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Restaurants Safe Foods Masterpost

Food from my master post, this is just so you don’t have to scroll through the whole thing if you didn’t want to on my masterpost





Burger King







Chuck E Cheese


Cracker Barrel


Dairy Queen/Orange Julius



Dunkin Donuts

Fire House Subs

Five Guys


Golden Coral

Hard Rock

In and Out Burger


Jasons Deli


Krispy Kreme

Little Caesers


Logans Road House

Long Horn Steak House

McAlisters Deli


Movie Theaters

Olive Garden

Outback Steak House

Panda Express

Panera Bread Co.

Papa Johns

Papa Murphys

Pizza Hut


PF Changs

Red Robins (yuUUMMM)

Ruby Tuesday


Steak and Shake


Taco Bell

Texas Road House

Tim Hortons

Waffle House


White Castle


So, you lovely people who come across this post: I wanna follow you! My dash is lacking some of the stuff I’m currently watching which is the following…

  • Yuri on Ice

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  • Star vs The forces of evil

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  • A series of unfortunate events

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  • Over the garden wall
  • Free!
  • Bee & Puppycat
  • Steven Universe
  • Supergirl
  • Grey’s Anatomy (I’m in s10)
  • Friends
  • House MD (might re-watch soon)
  • How I met your mother
  • movies (because I like movies)
  • especially Logan

If you don’t care about any of these, here have a cute gif:

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22 Horror Movies for Snow Days *all available on Netflix right freakin' now!*

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This photo from American Mary is just here for the thumbnail.

  1. American Mary

A promising surgical student drops out of school after a traumatic event and gets caught up in a black market for extreme body modification. Expect wit and gore but not jump scares. This is one of my personal favorites. Watch the trailer here.


2) The Taking of Deborah Logan

Do you like occult films but feel like you’ve seen everything the subgenre has to offer? Try The Taking of Deborah Logan. The film follows a group of students making a thesis documentary about Alzheimer’s. Naturally, things take a dark turn and we find that nothing is as it seems. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


3) The Damned

How do you destroy an entity that can’t be destroyed? Watch the trailer here.


4) Stitches

If you’re more into laughs and camp, you might like Stitches. In this slasher horror-comedy, a crude, sloppy clown comes back from the dead to exact revenge on the people who killed him during a freak accident at a children’s party. Watch the trailer here.


5) Cabin in the Woods

A group of friends goes on vacation to a cabin in the woods… AGAIN. Same old slasher movie you’ve seen a million times before? Uh, not quite. Find out who’s behind the scenes making this trip a complete nightmare. Nothing is what it seems at this cabin… and nothing is a coincidence. Another one of my personal favorites- a movie specifically for horror fans who like to poke fun at horror archetypes. Watch the trailer here.


6) Scream

A masked killer stalks and kills the high schoolers of a small town. A group of friends realizes that in order to survive they must follow the rules of typical horror movies.  It might sound generic, but it’s very self-aware and witty. If there is ever a chance for me to recommend Scream, I will. This is one of my favorites of all time (yeah, seriously!) Watch the trailer here.


7) Oculus

A young woman seeks to exonerate her brother after he is released from a mental rehabilitation center, where he had been kept since childhood for allegedly murdering his father. What does she attempt to prove? That a mirror was responsible for the strange events and murders that took place in the homes of its owners, including their own. It’s really great but be warned the it has a non-linear narrative film structure, meaning scenes jump back and forth between present day and flashbacks. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


8) You’re Next

Another film that takes the slasher genre and turns it on its head. A well-to-do family comes together for a weekend to celebrate the mother’s and father’s anniversary. What’s supposed to be a fun celebration turns into a nightmare when the family realizes they are being hunted down. Find out why when you check out this unique, surprisingly funny, gory slasher. This made my Best of 2013 list with a tie for first place. Watch the trailer here.


9) The House of the Devil

A babysitter realizes her clients have a strange, dark secret. This is a slow-paced film with a 70s or 80s look. Not everyone will be into that, but it’s really good if you make it through the slow parts. Watch the trailer here.


