#158 Logan Lerman – You’re My Only One

You are in class, talking to your friends when your boyfriend Logan comes in. He walks over to you and kisses you on the cheek. If you weren’t in the class, with all your classmates around, he would probably have kissed you on your lips as he loves to do. But not with everyone watching. Logan goes to the back and puts his backpack down a row in front of you of. He always sits in front of you and that’s actually how you and him got together. It might seem childish but Logan actually gave you a little note asking to be girlfriend. You had to tick yes, no or maybe. It made you laugh and that’s one thing you love about him the most. He always makes you laugh and happy. You, of course, ticked yes and that’s when you became a couple. You and him kept it as a secret for the first month and then made it public, when he kissed you because you got an A thanks to his teaching skills. Now, pretty much your whole grade knows about you and Logan. Mostly because one of the must adored singles in the whole school was now taken by you.

You and your friends talk and then you look back and see Logan talking to few girls from your class. You first don’t mind but then hear them burst out laughing. Your friend heard them laugh too and turns around. “They seriously can’t keep their hands to themselves.” She says and you nod agreeing. “She probably laughed at one of his bad jokes.” Your friend continues and turns back around to face you.

“His jokes aren’t that bad.” You say and she raises her eyebrows at you. “Okay some are.” You give in but she still doesn’t change her facial expression. “Okay, most of them are.” You say and she nods. She gets up from her chair and walks over to your table. You follow her and sit down on the table as she sits down on your chair.

“What’s the homework again?” Your friend asks, just so it doesn’t seems suspicious that you went back all of the sudden.

“Backpack.” You say and she takes your book out of your backpack. She opens the right page and acts like she’s looking if she’s got the same, when actually she’s just listening to what Logan the girls talk. You do the same and look at Logan. He quickly looks at you and gives you a smile.

“And oh my god, did you see what he did afterwards?” One of the girls asks him and Logan looks away from you again. They continue to talk about a show and Logan pays full attention to them. “and oh my god that was so funny.” The other one says and touches his arm. She keeps her hand on his arm and start to talk again before bursting out laughing. “That was so funny.” She laughs out loudly.

“So FUNNY!” You laugh out fake and get off the table. Logan looks at you and watches you rush out of the class. Your friend follows you laughing and if you were watching someone act like you just did, you would laugh as well. But not when you’re fucking pissed at some girls who think they can flirt with your boyfriend right in front of your eyes.

“(Y/N)!” Logan yells after you. You just continue to walk and get to the girls toilet. You get inside and see that on one else is here. You lean against the cold wall and take deep breaths. The door opens and you think it’s your friend who follows you inside but it’s actually Logan. You take a deep breath and tilt your head back against the wall.

“What was that?” Logan asks, not getting why you act like that. He puts his hands on either side of your head as you look down. “Hey-Hey look at me.” Logan says and you lift up your head. You look up at him and feel tears building up.

“I’m the only one who’s allowed to laugh at your bad jokes.” You mumble and he looks at you confused.

“What jokes? I didn’t make jokes. We were just talking about a show, (Y/N).” Logan says and takes one step closer to you.

“I know but…” You try to form a sentence, to explain what you’re feeling, but you can’t.

“You’re jealous.” Logan says what you can’t say yourself. You nod. “Aw, babe.” Logan puts his arms around you and hugs you tightly. “It’s fine alright? I’m all yours and just because they flirt with me doesn’t mean that I flirt back.” He says and kisses your head.

“So you notice that they flirt?” You ask and he laughs.

“It’s obvious… but I’m not interested. I’m only interested in you, (Y/N). You’re my only one” Logan smiles and kisses your forehead.

“Really?” You ask and he nods, before kissing you passionately. “Thank you.” You say to him when you pull apart.

“I love you.” Logan says, smirking from ear to ear.

“I love you too.” You say and kiss him again.

Lovesick Bitch/Chapter 1 - 'Toody-Toad-Bum-Ace'

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‘Can I please get down now? I swear, I’m going to fall through these floorboards.’ I yelled down at Emma as I crawled across her attic floor.  After all those scary attic movies where there are rats everywhere and secret suicide notes hidden behind old Picasso paintings (no idea who’s rich enough to keep Picasso paintings in their attic. The queen, probably) I was probably going have my life taken away here.

‘Savannah, its right to your left. Just pick it up and pass it down to me. It’s not that hard!’ she said.

‘Well Emma, if you haven’t realized it is DARK in here. I could die. I could get eaten by passing squirrels – attic squirrels – and I am wearing a dress so if I get a massive dust bunny stuck to it, I will simply come down and strang-‘

‘Is that better?’ Emma said, pulling a string making the light come on.

‘You decided to switch on the light THREE DAYS LATER.’

‘Exaggeration, Savannah! Be quick, people are waiting.’

‘Oh yeah sorry, the 300 bottles of alcohol lying downstairs are not going to be enough for your guests.’

‘Stop being sarcastic!’ she squealed. ‘Or else, I’ll leave you up there.’

I grunted in reply and began to look around for the emergency box of Vodka that Emma had gracefully decided to leave up here. Finally finding it, I quickly moved across to it, grabbing it and slowly making my way to the bright light coming from downstairs.

‘Shit! Shit! Shit!’ I growled, feeling the floor below me start to creak. Why did I decide to have that extra plate of chicken curry yesterday? Couldn’t I have had a really nice apple or I dunno, something that could help me lose at least 5kg of weight? ‘Take it, just take it.’ I said, throwing the box into Emma’s arms.

‘Hey, be careful, I could have dropped them.’

‘Well I could have dropped down the ceiling aka the attic floor on your head so shut up and thank me.’ I said, jumping out and mentally praising the lord for helping me come out alive.

‘Thank you.’ She sighed, running down the stairs.

I went into her bedroom, standing in front of the mirror and getting off all the dust off my Zara ‘Black crepe and faux leather sleeves’ dress. I sound so good saying that. If I ever said that in front of anyone, they’d want to fuck me. Trust me on this.

When I finally fixed my hair (it turned out bits of dust had started reproducing in there) and looked okay-ish, I trotted down the stairs, like a good horse, and rejoined Emma’s house party.

Let me make this clear – I looked like I’d come straight from a funeral with my black ninja dress. Every other girl was in every colour of the rainbow.  Except for a few girls I spotted near the drinks who all wearing black and I went up to them, yelling ‘BLACK NINJAS MUST GATHER’ and they walked off and I never saw them again. Devastating to say the least.

I headed towards the potato chips but stopped myself when I remembered how my big butt had nearly caused devastation in the attic so I decided to go in search of fruit and I came out with the least mouldy fruit I could find.

An orange.

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Chapter 1!

Here is chapter one of my new Logan Lerman fanfic “The Front Line” let me know what you think.

“Write me ok?” I pleaded with the uniformed man in front of me. My hands clasped around the collar of his finely primped shirt.

 "Everyday.“ He responded, smiling down at me.


 "One letter everyday until I come back to you. That is a promise.“


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‘Hi I’m Savannah. You can call me Sav. Thats what he calls me. Don’t call me Sava/Savan/Savanna or I will murder you in your sleep. And I mean it. I wish I could say some interesting shit about me but the only thing I’m good at is probably the fact that I know Mean Girls off by heart. Boo you whore! I was doing just fine until I met him at one of my friends (Emma, half grape, attracted to Tyrannosaurus Rex’s) house parties. I was being cool and awesome and sick yet all I managed to do was tell him I pretended to be a ghost and that I thought his name was Luke when I 100000% did know his name was Logan Lerman, born 19th of January 1992 to parents Larry Lerman and Lisa Goldman. And my best friend Emma decided to get drunk and tell him that I was virtually in love with him. And I did the cha-cha slide in front of him. And quote the whole of The Hangover to him. And squirt orange juice in my eye. And somehow walk into a bathroom to see a lesbian couple making out on the sink. And I licked my lips at him so that I looked like Jeepers Creepers. And get his best friend’s band their first British gig. And share his love for films. And love the song 'Apeman’ by The Kinks as much as he does. And teach him how to ice-skate. And love him so much, my heart aches.

