Leedles: First Date.

“Ready?” Evan asks, grinning over at Ethan as he comes out of their bathroom on Windsor.

“Of course.” Ethan grins back, running a hand through his hair and holding out the other for his brother’s. “Let’s just hope Logan is.” They both grin and laugh, both afraid to say aloud what they both knew was true.

They were incredibly nervous.

They exchange another set of smiles before walking quickly out of Windsor and heading to Stuart, each mentally going on over their multiple options and plans for Logan.

Bye bye....

Merril placed her pencil down, her homework was finally done! She glanced at Bella, the little puppy lay on her bed right in the middle, dead to the world and only occasionally making a noise as she dreamed. She smiled, Bella was so cute and precious. She couldn’t ever thank Spencer enough for giving her, her little baby. With a sigh she looked outside, something was still up with the plants so she quickly put on her slippers and woke up Bella, taking her in her arms.
“Let’s go outside Bells!”

Walking through and out of Hanover she kept the puppy close to her, both to make sure she wouldn’t go yapping off and to keep herself warm. Soon she was right in Dalton’s garden again, sitting in the grass with Bella sniffing around interested. “Don’t go too far sweety!” Bella barked in answer and kept sniffing the bush. Merril kept trying to find out what was wrong but after nearly half an hour nothing happened until suddenly she noticed the black and grey mist covering the ground. From afar she could hear Bella bark.

“Bella?” Looking around she couldn’t see her puppy and she made to stand up only she couldn’t. Something was keeping her down, tugging her down actually and it wouldn’t let go. Trying not to panic she struggled against the invisible bonds and with a harsh tug the bonds slammed her to the ground. Merril screamed loudly, at the top of her lungs, her eyes wide and panicking while her hands try to take hold of something, anything as the bonds dragged her away.


In just a second she was gone just like the mist and all that was left was a slipper and a hysterical barking puppy looking for her human.

Guilty Conscience

Ethan sighs tiredly, wringing his hands anxiously as they walk out of Windsor. Evan rolls his eyes.

“Ethan relax. Logan loves us, and it wasn’t your fault. He’s not going to be mad.”

“Bullshit. You know he’s pissed!” Ethan runs a hand through his hair, biting on his lower lip as they approach Stuart.

“Yeah, but not at us.”

“I know…I just…He doesn’t need this.” Evan had to agree with him there.

Leedes Lunchdate

The twins walked down to the cafeteria with bright smiles. They had just spent the morning with Laura and they were now in very happy moods. This was only accentuated by the fact that they were about to spend time with Logan. 

“Well…today has been considerably perfect in comparison to the last few days.” Evan commented with a smile as they take a seat to wait for Logan. Ethan grins at him and nods, leaning forward on the table.

“I think things are finally settling into place.” They grin at each other, grasping hands under the table.


(cause the earthquake effect all of dalton aka also every character..warning : tissues should be kept near you while reading)

He left.

He left.

He left.

The words repeated themselves on the same pace of her heartbeat. Her eyes stared at the ground while tears kept falling down her cheeks, dripping onto the ground. She hadn’t moved an inch since she had stumbled, not caring that her knees stung and bled. She didn’t care, she didn’t care at all because he left. The one person in her life that she thought would never leave her just left.He left and it was her fault. It was all her fault. She was too hesitant, too uncomfortable with herself and it had cost her him. She was so stupid..

He left.

He left.

When would he be back? Would he ever come back? Why would he, she’s just a screw up and this whole event just proved it. Her boyfriend was gone and now …now she had nothing, she was nothing. Was he still her boyfriend? Could she even still call herself his girlfriend… She had been horrible. Everyone had said it would be ok, that it wasn’t her fault and that they’d be alright. They were all wrong, so very wrong. It wasn’t ok, they’re not alright and it was her fault. Her body shook with her sobbing, her hands clenched onto the ground. She was oblivious to the fact that the ground shook, harder and harder. She didn’t see how Bella suddenly sat next to her whining softly the same for Blaine’s dog Doctor. She didn’t notice how animals from Daltons forest came towards her to either.

He left.

He left.

The ground shook hard, the buildings were starting to shake with it, things falling over, glasses breaking, books falling but it didn’t stop. Students of every house got scared not knowing what was going on. It only shook more and more, just like Merril’s tears, just like her thoughts. Merril was deaf to the fact that a professor was shouting at her to stop. She didn’t have any control on this, she was only focusing on one thing. The love of her life, her soulmate, leaving, walking away from her, getting further with every second and there was nothing she could do. He said he needed to be better but to her he was perfect and always had bee. Merril whimpered, she just wanted him back, she wanted Spencer back.

He left,

Spencer left.

Her father was right, the bullies were right. She was a waste of space and only ruins everything. The one good thing in her life she drove away and while Merril cried, the earthquake was shaking up Dalton campus.

Ares is a dick. That is all.

“Found it!” Evan crows triumphantly, holding up the mirror that Zeus had given to them for their twelfth birthdays. It was a one way connection to keep in contact with him. Ethan grins, getting off the floor from where he’d been looking for it.

“Nice going Ev!” He says, moving over to where Evan now sat on their bed. Evan smiles and they both look into the mirror. “Father, we need your help.” They say together, smiling a bit more as the surface of the mirror shimmers, a handsome man with blonde hair and a slight scruffy beard comes into focus.

“Hello boys.” Zeus says, his voice deep, gravelly. “What can I do to help? It’s been quite awhile since we last spoke.”

“We need to see Ares.” Evan says firmly, Ethan nods. Zeus looks surprised.

