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Let me introduce you to Oklahoma congressdick Markwayne Mullin.

Markwayne, likely soured after years of being saddled with a fuckstump of a name, opted to respond to constituents at a town hall meeting who had pointed out that their taxes pay his salary with this logic bomb: “You say you pay for me to do this. Bullcrap. I pay for myself. I paid enough taxes before I got there and continue to through my company to pay my own salary. This is a service. No one here pays me to go.” He apparently has a “real” job and has paid taxes for years, so effectively he pays his own salary as a congressman somehow. Welcome to the fuckstick labyrinth – find your way out before you too become a cock goblin.

Markwayne, you may not realize why everyone thinks you’re a pulsating, prolapsed asshole. I’m confident that you don’t know why everyone thinks you’re an asshole because if you even had the self-awareness of a sea slug, you may have Googled what “public servant” or “by the people and for the people” mean before you decided to play “Lil’ Markwayney the Politics Man” out on the street.

To begin with, even if you were raised by solid gold hyenas in a diamond mine, your job is to represent the unfortunate victims of your bullshit-laden yet tragically successful campaign for office. You went out of your way to be their voice. You chose to be a person who does what the people in your constituency want you to do. That’s the fucking job description. If you wanted to jack off all day onto a bust of George Washington, you didn’t have to involve the electorate.

How A Dumb Political Comment Unveils A Lifetime Of Arrogance

Historical Consciousness in Fallout: New Vegas

Buckle up, this is a long post (~2800 words). Will probably go back and do some editing later.

In 1997, Interplay Entertainment’s subsidiary Black Isles released a small videogame called Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game, and released a follow-up the next year in Fallout 2. Black Isles hasn’t existed for years, not since Interplay’s financial troubles (which also forced the company to sell the rights to the Fallout series in 2006 to Bethesda Softworks), but the core membership of Black Isles (including Fallout 2 directors Tim Cain and Chris Avellone) founded a new development company called Obsidian, which you may be familiar with.

In 2008, Bethesda published Fallout 3, transforming the originally grid- and turn-based combat isometric into a 3D, first-person camera format much like Bethesda’s other flagship series, The Elder Scrolls. In 2010, presumably because Bethesda was busy developing Skyrim, Obsidian released a gaiden game called Fallout: New Vegas, set in the Mojave Wasteland (where parts of Fallout 1 and 2 take place), featuring many elements from Black Isles’ planned Fallout: Van Buren as well as a number of factions from the original isometric games.

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Reconciling Flat Middle-earth

world building meme + 1 climate/earth history

Arda being flat bothers me. Really, really bothers me. I’ve got no problem with most of the ‘it’s just magic’ things in Tolkien. I can totally accept that a wizard did something reality-bending once, and happily go on. Messing with the consistent functioning of natural laws? Nope. Once is fine, a continuing logic bomb of a situation is not.

Because why do Middle-earth’s physics appear identical to ours if their world is flat? How likely is that? Not to mention the practical problems of a Flat World give me a giant headache. First, if there is no sun there is no liquid water here. None. Or seasons, or tides, or weather, or magnetic poles, or geologic activity, or any number of things that rely on having a sun, moon or round planet. You don’t even have gravity! Flat Arda is a sheet of ice in a void. And I believe the Valar are intelligent enough to design a system they don’t have to constantly pour power into maintaining, one that drives and regulates itself through natural processes.

And the logic gets a thousand times twistier when you try to explain plants and animals existing in a sunless world. Because we’re back to the sun problem - it powers nearly every living thing on this planet, and without it we’re down to some very strange bacteria living in extreme environments. Starlight is not sufficient for photosynthesis. With no source of light energy we have no plants, without plants there are no animals, and our poor elves are starving to death in Cuivienen.

And no, don’t you ‘Sleep of Yavanna’ me! Without the lamps, what’s keeping the water from freezing solid and killing all the plants? Elves have to eat, and even if the Valar kept everything alive by a ridiculous expenditure of power, the elves are still going to starve. It’ll just take longer. Theoretically, some of the plants would be ‘frozen’ with ripened food, but any food harvested wouldn’t regrow, so that food source would run out. Did the sleep of Yavanna include animals? If not, what were the animals eating? If so, the elves would last a little longer eating animal popsicles, but would still starve before Orome could show up.

And if the logic knots can’t sway you, the text itself should really give you flat world doubts. How do we explain why the Quenya and Sindarin terms for the sun and moon are nearly identical, if they don’t come from a common ancient root? Where do meteorites like the one Eol used to forge Anglachel come from if there’s no outer space?. And Melkor hides in ‘the outer darkness’, in some versions called the ‘Walls of Night’, after Tulkas descends and that sounds an awful lot like space to me too. Varda made the stars – so why would she not make Middle-earth a sun?

Later in his life Tolkien came to agree with me that Flat World is dumb, and wrote a Round World version (History of Middle-earth vol X, Morgoth’s Ring). He explained the discrepancies between the two cosmologies with the fact that the tales of Middle-earth are filtered through human eyes. The High Elves were taught by the Valar themselves and knew perfectly well that the earth was round. The flat world story was an Edain myth passed down to us through the Númenoreans. Versions with a flat world “are Númenorean, blending Elven-lore with human myth and imagination,” but the loremasters of Númenor would know that “the making of the stars was not so, nor of the sun and moon. For the sun and stars were older than Arda.” But this new round world mythology did not get published because it wasn’t as well integrated with the Silmarillion’s plot. So one of my side projects is stitching the two together into a coherent whole, and me being me I add a dash of science. Prepare for half-assed natural science.

