Virgil: If you have 10 cookies and I asked for 5, how many would you have?

Patton: None.

Virgil: Patton, it’s basic math, it’s not that har-

Patton: I would give you all of them because I love you.


Virgil, holding back tears: gross. absolutely disgusting. get out of my room.

Patton: “Logan, why didn’t you ever smile?”

Logan: “A number of years ago, it came to my attention that, due to my face shape, I appear unattractive while smiling and a neutral expression is optimal.”

Roman, opening PowerPoint: “Do you have twenty minutes to be told how wrong you are?”

Virgil: I’m still trying to figure out why you’re friends with me

Patton: Because you’re sweet and funny

Virgil: Logan says I’m bitter and grumpy, so one of you is lying


Here he is! The Logic/Morality fusion “Moric” (More-ik) AKA “The Librarian”. He’s the Ultimate Dad, and carries tons of books inside his book bag. He knows just about everything but will de-fuse when someone asks him where babies come from because he does and doesn’t want to say so he poofs. XD He’s a Fasion Disaster and master of all puns, if you get within 5 feet of him he will simultaneously adopt you and you will be compelled to tell a dad joke. 

Upon drawing this I discovered that they do not have a “Dad Jokes for Dummies” book which is a HORRIBLE SHAME. So Moric wrote this one~ 

YES he is wearing a dapper dinosaur tie, yes he’s wearing mismatched socks and sandals and yes he’s wearing a Star Trek pin. Took us a while on the stream to come up with a decent name for this Ultimate Dad. Status: Semi-Stable


“Oh do not fret Dear One, they are not radioactive! Merely alchemical compounds which are highly unstable, rather toxic, caustic and likely to combust if combined in the wrong manner! Nothing to worry about!

My Roman/Logon fusion “Progic” (Prah-jick)  AKA “The Inventor”. Highly intelligent, ridiculously creative, Progic is a mad scientist with a knack for inventing all kinds of crazy devices and mixing dangerous alchemical concoctions. He took one of Patton’s glitter stim slimes and brought it to life, Patton affectionately dubbing it Sir Squiggles the Bwave, knighting him Sherf (sheriff) and lets the slime loose on the household with the Roomba as it’s mighty steed. No one knows all that he;s capable of because sometimes his inventions are helpful or innocent and sometimes they’re highly dangerous…..

Status: Unstable (and DAMNED proud of it). 

Did anyone else notice this odd little coincidence in Accepting anxiety Part 1 when Thomas is hit with the laptop and he rubs the back of his head because OW?

And then it pans to Logan who is doing the EXACT same thing where the others are not? 

I don’t know what to make of this but it seems Important to me that Logan responds to the pain physically when the others do not. 

Also on a side note this nerd rubbing his wrist after throwing the laptop with one hand makes me laugh.

  • Logan and Patton: *reach for burger at the same time* *hands touch* *look into each others eyes* *this magic moment plays* *rose petals fall from the sky*
  • Roman and Virgil: *reach for burger at the same time* *hands touch*
  • Virgil: Get the fuck off my McDonald's

Virgil: I’ve only slept nine hours over the past four days so I’m right on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Virgil: [bites his phone]

Virgil: This isn’t a bagel.