The Tracking Of A Russian Spy

Logan Lerman and Olivia Cooke have almost signed contract on to star in the thriller “The Tracking Of A Russian Spy”
The film’s director is Nima Nourizadeh. The script was based on a journalist’s diary, Mitch Swenson. The story will tell his romance with the Russian Katja, who disappeared in 2010, at a time when ten Russians were arrested in New York on charges of espionage. Swenson went to Moscow to discover who his love really is and lead him to the hole of a rabbit with the intrigues and shadows of governmental operations deep in Russia.
Logan obviously plays a journalist and Olivia, Katie.
The film is produced for StudioCanal & The Picture Company.
Ron Halpern and Shana Eddy oversee the StudioCanal project.

Thank @loggiefever for drawing attention to a mistake in the description blog.