So as you can see I am emotioNALLY UNSTABLE. All chocolate and pizzas and fluffy love will be accepted. Please send all gifts to Buckingham Palace and if you don’t believe I live there then fuck you, you vacuum bag (cause y'all are dusty, lonely, ugly like me:):):)!!)

The problem is the only time I find the perfect guy, HE LIVES IN FUCKING AMERICA (I think he’s from Beanaie….Beverlala….Oh, Beverley Hills, soz) So from the first time I met him, I only had 8 days/11520 minutes/691200 seconds to make him fall for me.*sighs so hard that 1085975475 cats die or something* I’ve turned into a Lovesick Bitch.’

Chapter 1 - 'Toody-Toad-Bum-Ace’ out tomorrow!

Chapter 9

               Ana’s POV

       I dont want to over react or something but this is just unfair. Why would Logan do that to me? I’ve obeyed him for the whole night. Gosh. His always harsh to me and Kendall. What is the matter with him? I just cant believe we are on another episode of Logan and Ana fighting. Well Im sick of it! I just dont want to talk to him and ever see him again. But I know we’ll just keep seeing each other cause we live in the same house.

        “Ana, Ana,” Logan says while he was chasing me upstairs. I didnt looked back. “look dont over react! It was just a joke.” he hollered. A joke? He embarressed me at front of Kendall and like I said Im not  over reacting!.“So Im a joke? Im a joke to Kendall. Is that want you want to say?” I snap at him. “No, Ana.” his voice freezes. “What then? Why couldnt you speak, So I was right I am a joke to him and to you.” I couldnt believe he isnt looking at me. Is he even listening to me? I really hate him today. I mean I will hate him forever. “Ana, dont talk like that-” his voice was full of sadness. “Then how should I talk Logan? How! You know you should be saying sorry to me right now -” he cutts me off. Suddenly his  eyes was traced into mine. His eyes narrow at mine. “Say sorry? Say sorry for what?” he asks me. I felt blood rising. My eyes narrowed, my nose winced and my lips parted. I can feel the anger inside of me. I want to do something violent. “You humiliated me in front of Kendall, you made my job worse as if you forgot what you did earlier. You know you even burried your face on his shirt. Did you forgot about it. I cant believe you!” I hissed. “So you’re angry at me for not saying sorry and for doing that stunt. Ana I am not saying sorry to you. You should say sorry to me earlier for feeding me late!” I cant believe this is happening right now. As in right now. I seriously want to hit something. “Im not saying Sorry to you! I dont deserve a boss like you!” I snap at him. “Woah! Do you think Im gonna say sorry to you? I dont have a sin here!” The douchebaeg is playing safe, playing nice! “Well then if your not gonna apologize then so do I!” I arched my eyebrow and sneered at him.



I walked to my room and slamed it the same way Logan did. We slamed the door Together. At the same time. With the same force. I cant really believe we had this fight. Usually he can defend himself  effortless, but tonight , I felt he was running out of words. I walked it out. I was walking in my room. I cant deal with him anymore. He makes me high blood. He is making me angry the same way I was angry at my Parents…

            I went to the balcony but tonight the clouds blocked the stars. I couldnt see a star. I only saw the moon. It was alone, left out, always hiding like me. I cant believe this is happening right now. I try to rest and forget all about this but I know I’ll face him in a couple hours. Ana for now just sleep. This will be over tomorrow. My eyes stared at the ceiling, then for a few moments I was asleep.

I couldnt have much sleep that night. My dreams were keeping me awake. Oh how I HATE THEM ALL. I had 2 different nightmares. The first one was all about Logan and I having a great day. Well for him it was a great day. I just dont like it. Eeew.  We Were in a big, Crazy and magnificent building. He was holding my hand, for me that was just ughh…I cant describe it. Anyway, he held my hand and we went to this giant Cinema. He was kind of asking me to sit down and watch the movie with him. I didnt react that much so I just sat with him. I didnt recognized the movie. But he said it was Adapatation (2002). It was great, the movie is so good. Then after the movie we went to a restaurant and ate expensive food. I looked happy but in reality, I didnt like it. Anyway, like I said he  took me to dinner and he was romantic. I dont know why but he kept giving me roses and stuff and when he was about to say something. “Ana I wanted to say this the first time I met you, And I just want you to know that I think that I maybe, sorth of, kinda Inlo…” And I woke up. I just cant take this life anymore.

The second dream was about my Parents. I didnt like the dream when I woke up. But in my sleep I was having fun. I was with my Parents. We were all together, I really wish we could do this in reality. But they dont have time to do stuff with their only daughter, their only child. They have to attend to their not-important jobs. I mean were filthy rich. Rich enough to be with their daughter. Why cant they be with me for a while. But even if they do stay at home, all they do is to talk to their phones and dont talk to their daughter. Thats why I came here so I wont face those two. They only check up on me if they want to give me money or expensive things that I dont like. I want to experience a normal life. With normal parents with their normal daughter. Thats why Im here. To take a break from my busy parents who have no time for me. When I said I was going here, my mom just exploded and kept crying for days. All of a sudden they want me to stay to spend time with them. Parents. Go figure. So I said to them Im just trying to figure out something. That I can be independent. And to start a new life. But right now, the fact that Logan and I arent talking to each other makes it all worse.

            In the morning, I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I made a mango shake, some pancakes that I bought to the nearest grocery store, some eggs and some hotdogs. I dont know why I made this breakfast but I wanted to cool off from last night. I cant be mad all the time with Logan. But until he doesnt say sorry I will ignore him. I left some food on the dining table. I sat at the chair quietly. And while Logan was still sleeping I ate the food and left him some too. I cant stop working for him cause I dont have the money yet. So I’ll still cooked for him.

                   I was  drinking my mango shake when Logan went down and walk to the dining table. I stood up from the chair and grabbed my plate. I washed the dishes leaving Logan in the dining table. And as soon as he finished his food I cleaned it. After that Logan starts to talk again.

                     "Ana what time is my shooting.“ I didnt look at him cause I dont want to see his face I just remember my dream from no where. I was thinking that he was about to say the same thing he was about to say to me in my dream. "At Lunch.” I say I kept my voice warm as possible so I can go away. “Lunch? Okay, then lets just grab some Lunch later too.” he says. I personally dont want to go so I just said “No thanks.” Then he walked towards me. He faced me. Its weird to see him in his pj’s with unicorns on it. “Are you ignoring me?” I didnt react and start walking to the stairs. I dont want to talk to him for a while. “Wait…so you’re still mad about last night. C'mon Ana. Chill for a bit.” I felt my blood rising. “Chill for a bit! You thought I’ll forget about it! Logan what the hell!” I went upstairs and he grabbed my arm. “Look Ana Its just a joke.” I looked at him and for a second I saw his green glittering eyes. “Whatever.” I went to my room and took a shower.

