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okay so first i have to say i understand why Ubisoft needs flashy cool outfits for the assassins but like dude. You are goddamn ASSASSIN. I mean like who would you suspect if you saw a dead body? A random young man walking near a haystack or a man with a hood, carrying two swords, four pistols, a few knives and god knows what else, standing in between two civilians trying to look casual and fit in by just standing there and not interacting? 

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A majority of Skyrim's side quests:
  • Person:Hey, dragonborn, will you go find my sword I left in this, like, REALLY dangerous Nordic burial site?
  • Dragonborn:K.
  • Dragonborn:*goes through a Nordic tomb that's crawling with draugers and then ransacks the whole place for 45 minutes before finding the sword**
  • Dragonborn:Here.
  • Person:Lol, I just remembered, this sword sucks ass, here you can have it.
Game of Thrones Writers' Room#3
  • Weiss:Hey David, do you have a second?
  • Benioff:Anything for you, pal.
  • Weiss:Well you know how we're going to have Jorah and Tyrion go through Valyria and Jorah will contract greyscale from a stoneman there?
  • Benioff:Yes, it's so smart and efficient.
  • Weiss:I know, you truly are a master for coming up with that. But I'm thinking...won't people be a little confused?
  • Benioff:You mean how Tyrion and Jorah can make it to Meereen on a tiny boat?
  • Weiss:No, no, that makes total sense. I meant will people remember what greyscale is?
  • Benioff:Oh good point, that is confusing. I know, let's just have random characters talk about it every single episode leading up to 5x05.
  • Weiss:Just any characters?
  • Benioff:Well Shireen had it, so just anytime she's in a scene we can bring it up there. And maybe a Red Priest talks about it, because why not?
  • Weiss:Oh that's perfect. Do you think people will wonder how the stone men got to Valyria?
  • Benioff:Probably. Let's just tell everyone that they're shipped there. Oh maybe Shireen was almost sent there.
  • Weiss:Absolutely! Nobles from Westeros would totally be encouraged to send their infected there, despite the fact that even pirates won't sail through Valyria.
  • Benioff:Makes sense to me! Now there will be no confusion! And this is pretty subtle, if I do say so myself.
  • Weiss:I couldn't agree more. Oh by the way, we need Dany to get married. Should we have that mentioned as an option at any point?
  • Benioff:I don't see why she couldn't just come up with it on the spot.
  • Weiss:Wow, that will be such a great character moment for her.

Monument Valley: A World of Impeccable Architecture, Geometry and Landscape Twists

“It is hard to stand out. With the proliferation of the web and mobile experiences today, it seems as if anyone can create an app. Even though thousands of apps emerge on a daily basis and with a market hungry and ripe for competition, there is however, always one that stands out because its concept, the team behind it, design and development, truly stand out far beyond the rest of the mass app market. The team have managed to create one such gem in Monument Valley, a surreal digital exploration through the eyes of Ida, a silent Princess, in a world of impeccable architecture, geometry and landscape twists where the premise is to guide Ida through mysterious architectural landscapes leading Ida through monuments, hidden thresholds and turning stairs, all the while making sure to avoid the enigmatic Crow People.”