolve alongside their clients and creating long live brands and golden experiences.

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Andenes is a new project model for mixed-use shopping centers established in Monterrey, Nuevo León. It intends to convey values such as good experiences, universality, entertainment, and serve as a meeting point for young people and adults. Our branding proposal starts by communicating the fun and friendly personality of the shopping center, and then adds a modern and dynamic feel and implements cozy elements to communicate its wide accessibility.

The brand was created to have the ability to be replicated and applied in different areas under the same branding. The visual identity is scalable and can be adapted to any place so its architecture can stand out. The branding identity is inspired by the gift-giving experience and everything that surrounds it; including the materials, colors, and different levels that are created under this same concept.

Andenes es un nuevo desarrollo de usos mixtos, fundado en Monterrey, Nuevo León. La plaza comercial busca comunicar valores tales como: universalidad, diversión y una buena experiencia, un punto de reunión para jóvenes y adultos. Nuestra propuesta de diseño parte de los valores que el proyecto quiere comunicar como el sentimiento amistoso y alegre de la plaza, agregando modernidad y dinamismo e implementando elementos acogedores para comunicar la accesibilidad para todos.  

La marca se creó para tener la habilidad de replicarse en diferentes puntos, bajo una misma familia de marca siendo escalable y así lograr adaptarse al lugar y resaltar la arquitectura de esa área. La identidad esta inspirada en todo lo que rodea la experiencia de regalar; los materiales, los colores y los diferentes niveles que se crean bajo este mismo concepto. 

By Anagrama