                      I noticed that Logan was knocking on the door. I wore my clothes and towel dry my hair. I opened the door while my hair is still all tangled up from the towel. “What!” I think he was still ignoring the fact that Im still mad at him. “Ana let’s grab some lunch.” he says with smile on his face. “I told you I dont want to.” I said and I was closing the door until he pushed it. “Wait, you have to eat you’ll starve. C'mon!” he says. “Lets just go to the set then go get some lunch for yourself.” I say grabbing my hairbrush. “C'mon Ana. Let’s eat.” I just sighed and start to brush my hair. “Im not hungry!” I just dont want to see him today. “Okay, Chill.” he says while giggling. “Stop it.” I say while getting my stuff . I closed the door and went down. I was startled when Logan took my bag and carried it to his lexus. He has great taste with cars. “I’ll drive.” I looked at him curiously. “What?” he says. I dont get him, when Im with kendall and other guys he acts like an asshole, and when its only the two of us he’s kind. “Are you sick?” I said. “No, Im fine.” he opens the passenger seat door and gestured his hand to it. “Get in already.” I narrowed my eyes and sat in the car. He went to his seat and sat there for a moment. He just looked at me and frowned. “Are you still gonna ignore me?” he says. Its so self explanatory. Isnt it palpable? “So were running late, drive already.” I say while looking into my phone. “Okay." 

                       He drove with ease. We didnt talk, we were there. With awkward silence feeling the car. I didnt even looked at him. I was thinking about my dream about how he was acting nice there and how he acts here, in reality. And I cant stop thinking about the last few words he was about to say.  I mean really.  "Ana I wanted to say this the first time I met you, And I just want you to know that I think that I maybe, sorth of, kinda Inlove…”  I cant understand him. He thinks he’s sorth of, kinda inlove with what, or more like with who. Im still staring at my phone when I realized that Logan was talking to me. “Ana, are you listening? Are you still ignoring me? Ana can you forget about it for a moment? Stop being mad,” somehow I cant move my lips. I was still thinking about the words he was about to say. “Huh? What?” but when I said that Logan thought that I was ignoring him, I just didnt get what he was saying. “Okay, thats it, if you’re ignoring me, so will I!” I just scowled. Fine at least I dont have to talk to him. 

                     Logan’s POV

                  What the hell is this girl doing to me? So I pulled a prank on Kendall, so what! I was hospitable to him. I gave him permission to enter my house. And Ana should thank me for that. She should also thank me for allowing them to spend time together. She thinks Im the bad guy here, But really Kendall is the bad one. That’s why I did that. Im afraid that someday Ana could get hurt because of him. But Ana is just falling head over heels for Kendall. Even his name is evil, well for me its evil. I just think they are not for each other. Someone better is there for Ana. Not Kendall. But who could it be?

                         So This morning I tried to forget that I was mad at her because I cant stay mad at her, she’s Ana. She makes me happy. And she’s the only girl who made me feel like this. I woke up with a happy face. Went to the kitchen where I found Ana ignoring me. Then we had a little discussion. After that she ignored me again. I found her doing it once more at the car, which made me ignore her too. Let’s play IGNORE ME game! Basic rules, ignore. But the fact that Im being ignored made me angry but I just hide the feelings, cause I dont want to hurt somebody. Especially Ana. 

                          As time past by I kinda got hungry. We drive-thru to mcdonalds. When I was in front of the speaker, Ana said something. “Someone’s gonna be late for taking a drive-thru.” I just looked at her and ignored her. “Can I have two Double cheeseburger, two large fries and two large drinks.” I say not looking at her, cause she’s just gonna react and stuff. After my order Ana suddenly spoke. “Wow, thats a lot of food,” she murmurs. “I bought many cause someone Adores food,” I smiled and looked at her for a moment. She just didnt looked but she blushed. After that we went to the set.

                        So in the set we didnt talk again and we kept doing the same thing over and over again. But after two days of ignorance I just couldnt handle it anymore. Ana is so good at ignorance ahhhh. I mean yesterday she ignored me so badly that she dump a ice cream at my favorite shirt. Literally. But two can play this game. So that same day I told her I’d drive. And I threw a prank at her. When she was waiting for me outside the set to pick her up I locked the door and stopped in front of her but she got mad cause I didnt open the door. Then I would start moving forward to leave her and stop and start moving again and again. But I wasnt expecting her reaction when she went to the front of the car and blocked the car. Then I can hear her, she was saying “Logan Freaking lerman I wanna go home! Let me drive!” But I shook my head. Which made her even mad. Her eyes narrowed and then she starts throwing her shoes at the car. “What the Fuck!” I screamed. “I hate you! I hate You!” then she grabbed her shoes and started walking. I followed her cause its night time and its cold outside. I opened the car door, “Ana let’s go home.” I tried to be sincere and be patient but she’s still ignoring me. “Ana c'mon.” Then she looked at me and her stare was beyond scary. As in. She went inside. Then awkward silence filled the car. I know in the house we wouldnt speak again. So I texted Dean. “Yo Dean can you help me with Ana, she’s angry again.” And I was praying she would come over immediately. “This is an emergency!” I texted him once more. Then he replied. “Okay dude I’ll be there in a minute.”

                             I parked the car and went inside the house. Ana was preparing dinner but she was just cooking food for herself.  She was eating now but no way she was giving me food. I found myself staring at her. She looked at me with hatred in her eyes. I didnt looked back, its just gives me the chills. Suddenly Dean rushed inside the house. “Stop Fighting!” he hollered. We just looked at him quizzically. “Oh, uhm.” Ana starts talking. “Dean! How are you! Do you want dinner? Come join me, Let’s eat!” she says with joy in her voice. Uhh so Ana invites Dean but not his boss. Really. “How come he gets dinner and not me, your boss."  I snap at her. "Cause sometimes jerks like you dont deserve food!” she is really angry. “Really!” And just like that Ana was about to hit me but Dean prevented us from fighting. Instead he just let us sit down at the couch. “Okay stop fighting! So who did it first?” Dean asked us. “She did it!” I pointed at her and Ana was pointing me. “Ana who did it first?” Dean asked. “Logan, he destroyed my dinner with Kendall!” Dean widen his eyes. “Really? Logan why?” I looked at him quizzically again. “Because they were having so much fun, and they were in my territory. And because I dont want you two making out here!” I told them. “So why didnt you tell me?!” she says. I didnt want to answer this question. But I answered it. “Cause you were happy about it, and you look like you didnt have problems when you’re with him.” I wasnt looking at her anymore. I was afraid she would see my eyes. I cant look at her when she gets emotional. “So you made my night terrible? Logan if you didnt want him in here you could have just said so, Logan why are you doing this to me.” she says. “Ana I told you,” she didnt let me finish. “Logan you humiliated me in front of Kendall.” I looked at her and she was almost gonna cry. “Ana I didnt mean to get that far, I was just joking around.” I say looking at the floor. “You were joking around? Well, jokes are half meant true.” she says. “You know you should thank me for this, I let that scumbag in here. And I let you watch movies.” I snap at her. Honestly I didnt know what I was doing. Saying things that does'nt make sense.

                “Okay, C'mon guys. Lets just breathe for a sec. Free your mind. Take of the Anger. Chill for a bit.” Dean says. I closed my eyes, took a breath and tried to free my mind. And as soon as I feel free, I kinda feel bad for Ana to do that things to her. She was in a lot of pain. “Now. Face each other. Just smile. Forget what you did to each other.” I looked at her and gave a warm smile. She did the same but her smile was making me melt. “Okay, now say sorry to each other.” I took a deep breath. I looked at her again. “Im terribly sorry for what I did to you Ana. Im sorry I know you wouldnt forgive me for what I’ve done but Let me- just hear me out,” I start to stutter. My palm sweats. She just looks at me with a poker face. “Im sorry that I did that to you, I just wanted  to know If he’ll do anything weird to you. You might be in pain and in so much anger but I’ll make it up to you, Ana please just stop ignoring me, I cant take the fact that you dont notice me. Ana Im really sorry, please dont quit your job because of me, please for me,” I did the best I could to say this few words in my head. She was looking at me but she’s avoiding my eyes. “How about you Ana,” Dean says with a low voice, pretty much because we are in a sensitive moment. “Sorry,” she said with sarcasm in her voice and then she rose from the couch and left as in the living room.

