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Logan Paul - Friendzone

You looked at the address on your phone, then up at the number on the door in front of you.  You were meeting Logan Paul for the first time, for a vlog collab.  You were so excited, you loved Logan’s vlogs.  And you were excited to meet Kong.  You knocked on the door and put your phone in your pocket.

The door opened a moment later, to reveal Logan.  He smiled and opened the door for you.  “y/n!” he said with a large smile.  When you were inside he shut the door behind you.  “Wow, you’re even more beautiful in person.”

You smiled and laughed as you turned to face him.  “Aw, you’re so sweet.  Thank you.”

He smiled at you, and walked across the room to where Kong was fenced in.  He picked up the small pomeranian and brought him over to you.  “This is Kong.”

Your smile grew as you took the dog from his arms.  “He is so much cuter in person!” you said excitedly as you hugged the fluffy puppy.  He licked your face a couple times, and you laughed before putting him down.

“Looks like he likes you,” Logan said, smiling at you.  

“I like him too,” you said, petting Kong’s head lightly.

Logan nodded.  “So, how about we get started on this video?”

A few hours later, you guys were done filming.  You were packing up your things and preparing to leave when he said, “hey, y/n?”

You turned to face him.  “Yeah?”

He rubbed the back of his neck.  “Do you uh, wanna go get some dinner?  It’s on me, as a thank you for helping with the video.”

You smiled and nodded.  “That sounds great.”

He smiled back at you.  “Great, let’s go.”  You guys went outside to his car, and he drove to y/f/r (your favorite restaurant).  “I uh, I’ve seen in your vlogs that you like this place,” Logan said as you were getting out of the car.

“You saw right,” you said as you shut the car door.  “It’s my favorite.”  You went inside and were greeted by your best friend, aka your personal waiter.  The perks of having your best friend work at your favorite restaurant.

“Ooh,” y/b/f (your best friend) said as they looked at you and Logan.  “Did y/n bring a date tonight?”

You laughed and rolled your eyes.  “No, he’s just a friend.  He’s treating me to dinner for helping him with some vlog stuff.”

y/b/f nodded.  “Well, right this way.”  They led you to a table, where you sat down and looked at your menus.

“I’ve never been here before,” Logan said as he looked at the menu.  “Is it good?”

You nodded.  “In my opinion, it’s the best.”  You closed your menu and put it down, as you already knew what you were getting.

y/b/f came back a couple minutes later and took your orders, leaving just you and Logan.

“So y/n,” Logan said, “I’ve never really seen many guys in your vlogs.  Do you have a boyfriend?”

You rolled your eyes.  “There’s plenty of guys in my vlogs.”

“Your brothers don’t count.”

You chuckled.  “Well, no, I don’t have a boyfriend.  What about you?”

“Do I have a boyfriend?”

You laughed a little more.  “A girlfriend.  Or a boyfriend, I don’t judge.”

He chuckled.  “Nah, I’m single.  On the prowl though, looking for a beautiful, funny, kind-hearted girl.  You know any?”

You shrugged.  “I can set you up, if you want.”

“Like, a blind date?  No offence, but no thanks.”

You laughed again.  The two of you talked until your food came, and once you were finished Logan drove you back to your house.

“I hope I can see you again sometime,” Logan said as he pulled into your driveway.  “Maybe we could hang out sometime?”

You smiled and nodded.  “Yeah, that sounds awesome.  Call me sometime.”  You got out of the car and flashed him one last smile before running into your house.  What a day.


- logan smiling when a lady shows him her tits - charles being telepathic pen pals with laura - Laura’s little bouncy ball - Laura calmly eating cereal while armed mercenaries surround her - laura riding the toy pony - Laura’s love of horses - laura picking out a shirt with a horse and rainbows on it after slaughtering an army - Charles’ little fedora - Laura pushing all the elevator buttons and her face when Logan stops her - laura helping Charles out with his shoes - Laura wearing a robe that’s 5x too big for her - Laura playing with charles’ wheelchair - Logan and Charles laughing at dinner - Logan’s dad face when he sees Laura looking at Nate - Laura getting to be a kid for one night - “they have tv. you wanna watch tv?” - Laura yelling at Logan in Spanish - Laura being reunited with her friends - the kids chopping off Logan’s beard - Logan calling Charles “pop” - Laura calling Logan “daddy” - Laura, Charles, and Logan being called the howletts


rory & logan | jews and chinese food

The right thing

(A/N): I’m so sorry this has taken me so long to get to, I really hope you like it!