10) Contracted

A young woman contracts an STD… or so she thinks. Watch the trailer here.


11) The Innkeepers

During a hotel’s final days of being open, two employees seek to reveal its haunted past. Along the way, they experience some strange, creepy events. This film is made by Ti West, the same person who made The House of the Devil. It’s also slow-paced, but it’s good if you make it through the slow parts. This movie is pretty funny, so it makes the slow parts more bearable. Watch the trailer here.


12) All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

A group of high school friends invites the nerd-turned-hottie to a weekend getaway at a summer house. Of course, things go wrong and people end up dead but nothing is as it seems. Watch the trailer here.


13) Witching and Bitching

A group of thieves are trapped in a town full of witches by a coven. This film is hilarious, witty, and tons of fun. It’s in Spanish, but don’t let subtitles scare you away from great movies! This movie made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


14) Dumplings

Women seeking a more youthful look turn to a rather unsavory remedy to do the trick. This movie is foreign, so there will be subtitles. It will creep you out and it will gross you out. Watch the trailer here.


15) We Are What We Are

This slow-paced, gothic-style film follows a family preparing for a secret ritual. The last 5 minutes are worth the build-up. Watch the trailer here.


16) Proxy

If you’re looking for a more cerebral type of movie, give Proxy a try. Essentially, the film follows three parents who have lost children. It’s gory, unique, and definitely keeps you guessing. You’ll think you have it all figured out, but you’ll probably be wrong. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


17) The Snowtown Murders

Based on a true story, a teenager falls in with his mother’s new boyfriend and his group of neighborhood watchmen who use murder and torture as a means of protecting their neighborhood. It’s pretty graphic and violent, so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Snowtown really is worth the watch. Watch the trailer here.


18) Devil

After The Village and The Happening, did you lose all faith in M. Night Shyamalan? Sit down and watch Devil, a murder mystery that takes place almost completely in a stuck elevator. It’s creepy and fast-paced. Watch the trailer here.


19) Alyce Kills

Alyce accidentally (“accidentally?”) kills her friend and subsequently delves into a world of sex, drugs, and murder. It’s cerebral, it’s badass. Watch the trailer here.

20) Kill List

A former hitman takes on a new job with a promise of a big payoff. It seems like a normal job at first, but things get darker and darker. It builds up suspense, so there aren’t really many jump scares. Watch the trailer here.

21) The Conspiracy

Friends making a documentary about conspiracy theories decide to infiltrate the ritualistic gathering of a secret society. Watch the trailer here

22) The Haunting

This haunted house-themed remake is only on this list because it’s the first horror movie I ever saw in a theater and because I didn’t want to end the list at 21. I have a soft spot in my heart for it. Watch the trailer here.

Bruises ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘‘Babes your account so fresh! I was wondering if I could request something since you’re out of ideas. Your bestfriend’s with (G or E you pick) and you and your ex boyfriend just break up and he’s been harassing you and just being a straight up D bag. Finally the boys have had enough and they get into a fight with your ex. (of course you’ll have to take care of them and clean up their bruises and such and maybe some kissing idk :)‘‘

Response: Thank you so much, that means so much to me!! I may have changed the storyline a little bit, but I hope you enjoy :) xxx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

While you’re making dinner and hum quietly on a song that is playing on the radio, you feel totally relaxed. But the thought that your boyfriend could be home any minute, freaked you out a bit. You guys have had a lot of fights the last couple of weeks, and they usually started when he got home after a long day of work or whatever he was doing. You didn’t even know what he was doing most of the time, because he didn’t tell you. Whenever you asked how his day had been, he just shrugged and didn’t answer your question. You didn’t dare to ask further questions because you were scared that he thought you didn’t trust him.

With a loud bang you hear your boyfriend closing the door, walking in the kitchen. You make a little jump of scaredness. You were so absorbed in your thoughts that you didn’t hear him coming in. ‘Hi babe,’ you greet him with a loving smile. ‘How are you?’ ‘Hm,’ he answers shortly and throws his car keys on the table. ‘Is dinner almost ready?’ You nod. ‘Yes, two more minutes, sweetie.’

