logic 5

You laid on the tanning chair, gazing up at the star filled night sky. The full moon shining down on you as you take a hit from the blunt that lays between your fingers. Stretching your arm out, you pass the blunt to G, who laid on the chair next to you. 

Neither of you had said a word since lighting the blunt. Both of you taking in the night sky, the autumn breeze, and the crickets chirping in the background. It wasn’t often that Gerald got down time, and when he did he was usually out partying. 

This was a whole new scene, a change. A good change. 

“I know all your dreams, goals, accomplishments you have in life,” you began keeping your gaze on the stars, “but what’s your biggest nightmare?” 

G stayed silent for a second, thinking about the question. You two weren’t per say a couple, but he had feelings for you, your feelings were mutual. You both lived the fast life, with your modeling career, and his rapping career there was never time for a relationship. 

“Losing everything. My job, my fans, music, you. My biggest nightmare is losing you.” 

You looked over at the tall, lanky man, your heart beat speeding up within a second. 


“All the years that I’ve been in this music career I felt alone. Every night after tour, I felt as if no one understood me, got who I was, what I wanted. It was not until I met you that I didn’t feel alone anymore, I felt as if I could share and talk about it all without being judged. Because you understand, you get me. You get me and I’m afraid that no one else in the world will ever get me like you do, Y/N.”

“Gerald,” you didn’t know what to say. 

“I just- somewhere along the way, I got attached, I grew feelings, G fucking Eazy became a damn softie, for you. So yes, I think I’m in love, and yes my biggest fear is losing you.” 


so five days ago suran posted a picture of herself on instagram with this caption:

at first the caption was only S♥️S but suran had to change it because some armys started sending her tons of hate comments because they thought she meant suran ♥️ suga..  for some reason.. even thought she meant suran ♥️ spain..

this is disgusting

yoongi is a grown ass man and it’s not army’s job to decide who he can date and who he can’t. i know armys will get jealous when they hear a dating rumor about a bts member but you don’t have to be a bitch about it. it’s their lives and choices they can do anything they want so just leave her alone. suran didn’t even do anything. these immature fans are overreacting and trying to find some scandal in nothing special.

considering that suga might compose songs for other (female) artists in the future too.. army can’t do this to all of them. imagine how suga must feel when he hears about this? it’s awful that some army’s would rather bring hate to suran and suga when they don’t even know the situation.. and whatever the situation may be please keep a logical mind. it’s been 5 days and ppl are still commenting awful things to suran’s instagram posts.

suga doesn’t belong to anyone. whoever you ship does not mean you get to be an asshole just because someone outside of said ship is close to them. shipping is meant to be fun and we should not bring shipping outside the fandom anyway.

army should keep in mind that it’s very unlikely that yoongi (or any of the bts members) are going to stay single their whole lives. we don’t own bts. we are their fans and we are only here to support them. that means we should NOT stalk their private life and hate on every woman that interacts with them. 👏 grow up. 👏

OC Questions

1. Does their physical appearance change throughout their story line?
2. Are they good at keeping secrets?
3. What is the hardest thing they have done?
4. Are they more logical, or emotional?
5. How do they react to people telling them they are wrong?
6. When do they realize their true potential?
7. Do they want a significant other?
8. How often do they think about what they want?
9. Have they ever had to lie to someone they care about?
10. What do they do when they are nervous?

Skyrim logic...1?...maybe?

So if you have a flame cloak spell, and a frost cloak spell, and also a lightning cloak spell, shouldn’t the lightning cloak spell be renamed to… “The Stormcloak” spell? Lol

Salazar Logic

@ghostlyhunter Hey, just letting you know I have written down the Salazar Logic! It’s sort of like the Pirate’s Code, except the only ones who follow it are Salazar and his crew :P

Salazar Logic number 1: Kill all pirates

Salazar Logic 2:  When approaching someone, ALWAYS do some form of creepy entrance, whether it be sneaking up behind them, or appearing out of the darkness

Salazar Logic 3:    Jump off of the ship, even when the situation does not call for it

Salazar Logic 4:   When going after a single person - especially if it’s a woman - take your entire crew with you and charge like you’re going into battle 

Salazar Logic 5:   When not killing pirates, be sure to kill random British soldiers, because Britain is the enemy of Spain

Salazar Logic 6:   Go tell a random kid to find Jack Sparrow … then go find Jack Sparrow 

Salazar Logic 7:    Run on water (because you’re a ghost, and fuck physics) 

Salazar Logic 8:   Use ship to smash other ships to pieces 

Salazar Logic 9:   Steer the ship with one hand … cos steering the ship with two hands is so “living person” 

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5 logicality

Facts and Figures 

Pair: Logicality. 

Words: 1022

Genre: Fluff

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Roman had dragged them on a training mission. A ridiculous thing, in Logan’s opinion that was to keep them alert and active in the mind.

