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If you love Plance, angst, and Plance angst, then get excited because Plangst Week 2017 is coming July 7 to July 14! The prompts will be as follows:

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Day 4: Alone/Abandoned
Day 5: Injury/Sacrifice
Day 6: Dreams/Nightmares
Day 7: Logic/Emotion
Day 8: Free Day/AU

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First Colors (Taehyung x Reader)

Originally posted by dammithoshi

Bc it’s Taetae’s birthday today and i am fluff trash rn, enjoy!

Genre: Fluff fluff fluff

Word Count: 2,041

Soulmate! AU where you are born unable to see colors except for black and white until you see your soulmate for the first time.

Summary: Shielded by a veil of black and white, meeting Taehyung brings color to your world.

As a child, when your mother would tell you the story about how her world had brightened up when she first saw your father always left you entranced. You always felt butterflies in your stomach because you hoped that one day you too would be able to experience that same feeling of finally seeing all the colors in the world because of a certain special someone. Your mother had called it her Brightening, a moment when the black and white veil that hung suspended over every human being’s eyes until they met their soulmate fell from its place and suddenly the world would be a spectrum of colors you could only imagine.

Your mother described the experience in so much detail you could practically see the colors yourself, she had said the colors radiated off your father in hues and tones she had never imagined were possible to see. You were so amazed to hear that there were people out there who could actually see colors, that once they met their other half they’d have the privilege of seeing the world for the true beauty it really was.

You spent years fantasizing about how your Brightening would happen, what colors you might see, where would it be, at what time of day would it happen, and most importantly what kind of significant other you would have. Would colors emanate off him and dissolve the black and white veil in front of your eyes just like your mother had described? You yearned for the moment when this would happen. So much so that every day you prepared yourself and yet every day you were disappointed.  

And as time went on and you met no one that caused the veil to lift, your heart grew heavy and as you grew older and went off to college the belief you once had that one day you would meet your soulmate and be Brightened began to fade and you were left with the decision to be logical and forget your childish fantasies or live on in hopes that your dreams would one day come true.

 That is…until one faithful snowy day.

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More of a fuck managers/coworkers. This might be a long one. To start out: I work at a grocery store that has a gas station. I was recently crosstrained so I can run a register in the store and work at the gas station. The station has a very set schedule. Morning shift is 6-2:30. A mid comes in from 10-6:30. The closer is 6:30-11. I was scheduled to close tonight.
Now here’s the story. Our morning person called in today. They got the girl who was supposed to be the mid to come in from 8-4:30 while a manager ran the station from 6-8. Now, logically, they should have called me in at 4:30 since I was scheduled to close anyway. Right? Wrong. They looked at the schedule wrong or can’t read or fucking something and called another girl that wasn’t even supposed to work today (let’s call her L) to come in from 4:30-11. It’s okay though. Everyone makes mistakes, we’re only human, etc…
So after me and L realize what’s going on we call the front office to ask what to do. I figured they’d put me on a register or let me bag and just let L close the gas station because that’s the only thing she knows how to do. I was wrong. They MADE me go home. L didn’t want to go home because she’s only scheduled for 8 hours this week (which I understand). I didn’t want to go home because I’m only scheduled 20 hours this week and I was fucking scheduled to work in the fucking gas station tonight. They said the reason I had to go was because I was getting so many more hours than her. But like??? Yall the ones who fucked up. I shouldn’t lose a day because yall can’t fucking read. I even told them I could bag or get on a register and they were just like, “No we’ve got too many people.” Yeah because YOU CALL PEOPLE IN WHEN YOU DON’T NEED THEM. I’m so frustrated by this. I’m going to talk to the GM about it the next day I work because it’s all bullshit.

I have like four post with pics of me in my drafts, waiting for this blog to hit 1000 followers so that at least one of them can be exposed. Also, I made some calculation and if we keep it up, we’ll hit 1k in 20 days…

10 things ENTPs want you to know about them (us):

1. We are sense makers. We try and make sense of things. We do this all the time and we do it by making connections between bits and pieces of information relating to things we saw, heard, read, etc. that we most have at our disposal.

