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DBT Skills and Related Information Masterpost 2.0

All the content in this post uses the Skills Training Manual (Second Edition) by Marsha Linehan as the basis of every post on skills and concepts.  Rather than just copying out what is written in the Manual, I’ve elaborated on these skills, concepts, and their components using what has been taught to me in my DBT group sessions as well as my own personal understanding of the skills.  Nevertheless, the Manual is the basis and starting point of all the posts here except for the “Other Information” section.  Everything that is covered in the Manual’s Skills component will eventually be covered in posts contained in this masterpost.

General DBT Information:


Distress Tolerance and Radical Acceptance:

Interpersonal Effectiveness:

Emotion Regulation:

Other Information:

NOTE: This post will be updated on a semi-regular basis as we add more DBT posts to the blog. If you’re seeing a reblogged version of this, be sure to check the original post to see if it has been updated.  This is a Work In Progress and will be updated regularly as I write more posts.   Each time I write a post, it will get immediately added to the list.  

Also additional posts may be added that are not already included on this list.  Now that the inbox has been re-opened, feel free to request one of the topics on this list that you would like me to prioritize.  I’m currently in the process of learning the Emotion Regulation unit, so those posts are likely a couple weeks away at least and I won’t be able to get to them if they’re requested until I’ve learned about them in my DBT group.

This post will be reblogged every time four or five new DBT posts have been added to it, so that you can have an up-to-date record.



mbti moodboards

➥ ENFJ (the teacher)

[ENFJs] are introspective, cooperative, directive, and expressive. They tend to look for the best and to expect it from those around them. [ENFJs] communicate a belief that everyone has the potential to succeed, and Teachers often seek to help others express this inner potential. In doing so, they may motivate others to meet the Teacher’s positive expectations.  They tend to be organized and like to have things settled. They usually plan their work hours and social engagements in advance and can be trusted to honor their commitments.

They generally have a clear understanding what is going on inside themselves, and their intuition gives them insight into the feelings of others. However, they tend to be less skilled at logical decision-making, and may do well to seek the advice of a Thinking type. Teachers often mirror the beliefs, characteristics, and emotions of those they interact with to generate rapport. This helps them develop a sense of connection with the joys and problems of others. (x)

how my friend and I roleplay Prinxiety, ft. our other two friends with Logicality
  • <p> <b>Prince:</b> Hello-<p/><b>Anxiety:</b> *whacks him over the head* no<p/><b>Prince:</b> bUT I-<p/><b>Anxiety:</b> NO.<p/><b>Prince:</b> YOU'RE RUDE, LOGIC HELP ME THROW HIM IN THE POOL<p/><b>Logic:</b> OKAY<p/><b>Logic:</b> *actually just leaves to gain love from Morality*<p/><b>Prince:</b> <p/><b>Anxiety:</b> <p/><b>Prince:</b> well um anyway here take this flower<p/><b>Anxiety:</b> noo- I didn't get you anything I'll feel bad no-<p/><b>Prince:</b> take it or else<p/><b>Anxiety:</b> <p/><b>Anxiety:</b> *kisses him and leaves*<p/><b>Prince:</b> ???!??!!???

Not So Berry Legacy Challenge

Founder: Fernley Grape

Generation One: Mint

You’re a mischievous scientist that really loves the color mint. You’re career driven but still make time for silly pranks and outings with your closest friends. You love luxury and want the best for yourself and your family.

Traits: Vegetarian, Jealous, Materialistic
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Career: Scientist


  • Master scientist career
  • Master mischief and logic skills
  • Complete elements collection

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Hi, I have a question about your Voltron show AU how would the team react to black paladin Lance theories?

This is something I think about every time I read one of those theories.
I wish I could draw it but at the same time I really don’t know how would it go. On the one hand the team probably knows that there is more to Lance than his goofy attitude, on the other hand…I spent way too much time in langst tag to not imagine how they laugh at the very idea, how impossible it is for Lance to act responsible etc
I actually think that from the whole team Keith- as the one that witnessed Lance’s logical thinking and leaderahip skills firsthanded- shouldn’t have that much of a problem to accept that Lance is more capable of becoming Black Paladin than he is.
It breaks my heart when I read how others picture this scene as Keith being mad at Lance. This is really OOC because Keith’s never really mad at his teammates (maybe once at Pidge when she wanted to leave voltron)
Anyway, I belive that Keith would have more faith in Lance than Pidge, Shiro or Allura.
I said “Pidge” because she’s the one questioning Lance’s ability to do sth most of the times. First during this scene in stimulator at the Garrison, then when Lance didn’t stop Keith before storming out in Galra base, also she didn’t belive that he’s a sharpshooter. And that other time when Lance wasn’t even around (when she and Shiro went after Green Lion)
I’m not saying Pidge is mean and knows what she’s doing by saying those things but no one else voice their lack of trust in Lance’s skills as much as she does.
As much as I like Pidge I think it’s not fair. That’s why that one moment when Lance pointed teasingy that Galra-detektor she built is not working looked kind of like a small petty revange and the only time Lance was ever sorta mean to her.