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Astrology Legacy

Finally this is going up!! I don’t think you all know how EXCITED I am to be starting this! This legacy was made by @leaflysims,  @tropiccoconut. , and me! They’re all awesome people and you should check them out

General Rules:

1. You MUST complete aspiration and career unless told not to or given other instructions.
2. Minimal cheats are allowed, very small money cheats only if needed. freerealestate is allowed for generation one.
3. Lifespan Normal for whole legacy.
4. All heirs must be color based on planets (makeup, hair, clothing, ect.) pick skin tone as you wish.
5. You may live wherever you wish, unless told specifically.
6. Must complete all tasks before moving on to the next generation.
7. This generation includes some packs, so skip the task if there is not an alternative
8. Tag the legacy with #astrologylegacy so we can see it!

Generation One: Sun

Ever since you were a little girl, you thought the world revolved around you. You believed that money was the only thing that would keep your life happy and in order. Now, you’re a young adult, joining the “real world” and by this time it’s time to get a job. The rich crowd is where you want to be and you’re dedicated to getting there.

Traits: Snob, Creative, Materialistic

Career: Critic

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

-Get to level 10 of Art Critic Branch of the Critic career - Grand Steward of the Arts (business career if you don’t have CL)

-Complete Fabulously Wealthy aspiration

-Get engaged as a Young Adult and marry as an Adult

-Complete Logic skill

-Have a big house by the end of the generation (start with something small and grow)

-Never run out of money

-Always pay bills on time

-Have 1 children

Generation Two: Mercury

You were a single child, always getting what you wanted. Being the only kid, loneliness became your everyday feeling. You finally started school, and made some friends and started communicating. Social skills became your expertise and when you were a teen and you always broke your curfew. Chatterbox was your nickname and you are honored to have it.

Traits: Outgoing, Insider, Gloomy

Career: Social Media

Aspiration: Friend of the World

-Be very lonely as a kid

-Make 8 good friends as a child

-Complete Social skill as a child

-As a teen, break curfew often

-Complete Charisma and Comedy skill

-Complete Friend of the World aspiration

-Get to level 10 of Internet Personality Branch of Social Media Career - Internet Superstar (entertainer career if you don’t have CL)

-Have three children

Generation Three: Venus

As a young adult, you felt like you needed to find love. You just wanted someone to be with to enjoy the moment you had with them, even if it was a one night stand. After a while, you got tired of the same old thing over and over again. You want the real thing now, but you’re also starting to run out of money. Looking for true love with a whole ton of ex’s is going to be a lot harder than you thought.

Traits: Romantic, Materialistic, Lazy

Career: None

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

-Inherit most money from family

-Complete Baking skill (mixology if you don’t have GTW)

-Have two boyfriends as a teen

-Complete Serial Romantic aspiration

-Be a Retail Employee as a teen but quit after three days

-Have 8 failed relationships as a YA (none will be your ‘true love’)

-Marry a childhood friend

-Go on a date with your husband/wife every friday night

-Never get a job as a YA-Elder

Generation Four: Earth

As a child, you always loved the outdoors. You loved to play, go to parks, and look at plants. When you were alone, plants were the thing that kept you company. It might sound weird to other people, but it sure wasn’t to you! You started to see that people wouldn’t protect your plants or the nature around them. This pushed you to be a confident politician that fights for plants!

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Self-Assured, Vegetarian

Career: Politician

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

-Complete Mental skill as a child

-Get a part-time job as a Manual Laborer as a teen

-Complete Freelance Botanist Aspiration

-Get to at least level 5 of Politician Career but complete career if you can (writing career if you don’t have CL)

-Marry someone with Loves Outdoors trait

-Volunteer at a Beach Cleanup every week.

-Complete Fossil collection

-Complete Gardening skill and get Fishing skill to at least level 2

-Grow a cowplant

Generation Five: Moon

when you were little, you aspired to be like your mother, dedicated to what she loved. But this time its different. your mom wanted you to be ‘down to earth’ but you couldn’t get you head out of the clouds. You’d spend hours and hours in your room dreaming about space. Going to another planet was your only goal in life.  When you become a young adult, the first thing you do is get a job in the scientist career to achieve your goal. Working and working and working, you never thought about love. It never was appealing to you anyway.  Suddenly, you meet someone at work and they sweep you off your feet.  After going to Sixam, you want to be with them.

