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With the Windenburg University Fan Pack, you can better prepare your Sims for their transition into adulthood. Immerse them in the college lifestyle and let the Campus become their classroom! Send those teens off to Get Educated!

EXPLORE THE VAST CAMPUS by @redhotchilisimblr

ID : DWould / CC Free / 64 x 64 / Library / 859K

  • Get set up in your new dorm room and meet your fellow students, maybe join a club or two! On the first floor of your dorm, you will find the common area where we keep recreational and gaming equipment that can be checked out from the hall desk, as well as a small kitchen for late night snacking.
  • Don’t forget to take note of the lecture halls inside the main building so you aren’t late on your first day. The Dean has a great view of the entire Campus from his office in the tower so make sure to be on your best behavior.
  • The library in the West wing of the main building boasts more than 3000 books to browse, 14 desktop computers, and a quiet space to spread out and do all that homework you’ve neglected!
  • The cafeteria in the East wing of the main building will keep you well fed. Keep an eye out for (hopefully) delicious experimental dishes from the Culinary Arts Kitchens upstairs.
  • Interested in the fine arts program? Take some time to explore your creativity in the Art District next door to the dorm. With it’s towering walls decorated with former student’s works of art, you’re sure to feel those creative juices flow and become inspired to create some of your own.
  • Across the Quad from your dorm is the Science District. Collect samples from the surrounding area to splice and grow in our gorgeous Greenhouse and terrace.
  • In your free time, ‘The White Lotus’ basement terrace is a gorgeous place to grab some caffiene and sweets. Later in the evening, The Green Leprechaun Bar will be your new stomping ground. Mingle with your fellow nightowls and blow off some steam! Shop at the official campus bookstore for all of your supply and swag needs.

Windenburg University Majors

  1. Science (Skills : Logic - Programming)
  2. Art (Skills : Painting - Handiness - Photography)
  3. Media / Communication (Skills : Charisma - Photography)
  4. Physical Education (Skills : Fitness - Wellness)
  5. Drama (Skills : Charisma - Comedy - Singing)
  6. Business (Skills : Logic - Charisma)
  7. Culinary (Skills : Gourmet - Baking)
  8. History (Skills : Writing - Logic)

SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT SWAG  by @vivificus-zombiae

And also new buy mode recolors (with various swatches each) :

Includes*… :

  • 4 base game top recolors (5 swatches each)
  • 5 new hairstyles
  • Puff chair (19 swatches)
  • “Hipster” style 3-piece living room seating set : couch, loveseat, armchair (5 swatches)
  • Matching area rug (10 swatches)

(*) Base Game Compatible.

TS2 > TS4 CONVERSIONS by @zx-ta

Includes 25 objects from The Sims 2 : FreeTime and Teen Style Stuff

Also includes a walls set !


Includes 16 new poses (more not in the preview)

Note :

Every items have been successfully playtested. For MAC users, you might encounters stuttering issues if your computer is running on an old version or with minimal requirements. For newest versions or PC users, no issues have been found.

Because the University is set as a lbrary, kids can possibly show up. It doesn’t happens a lot, but it could be annoying for some users. To prevent this, chose the lot trait “teens hangout”. Also, if you’ve Get Together, create a group of students and set up the campus as their favorite location. With both combine, you’ve a slim chance to have kids showing up, and if they do, they’ll leave pretty soon.


(Includes all the custom contents, the poses pack and the lot tray file)

We’re all so proud and happy to finally share our project. It was quite challenging but I think the wait finally worth it. Thanks for your support, your patience and ideas. Besides, I want to thanks all the person who’ve somehow participated on the project. No doubt I’ll do it again because it was such a great experience to share with amazing creators and you. Once again, happy simming and feel free to tag us or use the hashtag “windenburguniversity” if you’re using our creations !  -Red.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for not getting bored playing a single sim for a while? i always rush things and marry everyone off and that kind of spoils it for me :-(

ok i might not be the best person to ask but i’ll give myself you some tips!

when making the sim

give them fun traits and aspirations: i found that i get quite easily bored with perfect sims. try to give them traits that don’t work very well together, or give them two negative traits. if there are traits you’ve never/rarely give to sims, try them out! similarly, give your sims different aspirations too, try out the ones you rarely use, and then try to complete them. you can use this random trait and aspiration generator if you find yourself giving every sim the same ones over and over again. or you can do it the nice and sloppy way (which is, obviously, what i usually do), look away from your screen, and click around like a blind bat until you’ve accidentally clicked on a random trait/aspiration.

