A Little Thicke For You (Logan Smut)

This one time, Logan said he liked to sing Robin Thicke in the shower. So I wrote this. 

He starts to laugh against your skin, looking up from the crook of your neck to grin at you with that stupid playful spark behind his dark brown eyes. “I know you want it…" He starts to whisper above the running water, teeth grazing over your jaw, "But you’re a good girl… The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty… Go ahead, get at me.”

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November 28, 2009.

3.650 million viewers tuned into the premiere, giving Big Time Rush some high ratings followed by the official premiere next year in January, getting 7.1 million Total viewers, and in the process, setting a new record for highest-rated live-action series premiere in Nickelodeon history.

four guys.

one band.

written by Scott Fellows

Kendall Schmidt as Kendall Knight

Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchell

James Maslow as James Diamond

Carlos Pena as Carlos Garcia