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So, this has been bothering me...

I’ve seen multiple people on here (including self-proclaimed Liam stans) talk about how Liam would most likely be a conservative and support Donald Trump if he were to vote in the US election. So, since we have enough evidence to do this, let’s debunk that ugly, logically fallacious claim!

Here is Liam supporting the children’s organization UNICEF, which is an extremely liberal, pro-LGBT+, anti-war organization. Liam is a huge supporter and has many times donated and actually (like as seen above) went out and physically promoted the cause.

Now, we have UNICEF’s LGBT+ logo and conservative criticism for the organization. Would Liam really spend any time donating to or supporting them if he was the way the fandom claimed he is? Not likely, because there are so many more conservative charities he could have chosen. UNICEF is one Bernie Sanders supports and has cited for his arguments as well. Now, let’s look at Liam’s other main organization he supports.

Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors WIthout Borders is an extremely pro-LGBT+, anti-racist organization that Liam strongly supports as well. DWB have faced controversy for opposing Israel violence on Palestine, which most of the US, as well as some of Europe, advocates. When there are many more conservative charities that he could donate to, why would Liam be so heavily involved in causes he doesn’t support? They largely reflect the views that many progressive liberals (think Sanders) in the US want, and the organizations are actually even more liberal than that in some cases. If he was the way the fandom assumed (Trump supporter, conservative) he wouldn’t support these causes, period. Bottom line, you DO NOT call someone a Trump supporter with no logical foundation, even as a joke. That has extremely disgusting implications and does nothing but tarnish an image for your negative bias or entertainment.