He sighs and sits down at the table. He doesn’t ask you how you are or how your day has been. He was problaby just very tired, you thought. When the food is ready you scoop it on the plate and put it down in front of him. You walk around the other side of the table and sit down to join him.

‘I hope you like it. It’s a new recipe from my mom and she thought you would like it too.’ You smile at him but he doesn’t answer. He immediately starts eating, eyes focused on his food. When he has eaten two bites he puts his cutlery down and looks at you with frowned brows, eyes narrowed. You feel a nervous feeling coming up. ‘Are you fucking kidding me? This tastes like shit.’ He stands up so quickly that you dull backwards, processing what he just said.

‘I want you to make something else. I’m not gonna eat another bite of whatever this is.’ You don’t know what to say. ‘I-I don’t have anything else that I can cook… Maybe we can-’ He cuts you off by throwing his plate on the ground. You hear the sound of breaking porcelain and blink, not believing what he just did.

‘I don’t fucking care. Figure something out.’ ‘I-I can’t…’ you start, but he walks up to you and grabs you by your wrists. ‘You’re hurting me. Let me go!’ you try to liberate yourself, but he is much stronger than you. ‘What were you doing with HIM this afternoon?’ He had suddenly changed the subject, and now you finally knew why he was so mad. Of course it wasn’t because of the food. ‘With who?’ you say, while tears were running down your cheeks. You were scared that he was gonna do something to you. He brings his face closer to you so that he’s just a few inches away. ‘You know who! With that Grayson guy.’ He speaks out his name full of disgust.

You figure that he had probably seen you today while you were out, having lunch with Grayson. But he was just a friend and nothing more. He knew that. ‘He’s just a friend!’ you cry out while he pushes you against the wall. ‘Liar!’ he screams in your face. You try to look away, but he grabs you by your jaw so that you have to look at him. You gasp for air. ‘You dirty, little slut. How dare you going out with an other guy?! I do everything for you! Everything!’ he yells while he squeezes your hands, which are turning white.

‘Please let me go. I can’t take this any longer…. All these fights, I’m sick of it. We’re done,’ you say with a shaky voice. Finally he lets go of you. You rub your hands over your painful wrists. There is a long moment of silence, while you wait for him to yell again. ‘Fine. Leave then. Go back to that piece of shit,’ he says. You’re so surprised that you don’t know what to say, or do. You were paralyzed. When you finally can move again you slide past him.

You grab your phone and keys that were laying on the kitchen counter and almost run to the door. When you’re outside you sigh deeply, inhaling the fresh air. You walk to your car and get in, starting the engine. You knew exactly where you were going to.

‘Y/N! What are you doing here so late? Is everything alright?’ Grayson says with a worried look on his face when he opens the door and sees you. His hair is all messy and he was wearing a tank top and some sweatpants. He was probably just editing a video or chilling on the couch. ‘I… We… I’m…’ You try to form words, but all you can do is cry and sob while your body shakes uncontrollable. He takes a step in your direction and pulls you in for a hug. ‘Sshh…’ he tries to calm you down. ‘It will be okay. Just take a deep breath. Everything is gonna be okay.’ He strokes your back gently while he keeps whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Slowly you allow yourself to stop crying. You feel safe and warm in his strong arms.

You guys stand there for at least two minutes, when Ethan comes up and sees Grayson hugging you. ‘Y/N? What’s going on? What happened?’ Grayson lets go of you and you look up to the twins, while Grayson still holds your arms. You wipe the tears from your cheeks and sniff. ‘Me and Logan broke up this evening. He thought I was cheating on him.’ You see Graysons jaw clenching and Ethans eyebrows frowning. ‘Come in. I want to hear what happened in detail,’ Grayson says and he puts an arm around you. Together you walk to the kitchen while Ethan grabs you a drink.