                   Dean taps me on the shoulders then looks at me like he wants to hug me. “Its okay dude we'l find another way,” he says. I just nodded, its good to have a friend when you really need them. 

Lovesick Bitch/Chapter 2 - ‘Apeman’

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Song for this chapter: Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts - Arctic Monkeys (x)

The next morning, I wondered around lazily in my PJ’s, now and again picking something that looked interesting and playing around with it. I stopped doing that when I nearly broke the toaster so I just made myself a bowl of coco pops and sat down with my music on so loud that my earphones were probably going to break. Or my ears would just blow up.

If you really want to know something me, you should know this: I like my music loud. And I mean loud. I’m not talking about the kind of loud where your parents knock your door, telling you to lower the volume or else. Purlease. That’s amateur hour. I mean the loud as in ‘you-can’t-hear-your-parents-knocking-and-the-neighbours-are-putting-a-FOR-SALE-sign-on-their-house-and-moving-to-another-country-because-they-can’t-handle-the-noise-anymore’ loud.  You have to turn it up so high that your chest shakes and the drums get in between your ribs like a heartbeat and the bass goes up your spine and your brains frizzles and all you can actually do is dance or spin in a continuous circle or just scream because you know that whatever you’re feeling, it’s a good feeling.

The song that was playing was Naïve by The Kooks live at Glastonbury 2007. I could relate to the lyrics because I was fucking naïve. Especially when it came to the Logan situation. I really don’t know how I’ll face him today. Even though when the films had finished and they’d gone to their hotel (at bloody 5am in the morning) we’d actually swapped numbers in case they had some trouble getting to Tequila. Bear in mind, it was only Logan I swapped numbers with and no-one else. *flips hair multiple times*

I think I’m giving all this just a little too much concentration. I’m looking down at the rules I’d wrote down for myself on my notes and I’m laughing.

‘You’re so naïve.’

Yeah I am.

‘How could this been done by such a smiling sweetheart. Oh and your sweet and pretty face in such an ugly world.’

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Chapter 10

           Ana’s POV

           "CUT!“ The director says. It’s been a while since Logan and I ever spend time with each other. I found myself looking at Logan while he studies his lines for the movie Perks of being a wallflower. I just can’t face him yet after what he did to me. And him saying sorry to me is just not enough because I know he would hurt me again. To make sure he would remember not to do this to me again, I told him not to talk to me unless it’s important. So Logan said sorry did he think that I’ll forgive him immediately, well not this chick. 

            "Ana, Ana, here are the schedules of the shootings,” One staff member says. I didn’t recognize him in the set since we started shooting. I never saw this dude here before, but what the hell. “Oh, thank you.” I looked at it and I saw that we have to work on Sundays. Ahhhh! I wish I could just leave this job, but I can’t and I won’t give up. I looked up to Logan but he was gone. Where could he be now, the shoot is over and I want to go home. I tried to search for him but I couldn’t find him. So I went to the parking lot and waited for him. It was getting late and I was getting bored so I went to this near by bench and I took a sit. I can’t stop thinking about Logan’s apology last night. Is it even true? Even if he’s saying the truth I don’t know if I can trust him. After a while a little boy about 5 years old, sat next to me.

               "Hi, what’s your name?“ he asks with a cheeky smile. "Hello, my name is Ana, /how about you, what’s your name?” I asked him. “I’m Richard, why are you sad?” he says looking into my eyes. “Because my bad boss played a joke on me whom I didn’t like,” I say while frowning. “He made you sad. Well don’t be, today is a great day,” he says with a smile and a dimple on his cheek. While I was looking at him I realized should I forgive Logan or not. "Do you think I should forgive him?” I asked him once more. “Yes,” he says. “Why?” I added up. “Because he deserves to be forgiven. We should Forgive and forget,” he giggles. Somehow I feel Richard’s smile makes me safe. “Ana don’t be sad…here,” she gave me an aster. “Thank you,” I gave her a warm smile. “Bye,” he says while waving his hand and walked away. Strange for a five year old to be outside in the middle of a parking lot. I smelled the aster one more time before I realized Logan was in front of me. “Ana, let’s go.” he says with warm voice. I couldn’t look at him, because all I hear in my brain is Richard saying forgive and forget. I glance to Logan’s eyes which he catches and suddenly I know I locked my eyes on him but still I didn’t say anything.  When we were in the car, I just couldn’t speak, I couldn’t talk. It’s like my lips won’t move and I felt so nervous.

                   "So Ana do you have plans for this Sunday?“ I can feel my throat so dry. "Yes, Why?” I looked at him quizzically. “Nothing, so what are you going to do at Sunday?” I looked at him. “Do you really have want to know?” I snap at him. “Aren’t we friends yet?” he says with a hint of sadness in his voice. “Do we look like one?” I replied. “Ana. Aren’t you sick of fighting every day? Come on Ana I’m sorry, can you forgive me now?” I scowled at him. What the hell is Can you forgive me now? “Forgiveness isn’t indispensable you know.” I can’t believe he’s so pushy. I mean can he be more effortless. 

                       When we arrive at the house Logan just parked the car and we just sat there no one moved. We waited for each other to say something. Now I’m not good with talking to Logan lately but I try to speak. “Let’s get some rest because you have a shoot tomorrow,” I say and I notice Logan very shocked. “So you’re going to the shoot?” he asks me. “Yes, I’m still your personal assistant,” I grabbed my things and left him in the car. I glanced at him and saw him smile as if he likes the idea me giving up my day off for my job. Logan can always be full of surprises.

                           "Wake up! Wake up! Ana it’s time for work!“ My alarm clock sometimes is full of shit. Why did I even record my stupid voice and use it as my ringtone? It’s just I can’t deal with this today. It’s Sunday morning. Hahn yes It’s my day off, oh wait it’s not. One step closer to your nightmare Ana.     It’s time to meet mister bad influence. And speaking of the boss he knocks at the door but I didn’t open it for 5 minutes. I don’t know why I did that but I want him to wait all the time so he knows what he did wrong. "Knock, knock miss turtle.” Logan says while I opened the door, and I was still in my pj’s with my bunny-with-sun-glasses-on slippers on. “What?” I look at him strangely and he starts to grin. “What!” I looked at him and he looked like he had a shower few minutes ago. “Well aren’t you going to get dressed?” I scowled for a second and gave him a sharp look. Then I realized my pj’s is unicorns head eating rainbow. “Uhhh, shoot!” I rushed back inside and closed the door and still I can hear Logan’s laugh. The Fuck is going on in my wardrobe its full of footsie pajamas! “Oh here it is!” I pulled my faded jeans and my saffron shirt. I now its saffron cause Patricia, my best friend like forever, gave this to me and she said “its saffron it’s my favourite color and my grandmother gave that to me. Keep it for luck cause I know you’ll succeed Ana!” I can’t forget that words from her. Ahh I miss her so much. And for the finishing touch some classic old converse of mine. Just love that pair of shoes! Anyway I walked out of the room took my brush and took my backpack, Sakroots. 

