logo and trademark design


Advertising Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Campaign: “Lieblingsstücke”
Project: Corporate Identity, Website
Status: Presentation, Layout
Art Director, Designer: D. Stockenhuber
Photos: O. Gast, D. Stockenhuber


Last year I made a Guild Wars 2-themed monopoly game for my boyfriend for our anniversary.

I used ArenaNets fansite kit to make the designs and bought the tokens (the camps, towers and players) from an online store that specializes in custom board games.

I hope you like it! :)

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Two of me, double the murder!

So, here’s a little fan art of the Darkiplier phenomenon, where poor Markiplier is a remorseless murderer and possibly glitch in the reality!

I wanted it to be simple enough, yet be Mark without using his trademark logo. This design is based on Mark before he pinkified his fluff.

Nothing of this artwork is made to undermine Markiplier in any way, it is purely fanart of a good person, and a damn-right cool alternate universe.


HONEY HONEY, case study, 2013
Redefining 360° Communication Design

Ecologically sustainable construction of a mobile trade fair booth as a sales-booster.
Corporate Design / Logo / Presentation Folder / Honeycomb Construction / Booth Construction / Graphic Design / 3D Renderings
Design Studio: Stockenhuber Design
Art Director, Ind. Designer, 3D Artist: D. Stockenhuber


Client: VITO. Real. Parquet Naturally.
Job: Corporate Identity, CI-Style Guide, Print Ad Campaign, Sales Folders, Image Folder, Branding, Messeaufsteller, etc.
Status: Presentation, Layout
Advertising Agency: Stockenhuber Design for Gull Company
Concept/Idea: D.Stockenhuber
Text: C. Burtscher
Art Director, CD: D. Stockenhuber