After you had told the twins the whole story, you could see that they were angry. But not just angry, they were really mad. With bald fists Grayson stands up. ‘I wanna talk to him.’ You stand up too. ‘Grayson, no. That will only make things worse.’ Ethan stands up and goes into the hall to grab his and Graysons jacket. ‘I’ll come too.’ ‘No E, I’m going alone. I don’t want him to be intimidated by the two of us.’ Ethan sighs and nod. ‘Okay.’ You walk behind them, trying to stop Grayson, but he already has his jacket on an his car keys in his hand.

‘Gray, no. I don’t want you to get in a fight. He’ll hurt you.’  Grayson laughs. ‘He won’t. And I’m just going to talk to him, don’t worry. There are just a few things I want to say. I promise,’ he adds when you look at him with an unconvinced look. ‘Okay, then. But I’ll come with you, to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.’ Grayson chuckles while he holds the door open for you.

While you ring the doorbell you look next to you, up to Grayson. He has a confident look on his face, like he exactly knows what he’s going to say. His muscles are tense. You wonder how Logan will react when he sees Grayson. Probably not happy. When he opens the door his eyes flicker from you to him with a confused look. ‘What the-’ But before he knows what’s going on, he gets slammed in the face by Graysons big hand.  ‘Here’s for hurting the most sweetest girl I know,’ he says with a low voice.

‘What the fuck, man!’ Logan says with a hand pressed to his cheek. ‘Gray!’ you cry out, but Logan had already recovered and he tries to hit Grayson in the nuts. But Grayson is faster – and stronger – and he grabs his wrist. But Logan is smart. With his other hand he hits Grayson in the face, causing Grayson to get a nose bleed.  ‘Guys, stop!’ you say in despair, but no one listens. They start fighting and before you know it, Logan – but Grayson too – is covered in bruises. You hear a cracking noise.

‘Please, stop! You’re hurting each other!’ you say, trying to grab their arms. Finally they let go of each other. The room now is filled with panting, Grayson and Logans forehead shiny from sweating. ‘Get the fuck out of my house,’ Logan hisses, while he looks with dark eyes at Grayson. ‘Gladly,’ Grayson answers. ‘And this is the last time you’ll ever see her. You don’t deserve a girl like Y/N.’ He grabs you by your hand and with big steps he walks to the door.

‘Gray, what the hell,’ you say accusingly. He is sitting on his bed while you walk through his bedroom. After the fight you decided to go his house. Ethan wasn’t home, he had gone out with a friend. ‘You say you just wanted to TALK,’ you say while you look at him. He looks at you with puppy eyes, and you know that you couldn’t stay mad at him. ‘Oh shoot,’ you say when you notice that his nose had started bleeding again. ‘What?’ Grayson asks confused. ‘Wait here,’ you demand while you rush to the bathroom. You hold a wash cloth under the water tap and when it’s wet enough, you grab a clean towel out one of the drawers.

You walk back to Graysons bedroom, where he is still sitting on the bed. You kneel down in front of him and hold the wash cloth against his nose. With frowned eyebrows you stroke your fingers over his forehead, where a red bruise had appeared. You notice Grayson staring at you, and you look him in the eyes. ‘I’m sorry…’ Grayson whispers. ‘I just wanted to protect you. And sometimes I overreact. Don’t me mad at me.’ ‘Sshh…’ you hush him, while you move the wash cloth to his forehead, gently stroking against his skin. ‘I understand. It’s okay. Thank you for standing up for me.’ ‘You deserve so much better than him, you should know that. Gosh, he is such a douchebag. I can’t understand that you would date him,’ Grayson says. You chuckle, and you feel yourself relax a little since the whole thing that had happened today. ‘Well, I don’t know it myself, to be honest.’

It is quiet for a moment, and your eyes flicker to Graysons face. He’s biting his lip, eyes wide. ‘You’re so beautiful, Y/N,’ he whispers, while he slowly takes your hand that is holding the wash cloth. Your breath sticks in your throat, you can’t speak a word. You’re totally lost in Graysons eyes, which are filled with lust. Slowly he pulls you closer, so close that you can almost feel his husky breath on your lips. He licks his lips and you know what he was going to do, but you didn’t even mind.

