Today sees the release of the first issue of MOTOR CRUSH by the “Batgirl of Burnside” creative team Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr!

I joined the team in September, to work on the branding and publication design of the series, including the logo and editorial design, and helping them realise the in-world branding, and creating the WGP graphics (working alongside my Drifter colleague, letterer Aditya Bidikar),

For the launch of our studio here at Danger Horse, we decided to put together a promo-pack with a few custom designed items to show off our skills. One of the items is these miniature, bottled espresso martinis! The final product demonstrates our ability to apply a brand to a product and design the appropriate packaging. We’re super happy with how they came up, and they taste amazing too!

Check out our Behance profile for the full project!


{The Autumn Games Collection}
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12•05 | 14/100

the other day i received a new project and im so excited for it since its logotype designs and since today was my day off uni i went and did a few sketches for it along with watching the last airbender and having some milk and cookies because thats always a good snack 

ig: productiveflower


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Branding for Operator 25 Cafe by Pop & Pac

“Long known as one of Melbourne’s top Cafe’s, the owners of Operator 25 asked if we could revitalise the brand and the Cafe’s interior. Our new graphic treatment draws on the cords and connection holes from traditional telephone exchange switchboards.These foundation elements were streamlined into a pattern recurring across artwork and menus. “

Pop & Pac are a graphic design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Their combined passion for all things design has seen them traverse the Australian and UK creative landscape for over 20 years. Along the way they have honed and enhanced their design and creative powers. With experience in agencies that include large international corporate branding giants and local boutique design superstars, their solutions are strategic and unparalleled due to their meticulous craft. 


{the colors from autumn}
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The Food Field by Parámetro Studio

“Organic food store located in San Pedro GG, México. We created all the visual identity; from naming, packaging and all sales peripherals. For the color palette we wanted to avoid an obvious green palette so we used instead a set of  3 different shades of yellow which symbolize the dawn and start of a fresh new day. The logotype is accompanied by a simple and geometric icon that can be easily used to mark their wide range of edible products.”

Parametro Studio is a design studio based in Monterrey Mx and Mexico City, specialized in creative strategy, branding, digital media and architecture. It’s all about becoming something new and iconic.


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