logic zero

  • MC: Did you eat all the powdered donuts?
  • Saeyoung: [mouth full of food] No...
  • MC: Then what's that on your pants?
  • Saeyoung: That's cocaine!

some fandoms need to stop using the “exo only won because they’re from one of the big3 companies” - there’s zero logic here. no matter what company you’re under, you have to work your ass off to get to th top and stay there. which exo did and keep on doing. stay pressed 🤗

just little krumione things
  • hermione doesn’t believe viktor when he first asks her out
  • like, she’s frumpy and he’s a heartthrob
  • it’s not logical. it makes zero sense. it has to be a cruel prank
  • but he’s sweet and funny and remembers the small things
  • like how she’ll instinctively dog-ear the books at the library, but then fold them back into place because they’re too fragile
  • or that she hates the color pink because it reminds her of home, of the parents she misses so much
  • he tells her about his home, and she tells him about hers, and sometimes she wonders where how someone so sweet could be so brutal
  • and his heart beats like a snitch before she agrees to go to the yule ball with him
  • she doesn’t believe that he thinks she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, but by the gods she is
  • and it’s short-lived, and it’s complicated
  • but it’s simple too
  • because he’s just a boy from a village who can fly well and she’s just a girl with a heart as big as her mind
  • and they had forever, for a moment
  • MC: Seven what happened?! That’s a lot of bandages! You must’ve been hurt pretty bad...!!
  • 707: Actually, I forgot my shirt. Grabbed these to cover up so you wouldn’t get distracted. ;)

Sargon’s vid on the first CIA Vault 7 leak.

If you want to know the most terrifying bit: The CIA can basically hack any electronic device on Earth, including devices from other countries, including vehicles. They can bypass encryption, access entire wifi networks, and access microphones and cameras undetected. The absolutely most horrifying bit is they can hack vehicles and cause them to crash. Yes, they can assassinate people in a completely undetectable way. 

If you want the most hilarious bit… they have a section called the MWC. That’s right, the goddamn MEME WARFARE CENTER.

Don’t ignore this shit. Watch the video. Maybe even investigate it further on your own time. It’s fucking terrifying. People have “known” about this shit for years, but now it’s actually being confirmed.

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Because there are people here who just like to complain. They have almost zero logic behind anything they say and I promise you there aren’t very many of them - they’re just loud. Ignore them and enjoy the show. It’s much more fun that way. 

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Louis spent most of his time in the U.K with his sick mother so I doubt he snuck off to Jamaica with Harry to record an album. Larries are so ignorant and disrespectful. No logic or compassion. Zero facts and they still continue their bullshit


Like they suggest the 4 or so days he wasn’t spotted he was dedicating to flying around Harry’s album schedule AND NOT HIS FAMILY.

They continuously erase what happened to Louis last year and how that must’ve impacted him so they can spreadsheet their garbage trash about how Louis is more consumed by Harry than he is about his own family. 

And part of me is sure this isn’t even them trying to be offensive, it’s just that they’ve literally forgotten it all happened at all because what happened with her is an inconvenience to their theories and doesn’t serve their fantasies properly enough.

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Why would the hater(s) want your blog?? Your amazing and your blood is lit af I love it and you!! You have done nothing wrong.

ikr! why send hate then expect me to just hand over my blog? uhmmmm there is zero logic in that

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Everyone is optimistic after 4.06, but I think I'm at the point where scenes that can be negotiated away as "platonic", meta that delves into character motivations that are logical but actually have zero onscreen support aren't enough. It's FOUR seasons, and we're still looking for crumbs that COULD mean more. If anything there is LESS canon romantic set-up now than in S2. I just need an actual, inarguable romantic potential moment to really care about this ship again. As is, I'm drifting away.


Thanks for sharing!

Help me please

Assume that the largest number is one (two is simply a one and a one.) By the binary logic of zero, being nothing, and one, being one thing, is it possible to have a half? After all, who is to say that half isn’t just one in a smaller form? Would it playboy along the uncountable infinity, the number getting smaller and smaller, or is there a logical answer going over my head here?


Duchess is probably my favorite doll, hands down. (Sorry Cupid and Maddie D: ) Everyone always likes to dress her as the black swan, so I stayed more white and grey with her feathery outfit. And there is zero logic behind Alistair showing up other than the fact that he’s dressed like a gentleman and looks awesome with Duchess (And Duchess stole his stand so she can stand on my shelf and not have her tule/feather skirt trashed).