2. We understand that the world is complex, people are complex, their problems are complex, their feelings are complex, and their ideas are certainly complex. We work very hard to break down those complexities into something that is easier for us to understand and explain to others. Unfortunately, sometimes it comes off as obnoxious.

3. We can be very social and outgoing, however, underneath that friendly exterior is an often misunderstood (not so much MIS-understood more like NOT understood) person longing to find someone who sees through (transparently through) us and realizes that we too are complex (very complex).

4. We try and make the world a better place by concocting big ideas. Nothing makes us happier than sharing those ideas with others (many, few, or just one person).

5. We see potential in lots and lots of things (not everything, but lots) and can sometimes get lost by all the paths we could follow. Making us commit to one path or another, whether a relationship, a career, a place to live, is NOT easy. It takes a special person, job, location, for us to close the door on all other possibilities. We just might, in due time.

6. Just because we are thinkers doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. We do. Lots of them. But, most times, those feelings are pushed aside. We push them aside. For us to actually delve into our own feelings and deal with them is to enter a world we are mostly unaware of (and unfamiliar with). It can be a bit scary for us.

7. To further the previous point, unlike our own feelings, we are somewhat insightful about other people’s feelings (at least more than our own). As thinkers, we tend to dissect, analyze, and communicate our thoughts about those feelings from a logical standpoint.

8. Because of our ability to see lots of different perspectives, we are fairly good at interacting with different kinds of people including children. We can intuitively understand children particularly if we can adapt ourselves to their way of seeing things. (Disclaimer: I myself am not a parent; any input by parents would be appreciated.)

9. We have big hearts, but… we are protective of them because we know the consequences of being vulnerable. So for us to commit and open up to someone means that we fully trust that person and believe that he or she will not hurt us. If they do hurt us, it means to us that our intuition was wrong. It would be very hard if not impossible to regain that trust again.

10. MBTI is a really insightful tool for ENTPs because it helps us make sense of things we otherwise might not have understood. It helps us relate to INFJs who are otherwise a big (huge) mystery to us. But also people in our everyday lives (especially those we otherwise butt heads with). Once discovering MBTI, we probably got really (really) excited and ran around telling everyone we know about it, explaining all the conceptual nuances of it, typing people and explaining to them how this theory plays out in their lives. After all, we’re just trying to help them out. Let’s just hope they thought so too

It’s kinda fucked up though how in real life with large bodies of water I’ll jump in without even thinking like I get in the ocean and I’m just like a shark could ambush me right now and I wouldn’t care but as soon as I’m neck deep in water in a video game I’m like GOTTA GET MY ASS OUTTA THIS WATER ASAP

Shipping and Canon-shipping

I think that for the sake of our sanities and to ensure an overall polite interaction we should try to make a difference between shipping and canonshipping.

You can ship any couple you want and can just ignore canon all you want and just be happy with little tidbits, that trigger your imagination. I shipped Dramione for years and during all that time I was convinced and certain that they would never happen. In my headcanons I bent canon to make Draco a little bit different, but I’ve never looked for evidence for the ship in the books, because I knew it would never happen. I guessed it would all come down to Hermione/Ron in the end, and although I was not into that ship, I was satisfied how it played out (at least in the books), and was happy with my own Dramione headcanon.

If you canon-ship a pair it is a mixture of liking that couple and excitement on guessing how the plot will go. And of course you can be satisfied if your ship becomes canon, because it means that you guessed the author’s intention and he/she agrees with you who would be a good pairing.

It also means, that of course you will look for evidence, tidbits, something that may point in the direction of your ship. And this is not a crime, it is natural to do that if you canon-ship.

For Jonsa, this means that for a long time, it was a crack-ship and although there were shippers no one but apart from a few people like @blindestspot even tried to look for evidence this might happen in canon.

Since season 6 the ship has gained steam and there are now quite a lot of canon-shippers (including myself, I’d love to see Jonsa happen). And these canon-shippers are looking for evidence to support their ship. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how you do canon-shipping. There’s nothing wrong to you if you entered the ship only with season 6. I could hit myself, that I didn’t see the potential sooner, but I’m not the only one.