You close your eyes while he puts his warm, soft lips on yours and opens them with his tongue. Willingly you let him kiss you. He cups your face with his hands while you moan quietly in pleasure. After a few seconds he pulls back, a little out of breath. ‘I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know what happened to me. I just-‘ He stuttered, but you place a finger on his lips. ‘It’s okay… I actually enjoyed that,’ you giggle. ‘Well, in that case…’ He smirks and leans in for another kiss.

That Tortured Soul On The Drivers Side|| old man logan

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So… the first time I had this nearly finished, my computer decided to crash. Let’s go.. Round 2!

Jist of prompt: You are in no need of a chauffeur, but that doesn’t stop you from calling on Logans services. Over time, you find yourself falling for the man on the drivers side and slowly manage to break past his defenses. When he comes to you looking for help with Laura, you find yourself unable to keep your secret anymore. 

Tag List: @house-of-penguin @drewkelliii @weasleytheking @agirlinherhead @itsbrittbrattt @rivertales @xavier-chxrles @hookedonawolverine @liveourlifelikenobodyelse @katiedreamy @castawaybarnes @buckybabble @avengers-bucky-fanfic 

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Logan Howlett x Reader

A/N: So I was listening to some of my old favorite songs form my childhood, and one in particular inspired me to write another Logan fic because I love him so much. Anyways, this was inspired by Blake Shelton's “Austin”, and I hope you like it~

Summary: After the reader and Logan get in their first big fight, the reader goes back to her home town. After stopping all contact with Logan for months, the reader decides she needs Logan in her life and finally calls him. 

Warnings: Language

Also, written with female pronouns but please don’t take offense! That’s just the way I naturally write, but I am open to writing with any desired pronouns, so just lemme know! 

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Rainy days reminded you of Logan. They reminded you of the way he used to wrap you up in his leather jacket, and how he would lift you over puddles. They reminded you of the way he would tuck your wet hair behind your ears, and the way his warm hands felt against your cold ones. Rainy days reminded you of Logan sitting next to you by the window, drinking coffee and listening to the rain as it hit the streets. Rainy days were peaceful days you got to spend with someone you loved, at least they used to be. 

Now, as you sat on a lone bench at the park down the street from your house, all rainy days reminded you of was how much you missed him. The loud booming sound of thunder erupted all around you, telling you it was time to go home. You reluctantly stood from the bench, the smell of rain filling your nostrils as you began to walk from the park, glancing towards your house, but walking in the other direction instead.

The rain droplets hitting your face were reminders, reminders of how bad you had messed up. You left without a word, not saying where you were going, or if you had intentions of ever coming back, and it took you months to figure out how badly you missed your home. How badly you missed Logan. 

You walked down the street quickly, passing familiar homes and shops along the way. Everyone inside probably thought you were insane trudging through the rain, soaking wet. You didn’t care. The straight singular street quickly led you to the old, beaten up phone booth that still barely stood. You quickly stepped inside, slamming the door shut and reaching for the phone. You now realized how bad your hands were shaking, you couldn’t tell if it was from the cold, or your bundled up emotions. 

For some reason using a phone other than your own gave you closure, maybe it was because the thought was less intimidating. Regardless, you put in the needed amount of money and slowly dialed Logan’s number, you still had it memorized. As the phone rang, your could hear your heartbeat. You didn’t know what you would say if he picked up. All you knew was that you were doing the right thing. After a couple more rings Logan’s voice erupted from the other end of the phone, but it wasn’t what you were expecting. 

“When do I say it?” his voice sounded, quickly followed by one none other than your own. 

“Now,” your voice came out in a laugh.

“Oh uh, this is Logan I’m busy right now, leave a message,” his voice vibrated through your ear. 

“Good job,” you said, but the words weren’t coming out of your mouth.

A beep sounded from the other end of the phone and without really thinking, you mumbled some words.