Ok but like. Think about it. Normally, you’d learn your native language mostly through immersion from your parents. You pick up their mannerisms, parts of their personality, their accents, vernacular, how they use the language. So that means every singer you listen to in your target language, every youtuber you watch, every celebrity whose interviews you obsess over. Well, they’re basically ur fam.

I'll Never Forget You

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Words: 1577

Summary: You became Kylo’s weakness and extremists take advantage of that. After a near death experience, Kylo does the only thing that can keep you safe.

You were a commander of an elite TIE fighter squad. You were the most skilled and precise in the First Order. You were also a logical war strategist. Commander Kylo Ren and General Hux often had you sit in in meetings to listen and discuss the next attack on the New Republic and the Resistance.

Because of your wit; logic; skill; and sharp tongue, Kylo Ren was drawn to you. You had this aura surrounding you that he couldn’t ignore. He wanted to be around you always. And he was.

You didn’t mind it. Despite his words and actions, Kylo was pleasant to be around when it was just you two. You two would talk over some Corellian brandy and enjoy each other’s company. Over time, you fell for each other. You made each other stronger…but also weak.

When word got out about your relationship with Kylo, no one seemed to be upset as you suspected. Hux was for maybe a moment, but when he saw that Ren was more level headed around you, he shut his mouth.

“Anything that will spare thousands of the First Order’s credits,” Hux said.


You and Kylo were walking outside of the base. It wasn’t as chilly as usual. Nonetheless, you snuggled up to Kylo as you two walked.

Kylo stopped and faced you, “I want to give you something.”

“What?” You looked at him curiously.

He fished out an item from his pocket and revealed it to you. It was a clear crystal about the size of your thumb. It was wrapped with with silver wire and hung from a brown string.

“This is a kyber crystal. It’s what powers lightsabers. The Force flows within every single one. This was grown in the same harvest as the one that’s in my lightsaber. I want to give this to you, so you know that no matter what, I’ll always be with you and you with me.” Kylo lifted the necklace and slung it over your neck. It then rested on your chest.

“It’s beautiful, Kylo.” You tiptoed to reach his lips giving him a loving kiss, “Thank you.”


You knew something bad was gonna happen when you stepped onto the planet. Sure, you weren’t force sensitive, but there was this tingling sensation that alerted you of danger.

The mission was simple: find out what the extremists were up to, then execute them.
Straight forward and easy to remember.

The extremists expected you. What they didn’t expect was for you to be such a fighter. Their inside man forgot to give rhat littke detail that Y/N L/N, Commander in the First Order and weakness of Kylo Ren, was well trained in combat. Nonetheless, they managed to get a hold you. Five them tackling you to the ground beating you until you were unconcious.

You slipped in and out of consciousness due to the harsh beating. You didn’t know how long you were kept there or if anyone was going to rescue you. You highly doubted that. Although you were a well trained TIE fighter pilot and war strategist, the First Order still saw you as expendable.


Kylo was beyond upset when he had received the holovid message from the extremists. Hux feared for his life as his office began to shake.

Kylo was going to kill every single one of those extremists for laying a hand on you.

“Come alone or your precious plaything will die.”

When Kylo arrived, it took every ounce of self control not to kill these men. He needed to know what they were gaining from this.

“We want nothing but proof…and revenge of course.” One of them said.

“You see, Ren,” another began to circle him, “These men and I, well, you’ve killed our loved ones. You made us watch them die and now, you’re going to do the same.”
Five of them pointed their blasters at you and five blasters pointed at Kylo, “Make a move, and she dies slowly. Usually, we’re not one for killing. We save that for First Order troops. But this is a sacrifice we’re willing to make.”