Now, some of the ‘crack-shippers’ who’ve shipped Jonsa for a long time are somehow absolutely convinced that it should stay a crack-ship, a nice niche ship where everybody knows each other. They are absolutely convinced that Jonsa will never be canon and they think everybody who does is delusional.

It’s o.k. to be flabber-ghasted that somehow a niche ship has become huge and to be a bit frightenend about that. It’s o.k. to have your own opinions about how the plot of GoT will go and what are GRRM’s intentions. If you come to the conclusion that it will be J0n/D@ny, that’s o.k. That’s how you read the show and the books. I read it differently, that’s my opinion.

What’s not o.k. is to chime in in posts from canon-shippers who are happy about sharing little tidbits and observations and are exicted about them and to tell them that this is all highly implausible and that it is wrong to even look for evidence? Why ruin their fun? Why chime in in an excited talk and try to bust the happiness?

The only reason I can come up with is that these people just cannot handle the fact, that they thougt they had worked out how the story will go and some other people question that and actually dare to have a different opinion.

And let’s be honest about that: Jonsa shippers finding evidence and tidbits will not alter the way GRRM writes his books nor will it influence the show. Jonsa shippers finding tidbits and evidence is fun for them. That’s why we do it.

As for Jonsa being canon, even with season 7 done, nothing is set in stone yet. We don’t know what happens yet and even if Jonsa does not happen in season 7, there is still season 8. We will know, if Jonsa will be canon, when we see the credits of the last episode of season 8.

Salazar Logic

@ghostlyhunter Hey, just letting you know I have written down the Salazar Logic! It’s sort of like the Pirate’s Code, except the only ones who follow it are Salazar and his crew :P

Salazar Logic number 1: Kill all pirates

Salazar Logic 2:  When approaching someone, ALWAYS do some form of creepy entrance, whether it be sneaking up behind them, or appearing out of the darkness

Salazar Logic 3:    Jump off of the ship, even when the situation does not call for it

Salazar Logic 4:   When going after a single person - especially if it’s a woman - take your entire crew with you and charge like you’re going into battle 

Salazar Logic 5:   When not killing pirates, be sure to kill random British soldiers, because Britain is the enemy of Spain

Salazar Logic 6:   Go tell a random kid to find Jack Sparrow … then go find Jack Sparrow 

Salazar Logic 7:    Run on water (because you’re a ghost, and fuck physics) 

Salazar Logic 8:   Use ship to smash other ships to pieces 

Salazar Logic 9:   Steer the ship with one hand … cos steering the ship with two hands is so “living person” 

SU Theory: Intergem Fusion Is No Longer Taboo on Homeworld

I know I usually post comedic posts when regarding Steven Universe, but I have a fan theory that I feel should be shared. In “The Answer” we learned that Garnet might have been the first intergem fusion and it was very taboo. Ruby almost got shattered because of it. However, my theory is that intergem fusions aren’t taboo on Homeworld. Yes, fusion is probably still seen as only a combat tactic, but I think they might have relaxed when it came to the idea of two different gems fusing. Here’s some evidence to this theory.

1.  The Rubies Don’t Mention It:

Originally posted by bellsingur

In the episode “Hit the Diamond”, the Crystal Gems (poorly disguised as humans) challenge a group of Homeworld Rubies to a game of Baseball. The ruse is up when Sapphire fuses with Ruby. The Homeworld Rubies, while shocked, don’t seem shocked that two different gems fused. Now the Rubies were really dumb so it is arguable that maybe they were too dumb to be offended (though stupid people are more likely to be bigoted). The thing is the Rubies aren’t the only ones who don’t seem to mention the intergem fusion.