“Ares? Why boys? What are you up to?”

“We need to speak to him. He’s been less than pleasant to our friend, his son.” Ethan says. “Please father, help us?” They ask together now, their icy blue gazes meeting the god’s own. Zeus pauses.

“I don’t think this is a good idea…but I do think that you two know what’s right for the both of you. I’ll bring you to Olympus, you must promise that you won’t meet with him off Olympus boys.”

They nod, smiling gratefully. “Thank you father. We’ll see you-” There is a moment of pause, everything around them fading as they are quickly transported to the home of the gods. “..Now.”

Zeus smiles at his two sons. “Hello Ethan, Evan.” He says, taking them in fully for the first time in person since they were children. Both blonde’s smile slightly up at Zeus. They were happy that he had cooperated.

Now all they had to do was find Ares.

ooc: my opinion on Julian and his behaviour

He loves Logan, a whole lot, he’s in love with him. He’s been scared for ages and now suddenly he has to box up against the tweedles, for Logan. The tweedles who’ve known Logan for a long time. The tweedles that suddenly say they love Logan. The tweedles that are with two and never left Logan even though Julian left so Logan could be happy after he picked up the pieces and pushed Logan together again with his crushes.
Julian is certain that Logan will pick the tweedles over him, as always (Joshua, Blaine,Kurt..) so even though he confessed and went on a date with him, made out and kissed, he pushes Logan away so that when (because I think Julian is certain of this which is really sad ;-;) he picks the tweedles over him that it will perhaps hurt a bit less.

He’s trying to protect himself from hurting even more.

that’s what I think


Leedles: Blame it on Adam

I’m not your boyfriend anymore.

Those words kept ringing through the Tweedles minds as they walked across campus to Stuart. They each gripped their brother’s hand tightly, neither speaking.

Logan really wasn’t in love with them anymore. The fact that something that they knew had been so strong had just been decimated in moments absolutely killed them. Ethan chewed anxiously on his lower lip.

He had felt first hand how much Logan had loved them. It had been an overwhelming, but amazing moment. He was really scared to be in contact with Logan’s new emotional state. Scared to feel that new emptiness that was sure to be there. Scared to hear the prefect say those awful words to their faces.

The last flickering embers of anger were still burning inside Evan. He knew that their chances of fixing this were slim. He just really hoped that they could override Adam’s delusions.

Waking up

It’s the middle of the night when the sun and moon fully break away from each other, each of them fully restored to their own orbit, their own sense of balance and power.

Respectively, the power and energy begins to return to each of the unconscious twins. Ethan is the first to regain faint consciousness. He stirs slightly, moaning as everything aches as he tries to roll over on whatever it was he was laying on.

In his blurry, barely functional state of mind he was aware of a warm, strong arm wrapped around his waist, and he could sense Evan lying unconscious not too far from him on the bed.

Ethan tried to sit up, moaning again in pain before he could stop himself. His whole body ached, his head spinning. One hand reaches out to steeady himself, coming into contact with a firm chest. Ethan blinks wearily, and is surprised to see Logan laying on the bed between him and Evan.

“Logan…?” He whispers, wincing at the random and sudden rawness of his throat.

Searching for comfort

The twins headed to Stuart, more than a bit worried. Logan had texted them nearly two hours ago to meet him in Warblers hall, but he hadn’t been there. They waited for awhile, trying his phone, their worry growing as he didn’t pick up.

“You think he’s okay?” Ethan asked as they ran up the steps. Evan frowned, pulling out the keycard Han had made them.

“I hope so.” They slip inside, heading up the stairs quickly and quietly so as not to alert the other Stuarts to their presence. They stop in front of his room, Evan reaching out to knock gently on the door.

Panic mode

“Dad….Dad! Fucking hell! DAD!” Evan shouted at the mirror, willing the God to pick up. He had never ignored their calls before, and the fact that he was doing so now did nothing to soothe their frayed nerves. Ethan chewed anxiously on his lower lip.

Evan threw the mirror down onto the bed in frustration, burying his face in a pillow. “I can’t believe this shit!” He groaned. Ethan reached for his hand, brow furrowed.

“….We just have to…wait. He promised he’d be home.” Ethan’s voice is soft, filled with doubt. Evan looked at him with glossy eyes. They knew that the chances that Logan being perfectly fine were slim to none.

But he had promised. And he doesn’t break his promises often, and especially not one to them.

Seeking the Stuart

Ethan and Evan manuevered their way through the house, looking in on any room where the door was open.

“This place is huge.” Evan said with a laugh as they tried not to get lost on the way to Logan’s room. Ethan nodded with a laugh of his own as they walked past a room that’s sole purpose seemed to be to hold three very big, very luxurious couches.

They stopped briefly by the library, which was right near Logan’s room, both of them gaping in awe at it.

“Holy crap! This looks like something out of Beauty and the Beast!” Ethan laughs, walking inside without hesitation, his hands trailing over the spines of the books closest to the door. Evan looked up to the second floor of the library with a grin.

“Oh I so know what we are doing for our birthday.” He laughed, looking around the room.

In love, or not?

The twins cautiously make their way toward the library, feeling nervous and anxious.

“Ev…” Ethan speaks up as they near closer to the building.

“Yeah E?” Evan looks to him, still holding his twin’s hand tightly.

“What if it hasn’t worked?” Ethan bites his lip. “What if we still love him? Then what?”

Evan frowns, looking down at the ground before back to his mirror image. “I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out.”

They stop in front of the library, hesitating before they go in.