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Finding "Peace and Harmony" with Logitech's Harmony remotes

There is nothing worse than having your remote dropped one two many times on the floor and made useless.What I think  is worse when I go to my local electronic store  to pick up one of those universal remotes. I always seem to be stuck with fear and uncertainty buying what always seems to be one size fits all “Universal Remote”  Only to realize that  the remote I purchased is not so universal or the codes that are that came packed with the remote are for all but my TV set. Painful is the process of going through what seems to be the tantric process of pressing buttons  getting lights to flash so many times entering numbers before  you get frustrated and come full circle back to the store from where you purchased this device from. 

This time i decided to purchase a replacement from Logitech. The harmony 200 allows me up program up to three devices to be connected to this remote. When said  "easy set up" It was easy. All I had to do was login to there website type in the Make and Model of the device I wanted to connect to my  new remote. After Logitech massive database of 250,000 or more code from devices found my HD set it downloads the commands to my remote via a usb cable that come with the remote and “Yes” it even with comes with batteries. They are many different type of Harmony device that can connect multiple devices to a single remote and they can be pretty expensive. I Purchase my Harmony 200 at CompUSA for $19.99 and I considered it  quite a steal for the amount of value  I relieved in this device . So next time your remote dies find a logitech Harmony series remote you’ll be glad you did.