Request: ok, i’ve thought about it long and hard (not really) and i think i’d like an old man logan request, if you even do that, lol. he sees me on the side of the road in the freezing canadian cold, and decides to do the right thing and drive me to wherever he resides, but he’s a bit hesitant on getting acquainted at first, being the grumpy old coot he is. then, at his place, after getting comfy, we both decide that we might get along and i fall asleep. ya know, just some fluffy shturf. ;3

Warnings: none?

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   Logan gripped the wheel of his car so tightly that his knuckle were white. He could feel the thrum of the engine running through his fingers, into the Adamantium of his bones. 

   The snow outside his window blurred everything in sight, making it nearly impossible to drive and yet he was doing it. With a sigh he reaches over and grabs a cigar, lighting it quickly before taking a long drag from it and that’s when it caught his eye, a long figure standing on the side of the road but before he could even stop to think about his car had passed by them, the snow quickly obscuring their form.

    Logan blinked, attempting to convince himself that what he saw he did not see, there was no way someone was out here in the frigid cold. Rolling his shoulders back he kept on driving but a certain nagging feeling told him to turn around, check it out just to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him. 

  “Damn it,” He mutters through his cigar as he swerves the car around, driving most likely into traffic (if there was any). His eyes thoroughly scanned the the sidewalk, searching for the figure. His gaze locks on the same long figure, standing on the side of the road shivering madly. With not so great parking skills Logan pulls up to the snowy bank, hoping out of his car as soon as he turned the engine off. 

   “Any reason you’re out here in the cold kid?” He asks through his cigar, his voice only a tiny bit muffled. The being turns to look at him, their eyes downcast as they rub at their arm, most likely trying to get some feeling back in them. 

   “I’m waiting,” 

   “What for?” 

   “Someone,” The figure mutters, sniffling a bit. Logan sighs, stuffing his hands into his pocket. 

   “You’re gonna freeze out here,” 

   “Good.” Logan looks at them through squinted eyes, little puffs of smoke billowing from his mouth. 

   “Get in the car,” He mutters, giving them no room to argue. 

   “What?” The figure looks up, looking at Logan incredulously. 

   “I said get in the car, I don’t want you freezing to death,” 

   “Why do you care?”

   “Believe it or not the idea of some kid freezing to death on the side of the road isn’t really a pleasant one, now get in the car,” 

   “How do I know you’re not gonna rape me or something?” Logan looks nearly offended at their words, how dare they accuse him of such a thing? Wrinkling his nose in disgust he turns away, reaching up to grab his cigar. 

   “I’m not gonna hurt ya but if you don’t want to tag along I’ll let you die out here,” Logan walks to his car, ignoring his gut feeling telling him to turn around and demand that however this was get in with him. He took a few steps towards the car, reaching for his keys when he stopped- the figure speaking up finally. 

   “Where are you going to take me?” Logan smiles just a bit, turning to cast the figure with a side glance. “I know a place for you,” The figure nods numbly as they skirt around Logan’s car, violently shivering as they walked towards the passenger door. 

   Logan gave them a good long look, staring at their frozen eyelashes and nearly purple lips; how long had this kid been out here? Shaking off his worry Logan unlocked the car, hoping in and starting the ignition. The figure sighed in relief as they placed their hands to the barely working AC vents which at the moment were spitting out little bits of heat. Logan eyed them once more, the permanent goosebumps on their skin, the way their nails were nearly black from the cold. 

  “Shit kid,” Logan muttered as he took of his coat, thrusting into the figure’s lap. “Put that on, you’re gonna freeze if you don’t,” The figure shakily slips the jacket on, pulling it around their body tightly. 