come up with a character sheet: don’t rely solely on traits and aspirations when it comes to your sim’s personality. come up with entire characters, for example, you can make a health-obsessed sim, give them the vegetarian and active traits - and then make them run every morning, do a yoga routine every night, make them eat only organic (aka make meals only for which you have fresh ingredients for from your garden), make them meditate. or you can come up with an always tired, slightly alcoholic writer character: give them the loner trait and the writer aspiration, and then make them get by on coffee, pull all nighters, drink a glass of wine every night, make them interested in maths (max out the logic skill), while completing the writer aspiration, etc. you can even use character generators, like this one


choose an active career: if you have get to work, choose the doctor, detective, or scientist career, and go to work with your sim. there are plenty of challenges in the workplace, lots of things you can do or have to do, and it’s very rewarding.

try different careers: once again, do stuff you never do. i have at least five careers that i haven’t tried before, and i only got to the top of one… give your sim a job that you’ve never played with/never made it to the top of; or give them a job that doesn’t work well with their aspiration/traits and come up with ways to make them work (for example, make a good sim become a criminal, or a gloomy sim be a comedian; choose the writer career for an the aforementioned health-obsessed sim and play like they’re writing self-help books, etc.).

or, don’t have a career: try to live off the land, by making money only through foraging and farming. or make money only by selling paintings or books. or, if you have city living, make money only by selling random stuff at festivals/singing and playing an instrument in the city.

challenges: challenges save lives, to be honest. while many of them focus on legacies/multiple sims, you can find a lot that require a single sim. here you can find a huge list of different challenges. whenever i’m stuck with a sim, i usually go to the box of chocolates challenge, though; you basically roll one/two events per sim week, and you have that week to complete them. it introduces a lot of things that you might never think to do, and they can eventually become something in your gameplay that you do a lot (like the thing with only cooking meals with fresh ingredients - i do that a lot when i need a bit of quick challenge for myself).

complete aspirations: this is quite straight forward, i’d think that they came up with aspirations in the first place for keeping things from getting boring; but working towards an aspiration milestone definitely gives you something to do - especially if you chose an aspiration that you’ve never completed before.

complete whims: try to make your sim’s every wish come true! if they have a whim to buy a hot tub, work towards having enough money and get them a hot tub. if they want to hang out with someone, let them. this gives you an array of fun things to do.

start a business: if you have get to work, you can try starting your own business. i’ve had countless flower shops, but you can have your sim manage a fancy clothes shop, a thrift store, a museum that sells paintings, etc. it takes some getting used to, and it can be difficult at times, but that’s what we’re going for - difficult is not boring, at least.

manage a restaurant/pub/coffee shop: if you have dine out, you can have your own restaurant (though this is something i haven’t tried before). you can even build it yourself, and make it fit your sim’s personality - to be consistent with my examples, you can have a health-obsessed sim open a small vegetarian brunch place with lots of plants. or you can have a fancy restaurant that serves experimental foods, if you have a rich/weirdo sim. or you can open and manage a small coffee shop that also works as a library with lots of book shelves and couches. i don’t know much about managing such places, but i’d expect it’s fun!

have a garden: i guess this is pretty personal, i just love myself a good peasant… a small garden gives you something to do every day, and it’s quite rewarding to see plants grow and evolve. you can also experiment with grafting, and learning herbalism if you have outdoor retreat!

go camping: another fun thing to do, if you have outdoor retreat, is to go camping, and collect insects and wild plants, meet other sims, marry the ranger, fight bears

find the secret lots: there are four secret lots that you can visit, if i’m not mistaken and count sixam, too. you can try finding and exploring them, make friends with the hermit, meet aliens, etc. building a rocket ship to go to sixam is also quite time consuming and fun, and exploring space gives you many new, fun things to do too!

have a cowplant: because they’re a pain in the arse so much that only keeping a cowplant alive should tie you down a little…

throw parties/social events: try out every kind of social event you can hold at home, or other locations. have dinner parties, fancy dress parties, brunches, house warming parties, pumpkin carvings, weenie roasts etc. better yet, try to achieve a gold medal in each of them!

start a club: clubs aren’t something i’ve explored before, but you can start all kinds of clubs and gather club points, try to make them as fun as possible.

build and master skills: building skills doesn’t only give you something to do, but they introduce new activities and social… things to do/talk about (my english is failing me but you get what i’m saying). so the higher your skill points, the more new things for you to do!