                      “Wow you look radiant,” Logan says sarcastically with his black ray bans. “Whatever,” I say aloud and suddenly Mister bad influence took my backpack. I was taken by surprise. “Logan what are you doing?” I asked him while having a tag of war to the bag. “Don’t you want when I’m being a gentleman to you?” he says while winning the bag and then runs his fingers through his hair, which is kind of new to me. So I just looked at him awkwardly. I even said “We should go,” awkwardly. “C'mon then,” he says while taking my hand which took me by surprise again. He is very weird today. Logan needs some help. When we went in the car, the Lexus, Logan starts to say weird stuff like how he was so exciting to go to work, which I never heard from him ever just this time this moment right now and it’s giving me the chills. “Are you alright?” I asked him. “Of course Ana, this could be it. This Day, Today!” he reaches my hand and squeezed it. What the fuck! “Off limits Logan,” I try to grab his soft hands away but he wouldn’t let go. Suddenly I noticed that we changed directions. “Whoa Logan you took the wrong way. Again,” I say shaking his shoulders. “Oh no, were following the GPS so how could we get lost in this amazing place!” he says while squeezing my hand tightly. “Take them off Logan!” I hissed at him. “Okay, whatever you say darling,” then he gives me a cute but annoying (for me it’s annoying) smile. EEEEEwwww. I think it’ll be the End of the World! “Stop that! Darling eeewww!” I hissed at him. “You don’t want to be called darling, why?” he asks me. “Do you really want to know?” I asked him, but he nods. “Because you’re my freakin boss and eeeewwww yuck that’s disgusting Logan!” I say but apparently he laughs then starts to call me darling the whole trip.

                        “You know we should take a break. You know its just morning so let’s eat!” Logan says.

                        “Stop it!” I hissed at Logan but he kept laughing. Suddenly I looked at the whole place. It’s not the set. It’s another place. Where am I. “Logan where are we?” I tugged his shirt.



                     Logan’s POV

       "Oh gosh. Is this plan going to work?“ I asked Dean. "Sure, I think, I don’t know maybe?”  Uhmm each right and he thought Ana can forgive me. “Dean, I don’t think we should do this, it may cause more damage.” I try to analyse the whole plan and I know it won’t work. “Logan this will be your last chance, just do the plan, for all the times that you hurt her I realized If you continued doing this to her you might lose her. You might lose Ana,” That’s the reason why Dean and I were friends when we were still little, because of that words of encouragement. “Dean, what if-” he cuts me off. “Shhh, this will work I know it will,” I took a deep breath. “I know you made many mistakes, but regrets are felt when it’s just too darn late. So fix your problem. Do the plan, I know she’ll forgive you, I know you can do it, just trust me.” Another word of encouragement. Dean oh no he doesn’t give up. “Thanks dude, I’m going to do it. I won’t fail your right, for Ana,”

           So we did the plan. I followed anything he said. This incredible plan that we made, is very hard. We even had a title for the plan. Logan’s Apologetic Plan. When you right it in a paper it looks like it’s easy to make, but in reality shit happens. But Dean made sure I will pick the things that are in the plan, do the plan with no mistakes. He made me do all of this crazy things. Mainly these things: 

1. He made me hire a freaky dude with a beard and made him as a fake staff member in my movie.

2. Made a fake shooting schedule for Ana.

3. Buy a tux and a cocktail dress which is expensive.

4. made a reservation for two to a 5 star hotel restaurant.

“So this is the plan we hire a man. Pay him to act like a staff member. Next is to reserve two seats to a restaurant. Buy Ana clothes, cocktail dress, high heeled shoes, and accessories, for the attire at the restaurant. Make a fake shooting schedule to make Ana come to the restaurant with you. Say a long speech to Ana that came from the heart. Sing for her or dance with her or do something she likes. And oh be sweet to her. So are you in?” he asked me once more. “I’m ready for it, I’m Logan Lerman and I’m doing this For ANA!” we laughed a bit. “That was loud and proud!” But in a few moments we were serious. I’m not going to fail. This I promise. 

I think this list that Dean made was kind of mean. He said I got to do this cause there was no way that  Ana would come with me in a restaurant, just the two of us, so that I can say sorry to her, for real. So eventually I did everything he said. I did all that things. And it was so hard. Finding a bearded man who looks like a staff member is hard. So what I did, to do all the plan is to hire that dude. Disguised him with some hat and glasses then gave him the fake schedule that Dean and I made. We made him hand it to her. We even told him that he should act a staff member and just tell Ana that that is the schedules to my shooting. When I saw Ana looked shocked to that dude I thought the plan was over but she smiled so it means she bought it. Next step I called my friend who owns this awesome 5 star hotel that has a beautiful restaurant and told him to make a reservation. He also asked me who’s my date but no way he was going to reserve me if I didn’t tell him that I’m just going to say sorry to a girl cause he would just keep on questioning me why, what, when and stuff like that happened. So I said I’m going to say sorry to the girl of my dreams and yes I broke her heart so make the restaurant beautiful. He reserved me for free. Year! Less spending more planning. 

                    So Today I woke Ana up and he was all in her full Sunday footsie pajamas get up. She looked like an abandoned beautiful girl and she is standing in front of me. The way her curious eyes looked made me melt. But instead a laugh came from my stupendous mouth. What a stupid thing to do. I thought I can be less harsh to her by being gentlemen. So I tried to carry her backpack, but we ended up in a tag of war but I need to proceed to the plan. I drove the car and thought she wouldn’t notice the directions were not going to the set but to the hotel. But she is just too darn curious all the time. So I just lied. I’m a big Fat Liar. I told her were using the GPS and that we wouldn’t be lost. Ana successfully bought that. Ha! Moments past and I think Ana might be curious again so I squeezed her hands to make her mind change. I even called her Darling. I don’t know why I did that but it just feels right and sounds good. But that just led Ana to be angrier at me again. But I need to do the Plan. I stopped into a diner so we can eat our lunch, and so I can give her the dress and the shoes with the matching accessories. I took the bag of clothes and brought it inside the diner.

                  “Let’s eat.” I say and started to eat as fast as I can because I was getting nervous. “Are you okay? You should slow down. We’re not chasing someone, just slow down eating or you’ll get chocked,” he says. “Yes ma'am, oh Ana wear this. We need to look formal for the event,” I say straight forward. “I thought we are just going to the shooting?” she asked me. “I thought you knew that we are going to meet some producers and stuff. You really need to look at our schedule,” I add up. “Oh, I didn’t know about that. I’ll wear it after I eat,” she says. I guess she bought it again. Wow she isn’t that curious anymore. “Sure,” I say and I produced a big smile.

                             "Ana! Are you finish wearing that?“ I asked her. She’s been in the restroom for an hour. I on the other hand wore my tux. I look like a pro and I’m ready to do this thing. "Wait a second,” she says. “I can’t wait anymore.” I say. I looked into my watch. It was almost three o'clock. “Ana c'mon were going to be late,” I say while knocking on the door. “Logan I don’t want to go outside. I look so ugly. You should go there by yourself.” she says. “Ana, I think you wouldn’t look so horrible. I see you on your unicorn pj’s and you didn’t look so bad. C'mon were going to be late.” I say. “Promise me you won’t laugh.” she says. “I promise. Now can you go out now?” I say. While I was looking at the Hall way, Ana walked out of the restroom. She looked perfect, she was perfect, and everything was perfect. “I look horrible.” she says with her hands on her face. "Ana take off your hands,“ I say while I took off her hands. But I was just so mesmerized by her beauty, so I didn’t stop holding her hands. "You look great,” but my face was blank as in I was just staring at her who is kind of creepy but I don’t know how to react. This feeling I can’t seem to control is making me blush. I snapped back into reality and took her hand and together we went outside but once we were near the car, Ana jerks her hands of mine, shaking her head. “Ana, what’s wrong?” I say making sure she was okay. “I’m fine, I just don’t know if I look okay or not.” “Trust me, you look fine,” I say and gave her a warm smile.