   “Please tell me wherever we’re going is warmer than this?” Logan starts up the car, not even looking behind him or ahead of him as he turned around once again. 

   “Yeah…yeah it is,” Logan rubs a hand down his face, stopping just above his lips. With an exasperated sigh he plucked out his cigar and smashed it into his ashtray, letting out the last few puffs of smoke from his mouth. “You got a name kid?” The figure shivers, nodding their head as they do. 

   “It’s (Y/N),” Logan nods his head, casting (Y/N) a side glance. 

   “Well (Y/N), I’m Logan,”

   “Just take the goddamn blanket (Y/N),” Logan muttered as he thrust another blanket at the still shivering kid on his couch. 

   “Logan, I already have like,” (Y/N) pauses to count the amount of layers they were wearing, excluding one of Logan’s flannels since the outfit they had been previously wearing was tainted by the cold snow. “4 blankets,” 

   “You need another one,” 


   “(Y/N).” Logan growls, shoving the blanket towards them again. (Y/N) grumbles as they take the blanket, wrapping it around their other layers securely. With a pleased sigh Logan slumps down onto the couch, a few feet away from (Y/N). 

   “So, this is where you live?” 

  “Yeah,” Logan rasps, looking at his makeshift little home. “It’s the best I’ve got right now,” (Y/N) nods, humming as they look around. 

   “It’s…quaint?” Logan chuckles, sliding a hand down his exhausted face. 

  “You don’t have to lie to me kid, I know it’s bad,” (Y/N) smiles softly, chuckling just a bit. 

   “Okay, yeah, it’s bad,” Logan smiles, blinking lazily at his home. “Why is this…why is this the best you can afford?” 

   “It’s not easy to get a nice home when you’re being hunted,” (Y/N) looks at him, alarm flashing through their features. 

   “Wh-What do you mean?” (Y/N) asks, quivering for other reasons now. 

   “You ever heard of mutants?” (Y/N) nods their head, their gaze never leaving Logan once. “Well, we’re kinda going extinct, I’m one of the last ones,” Logan mutters, looking over his scarred hands indifferently. 

   “I uh- I don’t think you’re one of the last ones,” (Y/N) whispers, their gaze falling to their lap. 

  “Kid, I’m pretty damn sure I know that I’m one of the last ones-” Logan pauses when he looks around, a good chunk of his home items floating in the air, suspended their by some force. He looks to (Y/N) with a rather surprised gaze, his eyes glued to the way they titled their head, the objects in the room mocking the same power. “You’re one of us,” Logan mutters, his tone a lot softer than it had previously been. Slowly all the objects in the room float back down, settling into their respective places neatly. 

   “I was on the side of the road because I was running,” (Y/N) whispers, pulling their blankets around themself tighter. “Guess we’re kinda in the same boat,” Logan nods, pursing his lips in thought. 

  “I’ll be damned, I guess we are,” (Y/N) smiles a bit, one corner of their mouth twitching upwards just a bit. 

   “So…what do we do from here?” 

   “You’re gonna warm up and sleep, god knows you need it-” 

   “And then?” 

   “And then we’ll lay low, figure everything out as we go,” (Y/N) nods, their own lips pursing in thought. “But for now you definitely need some sleep,” (Y/N) nods, yawning at Logan’s words. They hadn’t realized just how tired they were until Logan had mentioned it. Now that he had they could barely keep their eyes open, every so often their eyes would flutter close only to flutter back open. (Y/N) tilts themself to the side, resting their head against Logan’s shoulder. They yawn again, closing their eyes for good now as they settle in against him, his warmth only adding to their slowly reviving limbs. 

   “G’night Logan,” (Y/N) whispers, ignoring the way Logan tensed under their touch. Logan looks at them for a minute before hesitantly reaching out to brush some hair out of their face, a small albeit affectionate gesture. Logan had only known this kid for a day and his mama bear genes were already kicking in, making him vow to protect this life with everything he had, almost what he felt with Rouge and Laura. With a soft, almost alien like smile Logan settled into the couch, making sure (Y/N) stayed tucked against his side either way. 

   “Good night (Y/N),”