X-Men: The animated Series. Series 1 Epsiode 3: Enter Magneto.

Logan: I sure hope she’s got this worked out.

Scott: STORM!! Wolverine!!

Scott: Wolverine! is she.?

Logan: Must be her company Cyclops. She’s asleep. She’s exhausted. Mission accomplished buddy.

Scott: Ok let’s go home.

Office Hours + Extra

Title:  Office Hours + Extra
Pairing or Characters: Ororo Munroe/James “Logan” Howlett, Quentin Quire/Idie Okonkwo
Rating: G
Summary: There goes their quiet, intimate lunch.
Contains: fluff, angsty undercurrents
Notes: This is a commission for im-grantaire

This is set pretty early on in Wolverine and the X-Men v2 and assumes that Quentin and Idie stay together for a bit longer. (I am so full of feelings about this commission. I worked so hard on making it perfect aaah). Major thanks to Fleet and Sisky for the look over!


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