use skill building items: the obvious option is an easel, of course, i love looking at the paintings they make and discovering new ones! also, try out the woodworking table and make your own furniture. or try pumpkin carving, or buy a waterslide and look at your sim’s funny faces. 

don’t forget aspiration rewards: these will give you some new ways to play your game, it’s definitely worth exploring all kinds of fun stuff and custom traits you can get for satisfaction points! there are things like ‘incredibly friendly’ which comes in handy if you have a social aspiration, or ‘beguilling’ which is extremely helpful for a serial romantic, but there are so many options to explore.

give them a makeover: every now and again, when i get bored of my sim, i give them a little makeover to freshen up the experience a bit, like a new hairdo and hair colour or a new outfit. it seems quite basic, but it really helps make things a bit less boring on the long run!

bonus: @bratfish‘s ideas

download custom traits: there are many super fun custom traits around for you to download and explore, have a look around here.

add more CAS traits: there’s this mod that allows you to give your sim more than three traits, so they can have a proper personality. i suggest you read through the description on how to use it!

bonus 2: build

this is not really about gameplay, but whenever you feel uninspired with your game, take a break, go outside start building. you can try filling up empty lots, or delete all lots and townies (or download an empty world save or a different world for a change of scenery - though i suggest you do this before starting a game) and fill up the world with houses, community lots and your own townies.

bonus 3: start a simblr

ok, this is kinda different, but i’ve found that taking screenshots of your game really slows down your gameplay - but in a good way. you’ll find yourself doing all kinds of stuff you haven’t done before for the sake of a good screencap, haha. looking at other poeple’s gameplay and stories also keeps you inspired; and you can even try writing your own story and then making it happen in the sims.

phew, this turned out to be a lot, i wish i could follow my own advice, haha. anyway, i hope you find this helpful - and everyone else, if you have any ideas and suggestions, feel free to add them!

Haunted House- A BATIM Fic

I saw a post about this on @doodledrawsthings feed and I couldn’t help myself. My favorite ink demon and my favorite holiday? Together? It was too good to pass up! That being said apologies in advance to all the lovely people named Mick out there, it just sounded like the douchiest name I could think of while I was writing, but it is not a reflection on you. Once again this takes place in Doodles’ Hell’s Studio AU. Some mild swearing, but that’s about it. Enjoy!

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what good does excluding ace/aros do…?

“we keep out cishets that way!!”

then why do a fuck ton of exclusionists insist that A is for ally, of which, BTW, AREN’T LGBTQIA AND ARE ALL CISHET. THAT IS THE POINT OF BEING AN ALLY. THEY SUPPORT THE GROUP BUT AREN’T A PART OF IT.

plus you’d need rudimentary math and logic skills to get this, which I believe exclusionists lack, but here goes:

heterosexual + heteromantic + cis = not LGBTQIA

ergo, any deviation from that would be LGBTQIA. You’re misgendering nonbinary ace/aros, invalidating trans ace/aros, ignoring non-heteromantic asexuals and non-heterosexual aros. That’s SUPER fucking progressive of you.



You mean…. being subject to heteronormativity? Like EVERYONE ELSE? Wanna know who else has this so called straight passing privilege? A gay person walking down the street alone. Or just happens to NOT be holding hands with their s/o. A bi or pan person in an opposite sex relationship. But tons of exclusionists are also major biphobes so is it any shock they use this argument?

Aphobia is just repackaged and rebranded biphobia marketed towards asexuals. It’s all the same arguments just minimally tailored to invalidate and exclude ace/aros. In short–

Aphobe: hey mind if I copy off of you?

Biphobe: sure but don’t make it obvious

Aphobe: got it


Yondu Udonta x Reader

Yondu fic where reader is part of his crew and he gets jealous because some guy at a bar gets a little handsy. Complete with threatening and heartfelt confessions? Please - crazybunny02-blog

Warnings for language, alcohol consumption, douche bag at bar, some name calling, and a slight suggestion of smut

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12 Intriguing Facts About How The Human Brain Functions

Originally posted by ogicepun

Here’s a list of 12 golden nuggets of information about the human brain and how it functions. John Medina’s book Brain Rules gives incredible insight and intrigue on how our strongest survival organ operates and its uniqueness to each human body. Consider the wisdom below, survival tips for your brain!

