logo switch

so i had a dumb dream of sorts last night which involved Mettaton getting the nintendo switch logo drawn in red marker on his back without him noticing

Nintendo Switch Logo is Super Strong.

Goddamn, that’s a good logo. I watched the reveal trailer early this morning, and aside from thinking about how likely those folks are to lose or break their screens; or how glad I am that motion controls don’t look like they’re in the picture; or how it’s nice that this machine is kind of a throwback to the original Famicom in a lot of ways; all I could think about was how friggin’ awesome the Switch’s logo is. Honestly, it’s the best console logo since the Dreamcast or Gamecube.

1. It’s elegant and simple. A rounded square, cut in half – one side filled, one side empty. Add a high dot on the left side and a low dot on the right side, and it’s complete. Simple. Effective. 

2. It uses the most iconic feature of the product to communicate its idea. “All right, we’ve got these two controller doohickeys-” “JoyCons.” “Okay, Jon, ‘JoyCons,’ and we slide them onto either side of the screen-” “That’s the console, Fred.” “Would you shut up, Jon. Jesus. I’m trying to figure out what stands out the most about this thing.” … The JoyCons take the controller layout that everyone’s more-or-less familiar with, and seem to use it to a rather unique effect; and, because of the way that they are split, they made the perfect subject for the logo. Moreover, with just a simple animation and sound effect, it was perfect for a clever motion graphic.

3. It alludes to something familiar. It’s no coincidence that one side is empty and one side filled. If we removed the red field and rendered the logo purely in black and white, it would look quite similar to a yin yang - which is surprisingly fitting when one considers what the Switch is. “Oh hey, you’ve got some console in your handheld.” “Oh hey, you’ve got some handheld in your console.” Provided everything I’ve been taught about the yin yang isn’t total bullplop, it’s a nice allusion to the machine’s duality. Seriously, if they release a version of the Switch featuring a black JoyCon L with a white stick and buttons, and a White JoyCon R with a black stick and buttons, I AM FUCKING SOLD.

I probably forgot about some reasons the logo is awesome, as it’s been some time between when I initially thought of this and when I actually had time to write it. I really like that logo. If I ever find out who designed it, and if I ever meet whomever designed it, that person is getting a handshake and a drink.

Bet (Grayson) - Requested

Euphoria wasn’t even close to the feeling that erupted from the depths of your body when you thought about your boyfriend. You never knew this type of happiness could exist and rely all within one person. Your heart yearned for him when he wasn’t there just as a virus does for a host.

Happiness captivated your mind while you rested your back against the pillows with his toned arm molding the nape of your neck. Your fingers twisting amongst his other hand that rested on your abdomen. He had a strict focus on the movie playing in front of you, one you had never really cared for but sat there for the sake of his happiness. His chest rumbled while the cotton shirt rubbed against your arms. You shut your eyes memorizing the blissful sound of his laugh until his phone vibrated against the nightstand. His fingers seeped through the spaces between yours and his bicep pushed on the nape of your neck as he reached for his phone.

You saw that it was a text from one of his best friends Ryan. Grayson introduced you two and invited both of you to hang out with him; however, it never went well. No matter what you did, Ryan was never fond of you and seemed to laugh at you along with his other friends leaving you clueless about how to fix this. Grayson’s thumbs raced across the glass screen quickly sending messages with an uncomfortable smirk sitting on his face. Your eyes drew their way back to the TV screen while his conversation continued.

“Hey, babe, I’m just gonna go to the bathroom,” Grayson grunted as he got up and made his way across the floor. You nodded and yawned reaching over his side to grab the remote when his phone vibrated again with a message that caught your attention:

Ryan Karoly

When are you gonna do it or do I get the honors of telling her?

Your eyebrows knitted together before you peered over to the bathroom door knowing you had a bit of time. Your trembling thumb slowly slid across the screen unlocking it to see what Ryan was talking about.  Scrolling up to the beginning of the discussion, your eyes darted from message to message soon learning why Grayson was really with you. Ryan bet him.

Pain stretched from your heart to every other part of your body. How could he do this to you? He always seemed so genuine. He seemed like he cared. Your pain changed to rage realizing how stupid you were to believe him. Everyone knew that Grayson liking you was too good to be true.

The hinges on the door squeaked revealing the bastard that you spent all your time with.

“A bet,” you whispered looking down at your lap.

“What?” Grayson asked not hearing you.

“A BET,” you now screamed knowing well that he could her you.

His eyes widened suddenly understanding what you were talking about. His lips parted about to say something until you interrupted him.