Traits: Unflirty, Genius, Loner

Career: Scientist (astronaut career if you don’t have GTW)

Aspiration: Nerd Brain

-Complete Mental skill as a child

-Complete Handiness/Woodworking (if you do not have gtw) and Rocket Science skill and get at least level 5 of Logic skill

-Build a Rocket and go to Sixam (Go to Forgotten Grotto if you don’t have GTW)

-Marry a co worker

-Have 2 best friends (can be relatives)

Generation Six: Mars

As a child, you never really had the time to be with your parents, so since they weren’t around, you decided to be mischievous to get their attention. As a teen, you brought over new romance interests every once in awhile to see if they would pay attention to that, but it never really worked. You grew angry at them and ran away on your birthday turning into a young adult without telling them.  A job opened up at a criminal service, and you decided to take it to the next level. Mischief and bringing new love interests to your apartment was the only thing that kept you happy and keep the thought of your parents away from your head. One day you woke up feeling sick, and took a pregnancy test. You were pregnant but didn’t know who the father was, so you kept the baby for yourself.

Traits: Active, Noncommittal, and Hot-Headed

Career: Criminal

Aspiration: Public Enemy

-Move out as soon as you age up into a young adult and lose contact with parents

-Never get married and live alone as a young adult

-As an adult, move in with a sibling

-Make at least 5 enemies

-Have 5 boyfriends/girlfriends in your lifetime (don’t have them last long)

-Accidentally get pregnant (only once)

-Complete Public Enemy Aspiration

-Get to level 10 of the Boss Branch of Criminal Career - The Boss

Generation Seven: Jupiter

Your mother was a criminal, and was very good at doing bad things. Being a kid, your mother taught you bad manners, morals, etc. Growing up, you saw how your mother treated people and it started to make you feel bad for everyone being treated terribly by criminals. You wanted justice… more so, revenge on all those criminals, including you mother, and wanted to be good. Before being able to move out, you had a huge fight with you mother about what she was doing and asking her to realize what she’s done to people. You still didn’t want to lose connection with her like she did with your grandparents, but as soon as you became a young adult, you joined the detective career. As your mother grows older, you help her become a better person since you want to forgive her, but all the other criminals out there need to be arrested. Now. Once you have children, you make it your duty to make sure they don’t grow up to be like your own mother.

Traits: Goofball, Good, Perfectionist

Career: Detective

Aspiration: Super Parent

-Make one enemy as a child

-Get in a big argument with mom as a teen

-Move out when you become a young adult but still keep contact with parents

-Complete Super Parent aspiration (Successful Lineage if you don’t have Parenthood)

-Get to level 10 of Detective Career - Chief (secret agent career if you don’t have GTW)

-Master Parenting skill

-Invite family (mom/dad, aunt, uncle, cousins, etc.) for a dinner party once a week

Generation Eight: Saturn

Your mother taught you correctly, maybe too correctly. You didn’t get jokes that she told you, even though that’s all she talked to you about. You take things very seriously, especially your food. Cooking was your job in the family ever since you were a child and you loved it. Growing up, you wanted to be an amazing chef and maybe own your own restaurant. When it was time to move out, you still loved to cook, so you decided to get some work experience as a chef for another restaurant. After gaining some experience, you finally opened up you own.

Traits: Clumsy, Foodie, Neat

Career: Culinary, eventually own a restaurant.

Aspiration: Master Chef

-Do all the cooking and chores in the house as a teen

-Get A’s in school

-Master Cooking skill

-Get to at least level 5 of Baking skill

-Complete Master Chef aspiration

-Start off in the culinary career (until level 5), then quit and own your own restaurant (continue working if you do not own dine out)

Generation Nine: Uranus

Your parents were out working in the restaurant while you would stay home. You did very good in school, but you loved video games and parties. Gaming all day, and partying all night! You love to show off your moves to others, and that includes your gaming movies too! You win almost every gaming tournament and are the life of the party.

Traits: Geek, Childish, Dance Machine

Career: Tech Guru

Aspiration: Party Animal

-Get B’s or A’s in school

-Join a dancing club

-Master Gaming and Dancing skill

-Complete Party Animal Aspiration

-Get to level 10 of eSport Gamer Branch of Tech Guru Career - Champion Gamer

-Make at least 10 friends

-Meet up with your club at least once a week

-Win 3 gaming tournaments

-Always go to Geekcon (if you have CL)

Generation Ten: Neptune

Your mother liked to party and dance, while you liked to sing and draw. You had a strong relationship with her, but didn’t have many good love relationships. Singing was what attracted everyone to you and you didn’t really liked the attention, but dealt with it anyway. You also had a secret passion for art, but didn’t tell anyone but your best friend and mother. Singing and art were your favorite things to do, and you didn’t want to do anything else.

Traits: Art Lover, Creative, Hates Children

Career: Entertainer

Aspiration: Musical Genius

-Complete Musical Genius aspiration

-Get to level 10 of Musician Branch of Entertainer Career - Concert Virtuoso

-Master Painting and Singing skill

-Perform on streets every week (If you have CL)

-Marry the love of your life as an adult

-Have one best friend and a good relationship with parents

-Have no children

If there are any problems with the legacy, message any of the creators. We haven’t played this, so if there are changes to the legacy that will make it better then we will tell you. Happy Simming!