                          We arrived at the Hotel at five. We weren’t late but still I was nervous. I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I should go home, cry this life. “Logan is you alright? You looked like someone hurt you,” she says. “Ana I’m fine,” We went inside the restaurant. I looked for the maître d’. By the time I saw him, I asked him immediately. "Logan Lerman?“ I asked him. "Aaah, right here sir, table for two.” he says. Ana and I followed him and when we got there, the table was at the center of the restaurant with red petals on the carpet. and balloons all over the place. It was magnificent but it’s too much. “What’s this? Logan did you- Ahhh but - Logan- you made me wear this for your little two seat party!” Ana says while her eyes pop out. I didn’t make a move but silence means yes. “I knew it, I knew it from the start, you-“ I cut her off. "Ana you’re making a commotion, seat down, lighten up, Can you just please sit down so I can explain this,” I say while making her seat. “Okay, speak up.” “Ana please just keep your voice calm, come on please.” I say. I know she probably want to kill me now. “Logan what the hell is this?” she says while pointing my nose. “Okay, i ordered dinner.” I say with a smirk. Ana poked me and said “Logan, what is going on? You’re not answering my question.” Ana said while scowling. I start to stutter, my hand kept shaking, my mouth starts to dry. “Ana -” I paused the waiter came with our food and served our wine. “Bon appetit, would that be all?” the waiter said. “Yeah. Ana, Let’s eat.” I say looking into her majestic eyes. “Logan I want to know the truth.” she says one more time. But the band on the restaurant dedicated a song to Ana; I guess my friend arranged it all. They were playing a song called Always on my mind by Michael Buble. “Okay Ana I made you a fake schedule, made you wear a pretty dress, reserved a seat for you in this five star restaurant, and made you come here to hear me say, Ana, I’m sorry. I really am. I’m sorry that I treated you like shit and all. I know that was wrong, very wrong. And please forgive me. Ana sorry because I was blind but you were always on my mind, I know this isn’t enough, but before we eat can I have a dance with you, just this once. I know you’ll never forget the wrong things I did to you, but can you help me to change. Just please don’t go.” I stood up I took her hand. Her expression-less face appeared. But she eventually stood up and smiled. “Logan your such a dick,” she says while giggling. “So am I forgiven by Ana?” I say and start smirking. We dance the whole song but we danced slowly into the beat. I looked into her eyes and they werent sad anymore. “I forgive Logan Lerman for the most horrible things he did and wore.”  she said. “Wore? Did I ever dress up bad?” I asked her while giggling. “You wore some pj’s and it was also unicorns, remember?” she says while putting her hands on my shoulders. “Aaah so you like that pj’s, they were comfortable you know.” I say putting her hands onto my neck. I can see her blush. “Do you like the place?” I told her. “Yes, its very elegant, classy and sweet.” she says with a smile. I put my hands to her waist and waited for the song to end. We went to the table and ate the whole meal. 

                          “Now for Dessert a Tangerine vacherin with crisp meringues and white chocolate with poached Mandarin oranges.” the waiter said. “Looks so delicious, Let’s eat,” I say. “Go on I’ll just go the restroom, I’ll be back. ” Ana says. “Alright, but come back or I’ll finish your dessert.” I say with humour. “Okay, I’ll be here in a sec.” she says. While she went into the restroom, I saw in the corner of my eye, Kendall. Why is he here? Is he taking a picture of us, or did he follow us? But as I cock my head I saw him with some other girl holding, entwining their hands. He’s cheating? Fuck I knew it what the fuck. What should I do? I shouldn’t make a seen cause I might ruin my career. I know that but he’s hurting Ana. I stood up and just walked straight to Kendall’s table. “Hey are you dating someone, funny because you’re dating two girls. At the same time.” Ana walks straight to me. Ana starts to lean. “Clearly you’re not, Logan. Ughh…..Ke-ke-kendall?” Ana says. “I’m sorry Ana; I didn’t know they would come here.“ Kendall says. Ana was tearing up. "Ana, don’t cry. Do you want me to punch him?” I say balling my fist. “Logan he’s cheating on me? Why? I didn’t do anything.” she says. “It wasn’t your fault Ana, it was he’s lost. He cheated on the most attractive, sweetest, kindest and charming young woman in the world. So you should stop crying, because he doesn’t know what he lost.” I say. “Thanks Logan, just, excuse me for a minute." Ana leaned to the table of Kendall and talked to the girl. I heard her say "This man is a two timer. Kendall Fuck your life!” He pulls Kendall up and punches he’s nose. Ouch. “Asshole!” she hollered. “Logan let’s go!” she says while crying. 

                         We went outside the restaurant, but I gave a note to the maître d’ thank you and sorry, but he just said it was alright. We went back into the car; I obviously drove the car and comforted Ana. “Ana are you okay?” I told her. “Yeah, I’m fine.” But she wasn’t she was sobbing. And stuttering and that obviously affected me. “Everything will be okay, it will go back to normal soon, but for now just rest forget the tension, I’ll do everything, just don’t cry. It’s hard to see you lonely.” I say. She looked at me with her watery eyes. “Logan, thanks.” then he hugged me. "You’re welcome, Ana. Anything for you.”

Lovesick Bitch/Chapter 4 - ‘Hallucinating From Noodle Fumes’

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‘She’s in her room, listening to Mika.’ I heard Emma say over the loud roar of my speaker. I turned it up a bit louder so that soon, the chorus of Grace Kelly was bellowing out so loud that it warned off any passing goats - aka my wonderful flatmates - to stay away from my room at all times until the music was off and the endangered specie – aka me – was out of the room.

I was too busy thinking and pretending to finish off an essay.

‘Do you think I should disturb her?’

I had been eating a load of carrots lately so I could see why my hearing was top notch.

Or do carrots make you see in the dark? I dunno. I can’t remember.

‘Well if it was anyone else disturbing her, I would say no because if you did then she’d chase you around campus with an axe. But since it’s you, I’m sure it’s fine.’

Way to go for making me sound good, Emma. You fucking suck.

‘Great, thanks.’

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Chapter 1: 


“JESS! Wake up! We need to leave to go to the airport at 11!”

My mum shouted. I woke up lazily and look at the clock it was 8am on Sunday` and we had to leave Ohio to go to LA, see my mum wanted this dream job of being a fashion designer and now she has got it, she is happy and all but only one thing… it’s in LA. So now we have to fly to LA and live in my aunties house, who knows when how long. I love LA and all that but i don’t want to leave my friends and hometown. I quickly dressed up and went downstairs to see the entire luggage at the side of the door.

“Oh jess good you woke up quick… excited? Start packing because we’re going to leave at 10, oh and help you brother as well.” My mum said happily.

I hate my baby brother, his so annoying; his name is Zach and his 11. He doesn’t care if we leave Ohio because he hates this place anyways. I finished packing everything and before I knew it was at the airport boarding the plane. It only took 2 hours to get LA. We saw my cousin Zoe, my auntie Rosa and my uncle John waiting for us happily outside the airport. I have not seen Zoe for so long so i ran up to her and gave her a big hug.

“JESSS! I missed you!” she said excitedly 

My cousin and I are basically best friends. Oh and i forgot to tell you they are super rich so i wouldn’t be surprised their house to be a mansion haha. They took us to their home, when we were on their street driving this basketball rolled onto the rocky road and we stopped just in time, the guy who ran across the road to get the ball stared at me. HE was super hot!