2.  Peridot Doesn’t Mention It:

During Peridot’s redemption arc, she has to learn how to deal with the gem culture on Earth being different on Homeworld. Of course, since the Crystal Gems know how the culture is on Homeworld and that it’s not Peridot’s fault that her beliefs are the way they are, they are extremely patient with her and try to teach her the ways of Earth through compassion and understanding. No, that’ of course not how it went, but that’s a rant for another time. One of the more awful moments involve Peridot being uncomfortable with Garnet being fused all the time and is punished for it. During her time, Peridot never mentions the fact that Garnet is two different gems fused together. Her problem seems to be that Garnet is fused all the time and that she is fused outside of battle. She finds it weird and she probably is uncomfortable with a battle method being used outside battle (which to her, is like someone carrying an assault rifle around a grocery store). I would think, that if intergem fusions were taboo that Peridot would mention it at least once.

3.  Jasper Doesn’t Mention It (well maybe she did once):

Jasper is another gem that never mentions that Garnet is two different gems fused together. Jasper does berate Garnet for being fused all the time, but it seems more like she’s condescending Garnet for using a “cheap tactic”. Jasper comes off like a proud warrior and she sees Garnet being fused as “cheating” of sorts. Now there is one time that is arguably Jasper insulting Garnet for being two gems fused together. That is when she first lands and calls Garnet a “shameless display”. That could be a reference to her being an intergem fusion, but it could easily be a reference for other things like her being fused right away. There is more evidence that Jasper gives for intergem fusions not being taboo anymore.

4.  Jasper Quickly Turns to the Idea of Fusing with Another Gem:

Now let’s look back to “the Answer”.  Ruby almost got executed for fusing with another gem. If that were still the case for Homeworld gems for the present day, would you think Jasper fuse with another gem without hesitation. Even if it’s not still penalty of death taboo, you think it being very taboo would make Jasper less likely to fuse with another gem. She seems like a very proud gem and it would probably not be the best idea for her to give Lapis Lazuli (a gem that has good reasons to hate her) something to hold over her head. Also…

5.  Jasper Knows How to Fuse with Another Gem:

Originally posted by stevenquartz

Jasper gives yet another piece of evidence to my theory. She knows how to fuse with Lapis Lazuli and she knows how to do it well. If Jasper only knew how to fuse with other Jaspers, then her style would probably clash with Lapis’ style. Remember in “Giant Woman” how Pearl and Amethyst couldn’t fuse because their styles clashed. Now some of you might be thinking “then how does Lapis know how to fuse with another gem”? Now this might be me overthinking this, but if you look at their fusion dance, Lapis is mostly dancing while Jasper is leading her on. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Lapis was fusing like she would fuse with another Lapis, while Jasper knows just to let her dance and dip. It’s not illogical to think that on Homeworld, gems were taught how to dance with different types of partners.

6.  Intergem Fusions Make Tactical Sense:

Originally posted by sardonyxs

Now what’s been established is the Homeworld only views fusion as a combative technique, even in the modern time. If that were the case then Homeworld would be idiots to not embrace Intergem fusions. Look at all the powerful fusions we saw so far like Sugilite, Malachite, or Alexandrite. Homeworld would probably want monsters like those on their side. If a noble Sapphire gets attacked, all she has to do is fuse with one of her Ruby soldier and one of her Pearl servants and they can fend off the attacker as a powerful Sardonyx. It just makes perfect tactical sense.

7.  Intergem Fusions is Probably One of the Reasons the Crystal Gems Defeated Homeworld:

Originally posted by 32floz

Now this isn’t really evidence, but yet another theory to support my theory. We don’t know how the Crystal Gems defeated Homeworld, but there were probably many factors. One of the more likely factors is that the Crystal Gems were willing to use Intergem Fusions while Homeworld wasn’t. Think off all devastation the Crystal Gems did with their fusions against the boring regular fusions of Homeworld. If that were the case, then it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to suggest that Homeworld would adopt the strategy. It would be logical.

8.  Homeworld Technology has Evolved Why Not the Culture Too:

It was established that Homeworld tech has improved over thousands of years in the episode “Message Received”, when Lapis says she doesn’t recognize the tech anymore. Of course the tech has improved over thousands of years, it makes sense, so why not the culture too?


So that’s my theory. It could be wrong, but I hope I made my case with the evidence I have. Do you Agree or disagree? What are your thoughts on matter?

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