“Call me back when you can,” you said, leaving your phone number afterwards before slamming the phone onto where it belonged. 

You sank to the ground slowly, not caring about the cobwebs sitting all around you. You had forgotten about setting up Logan’s voicemail, and now the thought of how happy you were was devastating. Before you knew it, your cheeks were wet, and not only because of the rain. You practically sprinted back to your house, wishing the rain was enough to wash away all of your emotions. You thought that coming back to your home town was a good idea, but now all of your memories were just haunting you. 

As you reached your small rented house you fumbled your key into the lock before charging inside and slamming the door behind you. You were happy you at least rented a house instead of staying with your parents, but now you wanted nothing more than too leave. You shed off your soaking wet jacket, along with your shoes and flopped onto your couch, burying your face in a pillow. You wanted Logan to wrap you in his arms and tell you everything would be okay, but that couldn’t happen anymore. 

You didn’t know how long you laid there, could’ve been minutes, could’ve been hours, but what you do know is that the only thing that moved you from that position was the ringing of your phone. Your stomach dropped and you stood up, walking over to your phone quickly. You couldn’t think of anyone that could be calling you, except for Logan. Before letting yourself not go through with it, you answered your phone. 

“Hello,” your voice said tentatively. 

“(Y/N)?” a voice you missed so much came from the other end.

You ran your free, shaky hand through your hair.

“Logan I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have left, I messed up, I messed up big time,” you began your ramble. “I miss you. I never stopped loving you Logan, never. I was just blind and it took me until now to realize it.”

“(Y/N)?” Logan questioned again, interrupting your rant. 


“Calm down before you say anything else. I haven’t heard your voice in forever, and hearing it like this isn’t what I expected,” Logan said, his voice giving you reassurance.

You did as he said, letting out a deep breath before returning your attention to your phone.

“I’m sorry,” You said simply.

“(Y/N) you left without giving me a way to find you, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been thinking about this moment ever since I realized you were gone. I miss you (Y/N),” Logan said, his voice full of raw emotion. 

“I thought that what I was doing was for the better… I just want to come home,” you mumbled into the phone. 

“The house isn’t like it was before you left you know.”

“I’m not talking about the house Logan. You’re my home,” You said.

You could hear Logan gulp on the other line, he didn’t say anything for a moment. It was as though he was trying to contain his emotions threatening to rush out all at once. 

“When’s the next flight you can catch?” he finally managed.

The last couple hours of your life had been the most hectic thing you had ever lived through. In mere hours you packed everything you needed, contacted your land lord, and bought a plane ticket. You still had some stuff to figure out, but you would deal with it later, right now you only had one thing on your mind. 

You sat in your seat anxiously, the plane ride didn’t give you anxiety, landing did. Months of emotion bubbled in your gut, ready to explode, but excitement kept them at bay. It was probably minutes, but it only felt like seconds until your plane was on the ground and you were grabbing your bags. Two suitcases, that was all you needed. You hurried as quickly as you could outside of the airport. Logan said he would pick you up when your plane landed. 

Sure enough, as you exited the airport you saw an old pick-up truck that you knew all too well, only it was missing a driver. You quickly scanned the crowd of people in front of your face before spotting him. As soon as you laid your eyes on Logan everyone else in the crowd disappeared. His familiar flannel with the rolled up sleeves made your heart clench, and you dropped your bags at your sides. It took a moment, but Logan finally laid his eyes on you. His eyes widening, the corners of his mouth twitching up in a smile as you pushed through people towards him. Logan had the same idea, moving through the crowd as swiftly as he could manage, it was as though the two of you were in a trance. 

Once there was no one in between you two and the space was growing smaller, Logan opened his arms and you barreled into them. 

“Hey Sweetheart,” Logan said as he wrapped his strong arms around your bodice. 

You balled your fists in his shirt and buried your face into his chest, letting the tears swelling in your eyes fall onto his shirt. Logan’s grip tightened on you as he noticed the shaking in your body. He missed you like hell. Logan placed a kiss on your forehead, and slowly you pulled away from him. 

