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OP 863 - Reactions (Kinda)

Luffy with his brilliant plans! Praise this boy xD the animals use in the chapter are not subject to harm, so they approves.

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And oh yeah, there’s this guy named Sanji too here

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Dogtooth is a Logia user: Mochi Mochi no mi. Mochi… Mochi?

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BM’s “Soul Pocus” wouldn’t even work to non-fodders. Does Oda nerfed her??? ‘Cause I smell he nerfed her.

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Brook. Hands down, you da MVP. He always had something to surprise you. He would stop at nothing to suceed the plan. Gotta love this skeleton more!

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Afternoon thoughts:

Hey hey I have a question since I’ve been thinking about this and-

How does seastone work on Zoan users?

SO we know seastone cancels out devil fruit powers, thus Logia and Paramecia users will simply return to normal humans without their powers. But what about Zoans?

The simple answer to this is that ‘since they’re DF users, they’ll become humans too” BUT WHAT IF

WHAT IF THEY ARE IN THEIR ANIMAL FORM when a seastone is slapped on them? Zoans have three forms: human, hybrid and animal, and most probably, if they were in hybrid mode they would have return to human mode. So what about animal form??? Does this means that until someone finds a key, they’ll stay as their animal form but retain speech and intelligence?

Can you fucking imagine the marines going on undercover missions and one of them involves an animal? Like imagine Vice-Admiral Yamakaji asking Dalmation to help them and Dalmation is like “whAT DO YOU MEAN I’M POSING AS A PET??? A PET DOG ALONGSIDE MOMONGA???”

Yamakaji just looks at him and goes “Well, we can’t go with a giant pet spider, can we?”

 And Onigumo shudders in his seat while the rest of the marines just. Just go along with it Vice-Admiral. When Dalmation returns from his preparations, Garp chokes on his crackers and the whole room. THE WHOLE ROOM starts holding back laughter with varying levels, as an extremely unamused dog stares back at them, a purple collar with the tag ‘Wan wan-chan” jingling on his neck.

Please imagine that bc I am giggling at this dumb thing