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MY FIRST EVER FANFICTION: Hush Little Hunter Chapter 1: Logan's Homecoming, a veronica mars fanfic | FanFiction

Hi all,

I started writing my first ever fanfiction, after being deprived of more VM for so long and then watching the movie and reading the book, I got desperate. As Lilly says in Season 1, ‘I had too much pep, I need a pep outlet,’ hence this fanfiction. It’s set a few months after the book Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line ends, it’s all about Logan’s break, Lianne’s trial and the adorable little Hunter Scott.

If you have a chance please read it, I am trying my best to keep it true to form as possible, and I am a bit of a grammar/spelling Nazi so hopefully that won’t be too bad either. So please stop by and read if you have to Marshmallows! :)

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“Why?” #veronicamars #loganecholls #cassidycasablancas

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