The number of fucking idiots on this site is so high that sometimes I log on, see viral posts made by morons who shouldn’t even legally be allowed to function with that little common sense, and I log off again.

Like right now.

(Does not apply to followers. Just to idiots who make a stupid post or comment on a big post and go viral for their STUPIDITY)

being off t again is like so weird in sum ways cuz i feel like a lot of ppl outside the trans community automatically assume like Oh so ur detransitioning?? and im like No……..what and even when i was on t and started dressing more femme ppl assumed i was either pre-t or had only been on like  2 months when my ass was over a yr in and like ppl seemed 2 support me and look up 2 me as a trans person going on hrt and i kno thats bc  a lot of ppl want that more than anything and not every1 can afford it (which is partially y i went off myself lol) or r under circumstances where that’s an option 4 them but it just kinda felt like…….thats the only reason ppl ever looked up 2 me as a part of the trans community?? and like it was definitely a big step in my experience but it wasnt like the defining point and i definitely dont see going off t as like the end of the road or a step backwards. but i do feel like going on t was the most validating experience so far, which sucks ?? bc like i feel like going off t is what needs 2 happen 4 me rn and thats been difficult 4 a lot of reasons but 1 of them is definitely that im losing my main source of validation as a trans person and it shouldnt b that way but it feels like it is, like trans ppl who dont go or cant go on hrt r absolutely still valid as trans ppl and i wish i felt like i will still receive support and acknowledgement and ppl sending me messages  saying im an inspiration 2 them as another trans person but like i dont feel like thats going 2 happen