“Who’s that kid?” I asked curiously to Zoe.

“That’s Logan his pretty hot aye?” she admitted

“Yeah haha” i replied

We only lived two houses away from him. Once i got out of the car i looked at him and his friend playing basketball.

“Oh and the blonde hair kid, his name is Dean, Logan’s Best friend’ She said

“How do you know him?” I asked

“He goes to my school silly! Were in some classes together and you’ll be going to the same school to! With me! Beverly Hills High.” She smiled

I was pretty nervous going to school tomorrow but at least I have Zoe or i could of have a panic attack not knowing anyone there.


It is morning and time to go to stupid first day of school ah fuck my life my senior year, Rosa told me that me and Zoe can borrow her old car so Zoe drove to school and as Zoe parked there was a group of guys i front of us and stared at us when we got out of the car. I got nervous and saw that Logan kid Zoe was talking about yesterday.

“Hey Zoe! Who’s your hot friend there?” this guy yelled out as we walked inside.

“Piss of Daniel! Jessica’s my cousin and she’s going to be going to this school now” she said.

“Ohhh hey Jessica” this weird guy winked at me

“Dont worry about them Jess, their all stupid retard’s” Zoe whispered to me

I laughed. Zoe took me to the office to get my timetable and find out my locker. When i looked at the first class i had Keyboard Skills.

“Great Keyboard Skills don’t even know how to play the keyboard.” I said miserably

“Oh i have text tiles guess we don’t have the same classes.” She said

Zoe walked me to my class since i don’t know where the rooms are. I was late and when i walked in everyone was playing the keyboard but then they stopped to look at me.

“Oh i guess you are Jessica right?” the teacher said, “I’m miss Roomy welcome to keyboard skills, everyone this is Jessica.”

“Ah hi’ i said nervously.

I saw one of the guys from outside in my class and they started whispering and then i saw Logan. Just playing the keyboard by himself.  She looked around figuring out where i should sit and play the keyboard

“Um honey you can go share the keyboard with Logan” she pointed at Logan and he waved “Do you know how to play the keyboard?” She asked

“Um no miss i have not played it before.” I answered

“That’s okay! Logan will teach you!” she smiled. “ If you got any problems you can just ask me!

Great now i have to sit next to him I’m going to panic i bet i can’t even talk to him. I went up to him and he smiled…

“Hey there” he said

I looked up to his blue ocean eyes and i got lost just staring at him

“Oh hey” i said

“You Zoe’s cousin right? I saw you in he car with her i just live two houses away!” he said.

“Yeah I’ll be living with her.” I indicated

“Cool, so where did you come from?” he asked

“Ohio, it’s sad leaving my old friends behind” I said

“Don’t worry! You’ll make friends easily! I bet will be great friends!” he said happily

“And me!” that fag Daniel added.

“Daniel go away, let’s get to work, here I’ll start you off by teaching you some basics.” He sad

“CLASS! Listen up you have an assignment due next week you and your partner who you are next to right now will have to make a song with the keyboard.” She said

“We only have a few lessons in class so you will have to go to each other’s houses or something to finish off and present it to the class when it is due.”

Once she finished talking everyone went back to work.

“Do you have a keyboard?” he asked

“Nahh i have not played keyboard before” I said

“Well we have a lot to work to do! When are you free to go to my house?” he asked.

“OHHHHH LOGANN!” That kid that winked at me before said.

“Oh shut up Mark!” he got pissed.

“ Um sorry it’s just those dickhead friends i have.” He said

 “Hhahaha it’s ok um so its Monday today maybe on Wednesday?” I suggested

 “Yeah sure, Can I have your number so i can text you?” he asked

“Yeah here’s my phone you type in mine and ill type in yours” i smiled

OMG he asked for my number and I’m going to his friken house OH and his going to teach me keyboard ohhhhhhhhhhh his so hot! And this is my first day it was going pretty well.

POV: Logan


Stupid Mark, that fag. But Jess is really pretty, and i got her number! She is going to my house on Wednesday!

 This is the last lesson English ugh I absolutely hate English, i walked in the class room and i saw Jess there she was in my English class to! So i sat next to her.

“Hey! You’re in my English class to!” i said happily

“Ahaha Cool!” she said.

I kept turning my head staring at her every now and then i think she kind caught me. Once the class was finished. I went to catch her up and asked…

“I’ll text you my details so you can come to my house on Wednesday”

“Yup!” She said and then went

Dean came up to me while he was staring at Jess.

“Sooooo? She is coming to your house aye?” Dean winked at me.

“ONLY because we’re going to make our song for piano skills NOTHING else Dean ok? I notified

“Ok, ok clam down just asking jezz, I’ll see you tomorrow k? He replied

“Ok bye” i mumbled

A/N: LOL ok guys my first fanfic story, sorry if i didn’t edit properly and im not like a professinal writer i hate the subject English but i got inspired to write on of my own fanfics hoep you like it!! Oh and send me your thoughts should i keep going or not?  :D  and its pretty long. 

Wish // Chapter Three

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I cautiously clicked the answer button . 

“Uh, hello?” ..

“Hi! Its Austin. Still up for our date tonight?”

“Oh , hey ! Of course!” i answered.

“Great. Pick you up at six?”

“Perfect” i said, trying to make it obvious i was smiling.

“See you then” he said, hanging up. 

I threw my phone lightly onto my bed and snatched my towel and hairbrush and headed off for the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom, the hot water hitting my body like soft raindrops, washing away all my worries. After twenty minutes that felt like two, i stepped out and wrapped my white towel around my petite frame before walking to my bedroom and softly closing the door behind me and locking it. I let go of my towel before it dropped onto my carpet and threw on my underwear. (LOL, awks) after what seemed like forever, i found a suitable outfit for tonight. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=45000792 speaking about tonight, what time is it? wait, why am i asking you? i glanced at the clock that read “5:20” crap. After what felt like hours , i finally picked out an outfit. I hope its not too much… I shrugged and pulled out my giant make up case.  Once my smokey eye was smokey enough, my lip gloss was perfectly glossy, and my blush was perfectly blushy, i took a step back in the mirror and nodded at myself in approval. My eyes darted towards the clock. 5:45 I still have fifteen minutes. I brushed three more times and chewed on four pieces of excel gum as i painted my nails. Finally they were finished drying. I practically skipped downstairs and plopped onto the couch. 

“ooh, where are you off to?” my dad said jokingly. 

I laughed.

“Well.. this boy i met asked me out on a date.. he was really nice.. soo i agreed. Thats okay right?”

“Of course it is sweetie. Just lemme see it first” he said . 

I held out my right hand, flashing my purity ring at him.

“Thats my girl” he said before we both started laughing. 

The doorbell rang and i practically shot out of my seat.

“DAD! Answer the door! Im gonna go run upstairs, so you can yell my name, and then i come walking down the stairs and BAM its all dramatic and cute like you know those cool movies where-”

“Just go hunnny” he interupted, shooing me off. 

I dashed upstairs and then i heard my cue. I touched up my hair before i walked slowly down the staircase and saw Austin standing at the bottom of it wearing board shorts and a bright blue hollister t-shirt. YES . he wasnt all formal. Bieetchess, we be goin somewhere i vant toooo. I guess you could say im in a happy mood. When our eyes locked at the bottom, i realized they were blue mixed with a bit of grey. Blue eyes… logan… i smiled to myself at the thought of his name. no , what the hell ? Im on a date .. 

“Nice outfit” he said, dumbfounded. 

“Thanks” i mumbled. “Not to bad yourself” i said  as i looked down at my newly painted toenails that were peeking out through my brown gladiator sandals. 