“How could you? I thought what we had was real. I know that I was stupid for believing you, but that doesn’t change how much of an asshole you are to think that it’s okay to do that to someone especially since I told you that jokes like this are the sickest kind. My friends told me that I shouldn’t go out with you because all you would end up doing is hurting me, but I didn’t listen to them. I chose you and dropped them. I defended you because I saw a side of you that they didn’t, but now I know that side was all a mask to make a joke of me. I left the people that really loved me and would never hurt me to be the punch line of a joke. Grayson, you are just a cruel bastard with no sympathy or morals. You just listen to what your friends tell you to do, so you can feel accepted. I can’t believe I ever sympathized for you and wanted to help you,” you ranted.

“Oh, and here you go,” you said tossing his phone back to him. “Now you don’t have to worry about breaking up with me because Ryan did it for you.”

Your arm outstretched for the doorknob opening it and making your way out. Grayson grabbed your arm trying to get you to stay but you ripped yourself from his grasp. Quickly you ran passed the family room where Cameron saw you and asked what was wrong. You looked behind you making sure that Grayson wasn’t following you. You knew he wouldn’t because to him you were just a bet.

“It’s nothing, Cam, but can you take me home?” you quietly pleaded.

 “Yeah, sure, do you want me to go get Grayson to come with us?” she asked.

“No, I can’t really deal with seeing him right now,” you struggled to say leaving his house and getting into her car.

When you got home, you went straight to your bed and the texts and calls flooded your phone and seemed to have no end. You finally turned off your phone needing a break from the world just to be with your mind. You eventually fell asleep and woke up to see that it was only 7 pm. Remembering what happened you went to grab your phone to see if there was anyone you could call at a time like this. Normally, you would be able to call Grayson about this, but he was no longer an option. The apple logo appeared before switching to your lock screen seeing:

Grayson Dolan iMessage (27)

Grayson Dolan Missed Call (19)

Rolling your eyes, you put in your passcode and opened up the texts. You saw a plethora of apologies and him claiming to like you and admitting that it was a bet, but he really did fall for you. Part of you still hated him, but another part wanted to believe him. You were flicking through the conversation and found yourself calling him and bringing the phone up to your ear. After a few rings, he picked up and whispered your name. You remained silent for a few seconds before asking him the one question you had.

“Is it true? Do you really feel that way or is this some other part of the bet?” you lightly spat at him.

“I promise you, (Y/N). This is not a part of the bet. I’m going crazy knowing how much I hurt you and can’t be there to comfort you. Please forgive me and I’ll tell the guys that we actually are dating and that I genuinely like you. Please just let me comfort you and make it up to you” he begged.

You let out a long sigh taking your time to think about what he had just said.

“Please, (Y/N)”

This time you heard his voice crack. You knew he was telling the truth and couldn’t deal with himself anymore.

“Fine, but only if you come over here right now,” you giggled.

He struggled letting out a tiny laugh before thanking you for taking him back before he rushed over to your house for a long night of cuddles, Netflix, and takeout.

Logos Consistency | Defending Senran Kagura

The Crux: Tame in comparison to HBO and Playboy.

First off, Senran Kagura is pretty f*cking weird. The series has this Yankovic-vibe to it, where the viewer is trapped in a cycle of questioning if the series is a parody or has created a new breed of absurd comedy. Regardless of this maddening dilemma, Senran Kagura isn’t a series that embodies regressive sexist beliefs; especially when compared to Playboy or HBO.

Quick thought exercise: Is Senran Kagura on par with the display of nudity and sex as Playboy or HBO? The quick answer is no. According to many universal ratings systems that all shows and entertainment is subject to, Senran Kagura has yet to display explicit nudity or sexual content. Which means the value of this nearly all-female franchise rests on its absurd nature and attractive character designs rather than actual sexual content.

HBO and Playboy, on the other hand, have clearly demonstrated that the value of their female characters/cast is strictly connected to nudity and sexual content. Flip through their respective catalog of material and you will be bombarded with nudity, sex, adultery, debauchery, rape, and incest. Senran Kagura is weird, no one is disputing that, but it isn’t sexist nor a product of sexism if their display of their female cast rest below the standards set by Playboy and HBO: So long as rape, adultery, debauchery, nudity, and incest are A-Okay, which folks need to vote with their wallets to say otherwise, then Senran Kagura cannot be subjected to being called “sexist” material in an honest and logical discussion.

PS: This franchise is just weird. It’s like, “Let’s take all the chicks from Fairy Tail, make them ninjas, and put them through any shenanigans that springs to mind.”