“We should probably grab your bags,” Logan said, smiling down at you.

You nodded, thankful for the silent conversation that passed between the two of you. I messed up, but we’ll talk about that later. Logan slid his hand into yours, and the two of you walked towards your things. There was a million things you could’ve said, but you felt that silence was more appropriate. As you reached your things, that you had rudely abandoned, Logan grabbed one bag and you grabbed the other, still holding onto each other. 

Logan helped you put your things into the bed of the pick-up, and you noticed the clouds beginning to form in the sky. With a shrug you filed into the truck next to Logan, sitting in the middle so that you could lay your head on his shoulder as he drove. 

“You alright?” Logan asked you as he pulled out of the airport parking lot.

“I’m better than I have been for months,” you said, clasping your hands in your lap.

Logan laughed beside you, and you raised your eyebrow, sitting up to give him a weird look.

“What?” you asked.

Logan looked into your eyes before returning his gaze to the road, “Nothing, I just forgot how damn cute you are.”

You smiled, resting your head on his shoulder again. Your drive was fairly long, but time felt like it flew by as you talked to Logan. The two of you quickly pulled into your small home’s driveway. Logan stepping out of the truck and opening your door for you, offering his hand to help you down, which you took gratefully. As the two of you grabbed your bags out of the bed, you felt a rain droplet hit your nose, followed by three more hitting your shoulders. 

Logan handed you one of your bags, taking the other, and quickly leading you to the front door. Logan unlocked it quickly, opening the door for you and following you in afterwards. When Logan said the house wasn’t like it was before you left he wasn’t lying. Almost everything was rearranged and certain pieces of furniture were missing. You turned your attention from the room to Logan.

“I uh, didn’t have anyone to impress since you were gone,” Logan gestured to the room, “It’s easier to clean this way.”

You laughed, “I don’t mind.”

The smell of your home put you at ease, and with Logan you walked towards your bedroom, which was in the exact same condition it was before you left, only Logan’s side of the bed was ruffled.

“I couldn’t bring myself to change anything in here,” Logan muttered behind you, placing your suitcase on the bed. 

You didn’t say anything, you just laid your suitcase down and walked over to Logan, wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“I missed you,” you said. 

Logan grinned at you, putting his hands on your waist and lowering his head to place a kiss on your lips. 

“You took the words right out of my mouth Princess,” he said, pulling apart from you, but grabbing your hand. 

The rain outside had become more audible, and as Logan led you to the large window beside your bed, the sound sent chills down your spine. The two of you sat next to the window just like you used to. Logan pulled you to his chest, and you leaned into him comfortably. Once again, the two of you listened to the rain hit the streets.

Logan ran his fingers through your hair, “Welcome home.”

Truth or Lie (Part Seventeen)

Part One

Part Sixteen

A/N: Sorry, bit of a choppy chapter that’s way too dramatic, but, hey, this is a dramatic story. Also, I’m making a tag sheet, so be on the lookout for that.

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Flashbacks, sexual tension, drugs and alcohol, angst as usual, explicit language 

Word Count: 4187

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Dark shadows glided across the tan pavement, fiery rays from behind their sources blasting them into presence. The Lincoln Park Zoo was buzzing with visitors, you and Rob among them. People flickered in and out of your sight, impatience and excitement riddling their features as they made their way from exhibit to exhibit.

You had been to a zoo once in your life, and you hadn’t even been at home. You were young, eyes full of wonder, full of expectation for life, mouth always twisted up in some sort of small smile. You had been sent to Arizona to visit your mother’s side of the family, your grandparents before they had both passed away some years later. It was the only time other than when you boarded the plane for California that you were away from home. You were a kid, carefree and passionate about anything and everything. You remembered rushing from exhibit to exhibit, completely fascinated about the sights around you, intrigued with the unknown. It always counted as one of the best days of your life, especially when you returned home and your father died not too long after, forcing Chase to take over and then recruit you years later. So, the zoo was a fairly bittersweet place for you.

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