When the Ainur shaped Arda according to their visions of Eru’s plan, Varda created a sun and other stars before they created the new, round planet. Melkor tried to destroy the proto-Arda by hitting it with another planet-sized object about the same size; he was unsuccessful. Arda just became larger and absorbed most of the other planet, while a small portion of debris coalesced and became the moon. I am cool with this process taking mere thousands of years as long as it happens in the right order.

However the light of this unhallowed sun was “weaker” and had no effect on Melkor’s creatures. The holier light of the lamps solved this problem; Melkor destroyed them and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Then the Valar withdrew to Aman and made the Two Trees. In Valinor, the Valar maintained a thick, impenetrable, permanent dome of clouds as well as the high mountain fence to keep unhallowed light and the spies of Melkor out. 

Arda gradually recovered from this ecological disaster and the new climate and fauna of Middle-earth resembled the Pleistocene. Middle-earth was still largely in darkness, due to thick clouds and residual gloom of Morgoth dimming the sun and stars. At the exact time of the Eldar’s awakening, in the early twilight before dawn, the clouds were miraculously blown aside, allowing the Elves to gaze up at the stars in wonder. The Quendi “were ever moved most in heart by the Stars, and the hours of twilight in clear weather, at ‘morrow-dim’ and at ‘even-dim’, were the times of their greatest joy. For in those hours in the spring of the year they had first awakened to life in Arda.” (“Cuivienyarna”, Appendix to Quendi and Eldar, The War of the Jewels: 423).

Morgoth’s attacks, the promise of a great holy light, and a desire for a better life led the elves to journey to Valinor. After Morgoth destroyed the Two Trees, he also caused huge volcanic activity to darken the sky when he returned to Middle-earth; this ash was infused with his power and would not have fallen naturally. The Two Trees’ last fruits were carried up to the sun and moon to hallow them to be untouchable by Morgoth and cause his creatures pain, as well as break the ash cloud’s spell. The planet entered a warming period with a climate analogous to the Holocene; Men awoke during this time at sunrise. Numenor’s fall in the Second Age simply removed Aman from the real world’s dimension in an already round world.

Tldr; The world has always been round, stop messing up the biosphere Melkor.


So, Pixie, all casual in a jacket.  I always liked how kid-like and open Pixie was so I went for a mascot hoodie to play up that sense of youth.  And what better a mascot than Doop?

I really wanted to include her wings but I logic bombed myself out of it trying to figure out how the jacket and her blouse would have to be cut to allow the wings to come through, then wondering about how pliable they’d have to be to fit underneath the clothes then how they’d be able to support her weight if they were that flimsy and how the hell did Angel wrap his wings around him to wear regular clothes anyway?   And to think, all of these started with a Emma Frost’s going out pompadour and a fur-trimmed jacket.  Think I’ve got Magik and…Juggernaut left in the pipe.
*Doop drawn by Mike Allred  PS > Microns > Graphite

terezisexbuttpyrope  asked:

So idk if this is INTPs, INTxs in general or something like that, but I have imaginary conversations w/ ppl in my head all the time. Full on discourse on TV shows, current events, daily struggles, etc. And then I'll get meta and start an imaginary convo about my imaginary convos. Am I alone or is this common

Ok, so, for me, this is extremely common. I can have full on spirited debates in my head where I can get through a problem more easily than if I’m speaking with another person. I usually have them when I’m alone, because it’s easier to do it if I can talk out loud, and anyone who hears me talking loudly to myself might think less-than-positive things about my mental health. I find it exciting and very entertaining, because I can drop logic bombs on and turn the tables on myself with ease (Imagine a scientist talking to his apprentice about their favorite topic). It might just be an INTX thing, but I can’t say that any other type doesn’t do this. It’s probably just way more common in INTXs. Hope this helps :)

-Admin J
Things Violet does in the first five chapters of Valhalla by Ari Bach:
  • Gets logged out of school for fighting with other student avatars
  • Fails her VVPS (Verheoven Violent Predilection Scale) test
  • Fries a man’s eyes out with a microwave gun
  • Kills another with the same
  • Disintigrates a man’s head in a dispersion field toilet
  • Cusses at a police officer
  • Breaks a drill sergeant’s arm
  • Beats up several fellow recruits
  • Drives a man’s face into concentrated acid
  • Kicks the teeth out of a girl who tries to befriend her
  • Attempts to logic-bomb a suspected AI
  • Vows revenge against the remaining family of a dead enemy
  • Steals a knife and fights with her would-be employers
  • Mocks a man’s accent
  • Kicks a man, breaking his ribs
  • Kicks a teenager for his taste in music
  • Breaks his cheekbone moments later
  • Punches his eye out of its socket
  • Kills a man unprovoked by stabbing him in the back of the head

This is all before the first action scene in the first novel. And there are 3 novels.

I do wonder how Blake feels when she hears Sun talk negatively about the White Fang while breaking the law and being a “bad” Faunus himself. Or even how she talks about the White Fang. It’s got to be complicated.

100% this is me thinking out loud and not necessarily an invitation for debate, especially if you’re going to be antagonistic or patronizing about it

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