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mbti moodboards

➥ ENFJ (the teacher)

[ENFJs] are introspective, cooperative, directive, and expressive. They tend to look for the best and to expect it from those around them. [ENFJs] communicate a belief that everyone has the potential to succeed, and Teachers often seek to help others express this inner potential. In doing so, they may motivate others to meet the Teacher’s positive expectations.  They tend to be organized and like to have things settled. They usually plan their work hours and social engagements in advance and can be trusted to honor their commitments.

They generally have a clear understanding what is going on inside themselves, and their intuition gives them insight into the feelings of others. However, they tend to be less skilled at logical decision-making, and may do well to seek the advice of a Thinking type. Teachers often mirror the beliefs, characteristics, and emotions of those they interact with to generate rapport. This helps them develop a sense of connection with the joys and problems of others. (x)

The Functions & Feelings

Often there seems to be the idea that the Feeling Functions are the only ones that have anything to do with feelings - when they have rather to do with intra- and interpersonal, social processing and surely use the feelings of yourself & others as an ‘input’

Indeed, in the brain there is no such division between what gives you skills & what gives you the specific emotional reaction patters we call ‘personality’ . It’s more that every function comes with a certain mental state or ‘emotional climate’.

For example, Fi doms have high activity in an area associated with stating your own beliefs, but also with feelings of humility or at least self-reflection. (There are some very un-humble Fi doms but they usually still reflect on their own behavior alot. & I know many humble, generous Fi users. ), whereas Fe users have activity in a region that processes & interprets social feedback on a cognitive level but also plays a role in feeling embarassment. And all feelers have areas regarding to judging tone of voice & intention on a lot. 

An exeption might be Ti that ‘lies’ in rather isolated brain regions & may dampen impulses from deeper in the brain, though a few regions involved in Ti are also involved with humor - Which may explain why many a Ti-user’s first reaction to bad new might be to crack a dark joke or laugh at the absurdity before they switch over to full emotional processing later on. And, come to think of it,  why ENTPs and ESTPs are so very hilarious (combining two ‘funny’ functions, plus tert Fe which can be kinda ‘lighthearted’ at times.)

Extroverted Sensing

Associated Skills: Kinesthetic-spatial processing, crisis management, perceptiveness, adaptability, making an impression on people, facility for tool use including musical instruments

Mental State: ‘mobilized’, active, alert, in touch with insticts, attracion and repulsion to things

Emotional Climate: Energy, desire, will, relish in physical activity or presence, awareness of status, desire and force both physical and mental

Personality Traits: spontaneous, energetic, active, adventurous, realistic, present-focussed, often ‘sophisticated/mature’ relationship with the material where they greatly enjoy pleasing things but aren’t neccesary ‘bound’ to them and could just as easily lead a more bohemian life, sometimes but not always competitive, agressiv territorial or dominant, express feelings physically (through sex, punch wall when angry etc.)

Introverted Sensing

Associated Skills: Attention to detail, good memory, good at manual work & logistics,  anything that requires practice

Mental State: relaxed state of physical and mental comfort & focus, comparision of sensory stimuli, focus on prolonged state of activity, cozyness, convenience, quality

Emotional Climate:  feelings of comfort & discomfort, pleasant and unpleasant, familiar & unfamiliar - actually displays the  rigidness, stubborness and single-mindedness tseen as characteristicsonly when familiar ‘flow’ is disrupted

Personality Traits: discerning, pragmatic, hardy, cautious, reliable, loyal, down-to-earth, sometimes but not always slow to adapt, express care by physically providing/ taken care of you

Introverted Intuition

Associated Skills: Long-term planning, purposeful action, pattern dectection, prediction/vision, eye for potential, insight 

Mental State: reflective, sometimes wistful, ‘mystical’ state, zen like focus, ‘expert-like’

Emotional Climate: worry & anticipation, clarity & certainty

Personality Traits: Purposeful, philosophical, inert, contemplative, planning/preparedness, sense of purpose, lowkey idealistic, ambitious

Extroverted Intuition

Associated Skills: facility with language, inventiveness, creativity, ressourcefulness, speculation & extrapolation, abstract thought

Mental State: considering possibility & interconnection, high energy, high speed processing, ‘epiphany-like’,

Emotional Climate: Excitedness, enthusiam, playfulness, search, longing 

Personality Traits: open-minded, dreamy, eccentric, bubbly, poetic, mischievous

Extroverted Thinking

Associated Skills: Organization, management, leadership, methodical efficiency

Mental State: active but steady & purposeful, procedural energy, algorithmic action, identifying & removing ‘faults’.

