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The Spin-Offs Wacky Wants Part 2

Westeros Idol

Brienne of Tarth discovering that she has a lovely singing voice after being forced into the competition, Jaime Lannister bearing his heart to the whole audience when dedicating that overly emotional ballad to her when both have to compete in the finale, perhaps? Because that’d be just my kind of jam, yo.


alternate universe in which women’s hockey is treated equally with better funding, better resources and better media coverage.

but does this really have to stay an alternate universe? #womeninthenhl

I’m proud of my art for the first time all month so HEY, I’M GONNA UPLOAD THIS TO ALL THREE OF MY SOCIAL MEDIAS

it’s a @crankgameplays because he’s a happy blueberry man and cheers me up. 

I spent like two hours trying to remake the logo on his hoodie from his fanfiber and I gave no fucks when it came to the gears it was like 4 AM. 


From Chaco dono’s Me!Me!Me! AU! I had to make the video after reading about it…. It’s short (35 secs) because I died in the middle of making it but….! Just want to leave it in my tags here too. 

Warnings: R-15, flashing lights

I tried to remake the logo before too. 

It was fun to learn new things ^^! I had to learn how to use After Effects for some graphics. Still mostly AviUtl though because it’s so easy to use.

plethoraofkitkats  asked:

hey. could you make me/refer me to a timeline of twenty øne pilots? (including events like no Phun intended, separation of original tøp, and any event that has shaped the band)

best question ever. here’s my best effort at an unfinished (i’m not including certain skits/songs with churches for example) tmi timeline. start it by watching this timeline video. also, self promo- today i updated a playlist of unreleased top songs.

2007/2008: high school senior tyler joseph releases solo ep no phun intended

2009: in columbus, ohio, twenty one pilots is born, named after the play “all my sons”. tyler joseph recruits college friends nick thomas and chris salih to make music, and mark eschleman helps design the logo. a remake of the npi song save is released on the website. somewhere in here, tyler records dollhouse as a college theater project with friend jocef.

december 29, 2009: twenty one pilots releases their self titled album. this lil band plays shows obsessively. mom rangles people to buy tickets. they play wherever they can… bars, churches, festivals, frat boy’s living rooms, couple’s bedrooms… wherever music can be heard, they’ll be there. they build their fanbase by building tiny pockets of fans.

2010: twenty one pilots releases a couple more songs on soundcloud, myspace, and youtube: time to say goodbye and trees (originally written by 17 year old tyler) and a jar of hearts cover. tyler is also a part of jocef’s song live (josef is later part of be concerned on rab).

2011: tyler meets josh, a cute emo kid who works at guitar center. josh plays live drums for house of heroes. tyler is interning at his church in the worship department and consequently stars in The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango.

may 2011: regional at best webseries teaser. (so important.)

mid 2011: both members leave twenty one pilots, leaving tyler as the only member of twenty one pilots. they leave tearful messages on Facebook. tyler starts hints at a new album with forest poetry. (originally called forrest?)

july 8, 2011: with the help of josh, twenty one pilots releases a mixtape, regional at best. now tyler says that the album is generally unfinished, but is an essential part of the development of the band. this album gets the band noticed…

november 2011: twenty one pilots sells out the Newport Music Hall (i wonder how much tyler’s mom helped with selling tickets this time.) this show brings pockets of fans together, into one, beautiful crowd. around the same time, the band also gains about 8k likes on Facebook. the combination of these events draws the attention of several labels. 

also in 2011: two and the original house of gold are released.

february 11, 2012: video for goner is released.

april 2012: twenty one pilots sell out the LC pavilion and reveal that they have been signed to fueled by ramen. (also this video)

summer 2012: korean tour.

june 2012: twenty one pilots record their first studio album.

july 17, 2012: ep “three songs” released.

august 2012: can’t help falling in love cover.

november 14, 2012: holding onto you video released.

january 2, 2013: guns for hands video released.

january 8, 2013: vessel released. reached top 58 on billboard, No. 42 on the Digital Albums chart, No. 17 on the Internet Albums chart, No. 15 on the Rock Albums Chart and No. 10 on the Alternative Albums Chart. this included their first radio single, holding onto you.

april 19, 2013: car radio video released.

october 2, 2013: second house of gold video released.

november 2013: tyler and josh spend time on a farm idk why.

december 2013: british migraine video released and deleted.

december 31, 2013: truce ‘an ode to 2013′ video released.  during 2013, the band went on several small tours with fall out boy, neon trees, and others.

april 2014: mad world cover.

april 13, 2014: twenty one pilots perform on MTV movie awards.

summer 2014: twenty one pilots performs at many big time summer festivals for the first time.

september 2014: quiet is violent tour starts. sometime in 2014, tyler records doing backing vocals for panic!

december 21, 2014: ode to sleep video released.

february 2015: blurryface twitter account created and information is “leaked” in march. and so the incredible blurryface era begins. those were some intense times, lemme tell ya. i dont think we slept for a good three months. 

march 16, 2015: fairly local video released. around this date tyler gets married to jenna.

april 5, 2015: tear in my heart video released.

april 27, 2015: stressed out video released.

may 11, 2015: twenty one pilots leaks their own album bc that’s such a great way to stress out the clique. blurryface tour also begins in the uk.

may 13, 2014: ride video released.

may 15, 2015: blurryface is released early. it becomes a number one album.

july 20, 2015: lane boy video released. 

december 31, 2015: @stillstreet i’m literally still waiting for this year’s video thanks.

someone fact check me, i’m wiped out.

anonymous asked:

Why doncha write a wittle Mikey blurb w his tiny son drawing pictures all over himself and at first he's angry !!! But little boy Clifford just wants to have tattoos like his daddy

Michael would of been relaxing after he fed his son, he would let him stay in his room and have playtime for a few hours until his wife, and sons mother got home from work. After dozing off a few times and realizing what time it was, he’d spring up and go check on his son as he knew he was awfully quiet and it didn’t seem usual as their son was so bubbly and animated. Opening the door, his soon would jump up with wide eyes and drop the marker. Michael’s eyes would follow up his sons arms and notice the bands much like his own on his arms as well as the final fantasy logo his son tried remaking upon his pale skin. Michael’s jaw clenched and he shook his head. “What did daddy say about drawing on yourself?!” He asked his child, quite angry with his kid. However he’d soften up as he watch his son pout and his eyes water slightly. Michael’s eyes softened as he looked at his son. “I just want to look like daddy! I want to get art on my arms like daddy!” He said, rocking back and forth as he knew he was in trouble. Michael sighed and shook his head. “Maybe when you’re older bub, but right now your daddy’s little man and he doesn’t want you growing up any time soon!”