Kylo glared angrily at the men. His mind focusing on the men behind him and around you. The ten of them then pointed their blasters at each other.

“What are you doing?!” The leader cried out.

“We can’t control it! He’s using the Force on us!”

The leader then took out his blaster and pointed at your unconscious body, “I’ll do it, Ren!”

Kylo smirked menacingly as the ten men shot each other. The leader’s eyes widened as he pulled the trigger of his blaster but the plasma stopped mid air.

Kylo began to circle the leader, “You actually think you and you pathetic followers can defeat me? You’re nothing but arrogant fools.” With a flick of his wrist, the man’s neck snapped and he collapsed.

Kylo then picked up your body and the plasma blast hit the ground where you were. Kylo rushed back to his ship immediately.


You woke up to a steady beeping noise and a bright white light. At first, you thought you were dead. But then the soreness of your body shot through you and you recalled what happened.

As soon as you sat up, Kylo walked into your line of vision. You could tell he was upset.

“Please, don’t,” your voice was raspy and throat was dry.

“I should’ve been there to protect you,” Kylo muttered as he sat on the edge of bed, “I could have prevented this.”

“This comes with the job description, Kylo. I sacrifice myself for the good of the Order.”

“But they targeted you because of me, Y/N. You’re not safe with me.”

“So what are you trying to say?”

“You have to forget me.”

You looked at him in confusion, “What? That’s ridiculous, why-”

“You almost died because I care about you and you care about me. This can’t happen again, Y/N.”

“I agree, but that doesn’t mean I can just easily forget you.” Kylo looked at you with shame, guilt, and sadness written all over his face. You knew, “No, you’re not. You promised you wouldn’t mess with my head! There are other ways-”

“This is the only way!”

Tears began to run down your cheeks. You were so scared, so frustrated, “I love you, Kylo. Please, don’t do this!”

Kylo’s hand went you chest and he fiddled with the Kyber Crystal, “You’ll always have me with you, Y/N, even if you forget.” He leaned down and kissed you on the lips one last time. You sobbed into the kiss as his fingers went to your temples and you were met with darkness.


You woke up to a steady beeping noise and a bright white light. At first, you thought you were dead. But then the soreness of your body shot through you and you tried to recall what happened.

The nurse walked in, “Ah, Commander L/N! You’re awake! Very good!”

“What happened?” You asked groggily

“Your mission was a success. You managed to execute the group of extremists, but came out with some battle wounds. Do you remember anything that happened?”

You tried to. You really did, but it seemed like there were holes in your mind where your memories were supposed to be. You shook you head, “No.”

“Some small effects of head trauma you’ve suffered from. Not to worry. In the mean time, you are to stay in the medbay until you were healed enough.”

“But I have to report-”

“The General agreed to wait until you’re physically and mentally fit to give your report. The extremists are dead, so he believes you should rest.”

You watched as the nurse left you alone. You tried to remember everything that happened before the mission. But you couldn’t. There were black holes in your mind. You also felt like you were forgetting someone. Someone important you may have even…loved?

You looked down to your chest and saw a small crystal resting on your chest. You didn’t remember where it came from. When you held it in your hand, it began to warm up. You looked at it curiously then left it hanging from your chest.


The next few days were frustrating for you. There were still blank spaces in your mind that you tried to fill out. But nothing came. You resumed your position as the commander of the TIE fighter squad going on missions and fulfilling General Hux’s orders.

At night, you had dreams, or what seemed like memories. They were happy and filled with so much love. You found yourself surrounded by a powerful make presence, but the figure was always blurry to you. Never clear. He spoke to you with so much adoration. You figured this was who you were missing. Who you were forgetting.


It killed Kylo to watch you from afar. To continue living a life without him in it. It made him so angry and hurt. He didn’t know what to do with himself.

His bed felt so lonely without you. His mind was clouded and filled with your smile, face, and laugh. He wanted you in his arms again. To see you. To feel your love. But all of that was gone..because he needed to keep you safe.

Despite you forgetting all about him, he refused to forget about you. You were and are his everything. And he’ll never forget the one person that truly made him happy.

i think its really important to point out that getting a t instead of an f or whatever on the meyers-briggs test or whatever other kind of personality indicator shenanigans you’re up to doesn’t actually do shit to prove that you’re a logical person. what it does is prove that you’re a person who THINKS of themself as a logical person and that’s the hugest difference in the fucking world.

