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12•05 | 14/100

the other day i received a new project and im so excited for it since its logotype designs and since today was my day off uni i went and did a few sketches for it along with watching the last airbender and having some milk and cookies because thats always a good snack 

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Edits made by me :)


edits made by me :)


Figure I post some more old stuff I found from previous projects I worked on years ago. These were made for a start up game that was never able to quite take off with some friends of mine back in college. It was going to be a mobile game called “Pebble Pets” where you started with a pet rock and were able to dig up new kinds of pet rocks to take care of and accessorize.

I’m still very proud of these assets I made including all the 50 or so starting rocks we were gonna release with the game and some cute logos for some possible factions you could join like “Rockhounds” or “Diamond Dogs.” Also I don’t remember all of the names of the rocks here, but they’re all based on real stones and gems.