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Pixel art of Patton’s logo! @thatsthat24

This is my first time attempting art, so any feedback would be appreciated.

I’m going to be doing the other logos as well, so let me know if you want to be tagged in them when they’re done! ^_^

Logan  Virgil

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Pixel art of Logan’s logo! ^_^

I’m going to be doing Roman’s next, so let me know if you want to be added to the tag list for it!

Patton  Virgil

Tag list: @thatsthat24 @overly-analogical @undertakershairline @logan-logic @i-m-p-a-l-a-6-7 @feline-wolf @logically-asexual @lena-beifong882 @twentyoneparades-to-panic-at @screamingoutinrage @scaredysanders @asexual-trashbag @fosterdawgfan @thagrinbery @problemforfuturetech @themainecoone @istolelittleredshoodie @logically-logan @crykittytrashcorner @analogicalisreal @amazable01 @kiddyvalentine @al3xcantfly @storytellerofuntoldlegends @just-a-random-word @remmythepegasis @ai-logical @tree4life25 @kitchensinkchronicles @eughg @parano-vigilant @softbludemon @not-so-innocent-bi-sander @analogical-trash @darude-sanderstorm @princeyssash @morticiaaddams1 @mythicalquill @princeyandanxiety

Pavlovian Coffee

Sterek | Office worker AU | ~1500 words | AO3 | Inspired by this post.

Scott smacked him on the shoulder. “Stop staring. You’re going to end up getting our entire department stuck in a sexual harassment seminar.”

Stiles sighed. “No man that handsome should be that grumpy.”

“You’d be grumpy, too, if you had to be Peter Hale’s assistant. Do your work, Stiles.”

“I’m going to make it my job to see him smile.”

“Do your actual work.”

“Sure, sure,” Stiles said, finally emailing off the spreadsheet he’d finished two hours before. Having an office job, he had found, was really just a giant exercise in figuring out how to waste time so his boss would believe he’d actually put “enough” effort into it. He couldn’t help it if he was efficient.

Now he could spend the rest of the afternoon figuring out how to make Derek Hale smile.


“I got it, I’ll do Pavlovian coffee!” Stiles said at the bar after work.

Scott gave him an unimpressed stare. “Didn’t that just result in the barista hating you last time? I’m pretty sure they started spitting in your drinks.”

Stiles waved a dismissive hand. “That’s just because Lydia Martin had a stupidly complicated order in high school. The theory is still sound. I’ll just bring him coffee until he associates me with delicious caffeine, and then I’ll get to see him smile.”

“At which point your life will be complete?”

“Yes,” Stiles said decisively, picking up his beer again with a blissful smile.

Scott shook his head. “You’re so weird. You need a hobby.” But then Allison from the third floor arrived and he got thoroughly distracted, leaving Stiles to contemplate his perfect plan in peace.

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Little Unnoticed Danger Days Things

1. The album was produced by two different record companies, one being Better Living Industries Music (BMI). You can actually see the smiley face logo on the side of the CD case.

2. Frank did the cover art for the album (but I’m not sure if that means he designed the spider or took the photo of the desert).

3. Bob helped to write the songs “Na Na Na,” “Bulletproof Heart,” “The Only Hope For Me Is You,” “Party Poison,” and “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back.”

4. Steve Righ?’s actual name is Steve Montano.

5. Even if you buy the CD today, there will still be a little paper inside that gives you a special code for 10% off all Danger Days shirts and bracelets (offer expired 11/22/2012). If you flip it over, you will find Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Life On The Murder Scene, The Black Parade, and The Black Parade Is Dead! are still available.

6. Burns caused by radiation is known as Flash Rash.

7. If you look on BLI’s file for Girl in Chapter 4 of the comics, there are pictures of Jet-Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. They all have their masks on, with red X marks over their pictures. Next to Ghoul is a picture of Dr. D, also with a red X. Beside that is an enlarged picture of Cherri Cola, with a red question mark over his face. There is no picture of Party Poison.

8. Party didn’t die immediately when Korse shot him. He had enough time to tell Girl to run.

9. Concerts in the Zones happen in a place called The Pit.

10. Other killjoy bands are: AKA Loretta and Richard Ai Yai Yai.

11. The Director is apparently BDSM.

12. Recently deceased bodies can be turned into Dracs if they didn’t suffer too much physical damage.

13. The killjoys were exterminated in 2027.

14. The Analog Wars occurred from 2014-2019, during which time Better Living Industries believed Girl’s mother had been killed. Instead, she was turned into a Drac.

15. No one knows who Girl’s father is.

16. Plus is only allowed because it’s administered to non-human androids and BLI gets a great profit margin off of it.

17. BLI refers to brainwashing a person so completely that they have no personality as “Bleaching.”

18. Girl’s cat had tracking/surveillance tech implanted into it in 2028, which suggests that she had the cat prior to the Fab Four’s deaths. It’s possible BLI caught the cat while it was roaming long enough for them to modify it.

19. A year has gone by since the death of the Fab Four in the comics, which means it is 2028.

20. Contrary to popular belief, the female killjoy seen driving the van in “SING” is not Cherri Cola, but a woman named DJ Hot Chimp.

21. The Drac whose face is revealed in “SING” by Party was played by the lead singer of Mindless Self Indulgence, Jimmy Urine.

22. The Director has an aesthetic for drinking bleach.

Louis in LA | August 8, 2017

Supreme x COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT x Nike Air Force 1 sneakers (sold out)

The collaboration between Supreme and CDG on Nike’s Air Force 1s dropped in May. The low-top sneaker boasts a white leather upper, with screen-printed graphics on the sides and heels, as well as a debossed logo on the sides. A full-length Air Unit then rests underneath. As comes with Supreme, the line is sold out, but you can find a few pairs reselling on Ebay starting at $350.

Worn with: Supreme x The Sopranos Box Logo T-Shirt (rare)


hi friends (again), people have seemed to enjoy mark yesterday so i thought I’d give yugy a go