Emotional Climate: criticism, comparision, control, power, confidence

Personality Traits: Cathegorical-consequential, straight priorities, decisive, industrious, hard-working, ambitious, results-oriented, pragmatic

Introverted Thinking

Associated Skills: Logical reasoning, problem solving 

Mental State: Detached Analysis, sorting, categorizing

Emotional Climate: Awe and fear, curiosity and confusion

Personality Traits: bold, independent, aloof, inquisitive

Introverted Feeling

Associated Skills: Artistic proficiency, interpersonal perceptiveness, authenticity

Mental State: Receptive LIstening, takiing in/absorbing surroundings

Emotional Climate: Like & dislike, priority sorting,  

Personality Traits: self-aware, sensitive, contemplative, ethical, creative, intense

Extroverted Feeling

Associated Skills: Social Proficiency, caretaking, servicing humans, persuasion

Mental State: Passion & Fervor, series of experienced moods

Emotional Climate: Approval or disapproval, embrassment or righteousness, cultivating appropiate atmospheres, mirroring others

Personality Traits: Usually a common sensey mature person with a passionate expressive side, emphatetic, generous, affectionate

(As the feeling functions  process, well, dynamic feelings, they’e the hardest to classify in a generalized manner here, too. Personality with F doms can depend a lot on enneagram, upbringing and/or social circle. Still, their conciousness is most likely full of “good/bad” statements and receptiveness to people)

anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a question about your Voltron show AU how would the team react to black paladin Lance theories?

This is something I think about every time I read one of those theories.
I wish I could draw it but at the same time I really don’t know how would it go. On the one hand the team probably knows that there is more to Lance than his goofy attitude, on the other hand…I spent way too much time in langst tag to not imagine how they laugh at the very idea, how impossible it is for Lance to act responsible etc
I actually think that from the whole team Keith- as the one that witnessed Lance’s logical thinking and leaderahip skills firsthanded- shouldn’t have that much of a problem to accept that Lance is more capable of becoming Black Paladin than he is.
It breaks my heart when I read how others picture this scene as Keith being mad at Lance. This is really OOC because Keith’s never really mad at his teammates (maybe once at Pidge when she wanted to leave voltron)
Anyway, I belive that Keith would have more faith in Lance than Pidge, Shiro or Allura.
I said “Pidge” because she’s the one questioning Lance’s ability to do sth most of the times. First during this scene in stimulator at the Garrison, then when Lance didn’t stop Keith before storming out in Galra base, also she didn’t belive that he’s a sharpshooter. And that other time when Lance wasn’t even around (when she and Shiro went after Green Lion)
I’m not saying Pidge is mean and knows what she’s doing by saying those things but no one else voice their lack of trust in Lance’s skills as much as she does.
As much as I like Pidge I think it’s not fair. That’s why that one moment when Lance pointed teasingy that Galra-detektor she built is not working looked kind of like a small petty revange and the only time Lance was ever sorta mean to her.



Complete elements collection
Master Scientist career
Complete Chief of Mischief aspiration
Master mischief skill
Master logic skill

Now it’s time to move on and focus on Generation Two: Luxor

Note: The next gen will have some subtitle-style dialogue on the screenshots. It won’t be on all of them, just the ones that I feel like need the dialogue to explain what’s happening, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing it past gen two or not, I’m just trying it out =D

Not So Berry Challenge - Sims 3 Version

Hey guys! So I wrote up a Not So Berry Challenge version for the Sims 3 :) This is for all those sim lovers out there who don’t have the Sims 4 like me <3 If you would like to do the original challenge by @lilsimsie and @alwaysimming the information is below.  I am not taking credit for the original challenge, but I wanted to offer a Sims 3 version for people who would still like to have fun with the challenge.  If you do the challenge use #notsoberry and #notsoberrysims3 so we can see all your amazing stories! Have fun! <3 :D

Original Credit for creating this challenge goes to @alwaysimming and @lilsimsie. Find the original Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge here!