SpockFact #58

Spock is an excellent swimmer because swimming is a logical skill to possess, as well as being mandatory training for Starfleet. But, like all Vulcans, he hates being in water, be it a pool or a bath or even the rain. He takes sonic showers only. As a young child, the Vulcan children expected him to enjoy water, because humans are known for being odd like that. He struggled to find the balance between expressing his genuine loathing of the water (to prove his Vulcanity) while still acting in the proper stoic manner. It is not until much later in life that he learns to enjoy such things as a hot bath.

(submitted by @beastlyanachronism


Okay so I might’ve gone a little too fast with Rowan’s life… xD

She’s now on level 4 or 5 (don’t remember which one) of the Scientist profession, level 6 Mischief and Logic skills, married to Joaquin (I hope I’m spelling that right lol) and is in her 3rd trimester of her pregnancy.

I genuinely can’t help myself with playing it all at once. I just love Rowan’s life! xD

it has always shaken me how cheerful yato pretends to be in the noragami anime (and in the manga to a certain extent). he was a god of calamity, and i don’t think he will ever entirely forget that persona he had for so many centuries. we see hints of his truer personality– slightly cold, logical, and skilled– whenever he kills phantoms and the evil beings in the noragami universe. but i think that the real yato is a combination of the two, a foolhardy in action but wise in principle god who wants to escape from an abusive and destitute past and learn to bring cheer to others, even if he has to do manual labor and odd jobs to do so.


Poppy technically completed her aspiration the day before, but she hadn’t mastered both the logic and video gaming skills.

As she has now done this, I am very excited to announce that Poppy has completed her aspiration! Now that we have more than 4 grandchildren, it’s time to finish up the big happy family aspiration and then move onto the next new aspiration!

Dating Harry Wells would include...Earth-2

Originally posted by politeandnotgay

Anon requested: Can you do dating Harry Wells would include?

I really enjoyed this request! If you guys wanna see one of these as full imagine, just tell me!

I’m also going to write another set for if you were captured with Jesse and if he met you on Earth-1

  • Coming over with him to look for Jesse.
  • Trying to find your doppelganger.
  • Being introduced to the team as a ‘friend’
  • Although it’s obvious you’re something more
  • Being the only one who can calm him down.
  •  Joe, Barry, Caitlin and Cisco actually liking you
  • Stealing his gun and distracting him
  • Iris liking you
  • Being more technological than logically skilled
  • Being another voice of reason on the team
  • Being annoyed when you find out Harry killed a man
  • Becoming brief friends with Martin Stien
  • Helping the team
  • Traveling back to Earth-2 to save Jesse
  • Jesse thinking of you as a mother
  • Her crying in your arms as soon as she sees you
  • Jesse confiding in you
  • Sensing something was going to happen with Wally
  • Library dates
  • Henry liking you
  • Trying to persuade Harry to let Jesse branch out on her own, which doesn’t really work
  • Grodd knowing you, even though your counterpart never met him
  • Movie nights with Cisco
  • Harry worrying you’re going to get hurt
  • Even though you continuously prove that you can handle yourself
  • Nearly bursting into tears when you have to leave
  • Being a little too excited to come back
  • Not minding if Jesse wants to be a hero
  • Although you’re always thinking of her safety
  • Giving Wally and Jesse your blessing
  • Trying to contain Harry when he finds out
  • Reading the same book
  • Having completely different tastes in music
  • Hand holding
  • Iris confiding in you about her feelings in Barry
  • Being a really cute couple

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Genuinely: 1) Why are you getting all the anon "hate" about 2Ct. Just because you like it, isn't your doing that it may become canon. 2) If they got a problem, write to the correct person. *coughs*. Lastly: Lastly, while I don't really care about 2C, I have to say that Yana does lack some of the story writing and logic skills to make it all make sense, that's still not enough reason to throw a bitch fit at you though.

Huh? Did I get anon “hate”?? D: I don’t remember… I got some “I don’t like the 2CT and I’m not happy with the latest chapter (T_T)” kind of messages, but I wouldn’t call them “hate”. “Hate” is when people go like “I hate you and the 2CT. Go k*ll yourself.” - the kind of messages I received last year after I stated that I like Lizzy D:

Anyway, as long as people stay calm and polite, I don’t mind discussing the 2CT with people who don’t like it / are skeptical of it. Also, if I get hate, I’ll block them immediately and don’t even bother to reply to them, so it’s alright :D

Thanks for your concern though!