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The ESFJ (FeSiNeTi)

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

  • Highly in tune with their emotional environment
  • Often focused on whether others around them are having fun, are emotionally relaxed or engaged, whether everyone is getting along, and if others’ needs are being met
  • Inclined to take take defensive action to ensure there exists a positive emotional mood or that others are comfortable and well taken care of
  • May base their emotional state on others, and adapt to their expectations
  • May hide their personal feelings behind a pleasant face and good humor
  • Struggles to let go others’ expectations
  • May suppress their own dissatisfaction to ease others’ experience
  • Prone to a strong emotional memory, and can vividly remember the emotional states and expressions of past situations
  • Prone to an upbeat, cheerful, good-natured demeanor, often focused on raising the spirits of their companions
  • May expressively and vivaciously impose their emotional state on others, expecting them to absorb and feel these shared sentiments
  • Enjoy bringing others out of their shells and influencing the mood
  • Takes action based on the emotional responsibilities and pressures they feel
  • Can sometimes be seen as pushy or uncompromising in getting their way
  • May be seen as overprotective, smothering, or overbearing
  • Not shy about influencing the emotional atmosphere toward a particular end
  • May commonly engage themselves in political or moral causes
  • Focuses on energizes and motivating others
  • May lack internal guiding principles, since their focus is outward
  • May struggle to differentiate their opinion from others’ opinions
  • May care so much for others, they neglect their own emotional needs
  • Prone to trying to guess or predict others’ intentions or motivations (often in an attempt to help or meet their desires)
  • May consider those they love their responsibility, and become pushy and defensive if others threaten their “role” in their lives
  • Very outgoing, energetic, and freely expressive
  • Strongly values socializing and seeks high levels of excitement in others
  • Inclined to remember their own and others’ emotional responses

Introverted Sensing (Si):

  • Focused on sensory experiences and creating a pleasant atmosphere
  • Prefers a lifestyle that will give them comfort, harmony, and peace
  • Often focused on creating a positive sensory experience for others
  • Tends to derive joy from sensory tasks oriented toward others’ pleasure (aesthetics, cooking, etc)
  • May fuss over the health and well being of their loved ones, looking for signs of notable satisfaction or improvement
  • May neglect their own ailments or sensory needs
  • Often artistic or drawn to artistic self-expression, as a way to express their emotional energy and draw attention to important moral causes
  • Drawn to sensory methods of artistic achievement (dance, music, art)
  • Seeks a lifestyle or hobby that furthers their own sensory pleasures and sense of aesthetics (cooking, gardening, music, interior design, etc)
  • Sometimes fastidious about their environment
  • May have a strong inner need for organization and neatness
  • Focuses on their appearance, but often prefers comfort to flashiness
  • May find it difficult to relax, since they are always “busy” and “driven”
  • Delights in organizing social events and attending to their details
  • Sometimes is too busy serving others to sit down themselves
  • May enjoy outdoor recreation as a way to relax

Extroverted Intuition (Ne):

  • Open to a variety of new ideas
  • Interested in the academic world
  • May seek out new, unusual or interesting information and ideas
  • Eager to share their dreams and ideas hear about others’ dreams and ideas
  • Delighted to share their interests with others
  • May doubt their ability to understand abstract material
  • Curious about the unknown, unseen patterns, and new ideas
  • May seek clarity from others in interpreting these things
  • Can doubt their ability to come up with unusual or novel ideas
  • Unsure about choosing between ideas (which one is better?)
  • Often seen as bright, imaginative, energetic, and fantasy-oriented
  • May come across as kooky, eccentric, spontaneous, or novel
  • Often good at coming up with new fun activities
  • Interested in the unusual, amusing, or bizarre qualities of life
  • Dislikes depressive or darkly-themed novelties
  • Has a positive, optimistic and inclusive slant to their emotions
  • May preach themes of universal tolerance and friendliness

Introverted Thinking (Ti):

  • Lacks faith in their own ability to make impersonal, rational judgments
  • May become defensive if their logic or skills are questioned (and blame others for their problems – Fe)
  • May struggle to choose between different political or religious ideologies and intend placate both sides (Fe)
  • Sometimes able to present well-defined, systematic viewpoints
  • May be unable to determine what aspects of a situation are important for making informed decisions
  • May need others to evaluate information for them
  • Inclined to recount the day’s events, in an attempt to organize their thoughts (I went here, saw that, did that, thought this…)
  • May struggle with self-discipline, planning, organizing, scheduling, prioritizing, or problem solving
  • Often drawn to rational people or appreciative of their “novel ideas”
  • Curious about advancement in all fields
  • May be drawn to philosophy or psychology

Compiled from MBTI / Socionics profiles by Charity.


gen 1 - mint

i had a not so berry family started and got to grey, but i just wasn’t happy with it so i thought i would start over! and since i have a simblr now, i figured i would share it with you all!

Olivine Berry

jealous | materialistic | vegetarian

master scientist career and complete chief of mischief aspiration
master mischief and logic skills
complete elements collection