“Okay lets go. See ya mr somers. Keep it chill bruh” he concluded, pretty much dragging me out of the house.

Rude . Like for real, who calls a girls parents “bro”? I mean he barely even pronounced it right . Ugh . He climbed into the drivers seat of his black Ferrari which roared to life when he put his key into ignition, before i was even in the damn thing. We zoomed pass cars with the radio playing softly. Before i knew it, we were parked infront of the beach. He climbed out, slamming the door behind him and opened the back door, pulling out something. I opened his car door and gently closed it shut as i saw him already walking towards the beach. The sun was barely up, but not quite sunset yet. I followed him , but as much as i tried to speed walk to him, he was way ahead. 

“Hurry up, would you?” he asked. 

I rolled my eyes and ran towards him, sand finding its way into my sandals and hiding between the crevices of my feet. He turned me around.

“Dont look until i tell you to” he said.

I nodded , even though he probably didnt even see it. 

“Okay, turn around” . 

I turned around and saw a beach towel only big enough to fit one person, and a picnik basket lying in the sand. He plopped himself down onto the seat, leaving a spot big enough for me to sit down and cross my legs together. He opened the picnic basket and the smell of a fast food restaurant hit my nose like an oncoming truck. What . The . Fuck . Cheap . Ass . He pulled out a brown paper back with a yellow M marked on the front. McDonalds. for real. He pulled out two big macs, and two regular sized french fries , what the hell are they called, cups? I dont know, but this mofo is pmo. He handed a french fry “cup” and the big mac.

“Eat up” he said. 

“Erm , thanks.” i added.

“No sweat. For real. Like i had coupons.”

“Even better..” i replied, rolling my eyes. 

After we finished, i wiped my fingers onto a napkin along with my mouth and took a sip out of his large coke. He was finished too, so he stuffed the garbage into the mcdonalds paper bag, collected the towel and just left the garbage sitting there.. no way was he gonna fucking litter that shit. Sorry, but i dont like people who litter . Biieetch . i picked up the paper bag and jogged to the garbage can , threw it in and raced to catch up with Austin. We small talked while he made me hold his stupid beach towel as we walked down the beach, the sun setting slowly . I sighed occasionally. Once he grabbed my hand, but i slipped mine out of his. It was really easy because his hands were still greasy from the mcdonalds… After 9789475938475 hours, the boy finally came to his senses and decided to get home.  He didnt even walk me back, he pretty much told me to get out of his car, before saying a casual ‘bye’. I unlocked my door and slammed it shut behind me. My dad was probably sleep by now, so i walked back upstairs. The clock said it was 9:28. I changed into my navy blue sweats and an old tshirt and started my homework after i washed my make up off. By eleven fifteen, my homework was all completed and i slipped into my bed and fell off to sleep… i was dreaming. 

I was four again.. and in the bedroom of my old house, hiding in the closet, peeking through the cracks. I saw his face… short black hair, dark brown eyes, light stuble, pretty tall, a tattoo of a snake coiling around his pinky finger.. this was him.  The  man who killed my mother… The closet door burst open and he looked me straight in the eye, smiling an crooked smile, revealing a golden kanine tooth. Just before he grabbed me, i awoke . 

Heaps of sweat were puddled on my forehead and my breathing was extremely heavy. Why? why was i only dreaming about hiim now? and .. and why was my dream so vivid? 


Heey, so yeah.. I hope you liked it. Again, so sorry for the delay on writing. No hard feelings? (; Austins a jerk, huh? yeah  of course you agree . LOL . sorry  i know im acting like a biietch but thats cause ive been fighting alot with my boyfriend.. and i just need to laugh, and be happy you know? Well yeah thats it for this chapter ;p i promise i’ll try my best to upload to more. -Sam

Chapter 8

          “Kendall, how are you? I’m fine. Today, Oh sure. Wait I’m just gonna ask my boss if it’s alright.” Kendall has invited me to Dinner. Oh my gosh. Aahhhh! Fangirling here. What should I wear? Where would we meet? Where would we eat?

              “Logan, can I-” he cuts me off. He was as if not interested to hear my question. “Sure, whatever just be back before six.” I paused for a minute thinking that he should be over protective and stuff not like his all okay with that plan. “You sure?” I asked him one more time, just to be sure. “Yes, After all you hadn’t had fun for a while.” he says. That’s bit of a shocker coming from your boss. “Thanks.”

                I went to the Kitchen so Logan couldn’t hear me. “Kendall my boss didn’t agree. Maybe, this Sunday. Just not Today.” I say. I thought this is hard. I got the opportunity to have some time to my future boyfriend but I think this isn’t the right time to do it. We kissed but we didn’t define our relationship. “Okay, This Sunday, I won’t Forget.” he says with sadness in his voice.

                 I went to the Family room and sat next to Logan. “What time are you leaving?” he asked me. He couldn’t wait till I leave. “Uhmmm…Changed my mind. I just wanna relax today. I just wanna watch some TV.” Logan looked at me. “So, you’re just staying here? Not with Kendall? Are you okay?” he says. As if he wants me to leave. “What? Of course I’m alright. Why don’t you want me here?” I ask him but not looking at him cause I was afraid that I might blush in front of him. “Well I want my maid around. Especially when she takes good care of me.” I think I blushed but turned my head so he won’t see me. “Really?” I giggled a bit. This is the first time I felt Logan was really not a pain in the ass. “Besides I feel you just want to stay here because of me. You don’t wanna leave because of me don’t you? ” he smirks. “What? Of course not. And I thought we were going to your shooting today? We’re gonna be late. C'mon.” I pulled him up to his feet. But I was so clumsy when I pulled him my stupid foot hit the Coffee table which made me fall but Logan caught me and pulled me close to him. I French dipped Logan! I was so shocked that I blushed. I didnt looked into his eyes because it was like saying something to me like hi I caught you and you owe me. Ah gosh. “Woooow there, Ana next time be careful.” he smirks. “Ahh…Okay I’m gonna take a shower now.” I heard him giggle but I just walked away. For the first time I felt something weird inside my broken and dirty heart. It was as if my hearts dark room that was locked since I was born was opened up by Logan. These feelings that I can’t describe. What is this?  Forget it Ana. It’s nothing.

                   When I finished taking a shower I wore my jeans and my V-neck red shirt and vans. I fixed my hair into a ponytail and wore my glasses because I couldn’t find my contact lenses. Anyway I went down and fixed our things that we will bring into the set. “Logan! C'mon. We’re gonna be late again.”       And he came down with his white shirt and jeans with ray bans on. He looked simple but very attractive. I was just looking at him when I realized that I was staring at him the whole time. “Ana, C'mon.” he grabs my hand and pulls me outside.

                  We went into the car. I started driving. After a few minutes Logan started to play some music. “This Boy is on Fiiiiirrrreeee!!!!!” He sings Alicia keys songs for a couple of minutes. It was distracting because he can’t sing. I was beginning to be angry at him. “Shut Up! It’s supposed to be This Girl on fire and your out of tune.” I hissed at him. “Okay miss know it all can you sing it?” he asks me. “Are you asking me if I can sing this Alicia keys song?” I scowl at him. “I think I’m asking that.” he says with his eyes looking at me waiting for me to sing. “No you don’t! Listen to the Pro!” I waited for the chorus “And 1,2,3… This Girl is on FIre!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Girl is on Fire!!!!!!!!!!! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! And that’s how you sing like a Boss!” I hissed at him. “Oh….really. How About this song.” He plays Elton John’s song someone saved my life tonight. He starts singing and you know that he is bad at it. “No dont sing please. Don’t destroy this beautiful song it’s a song from the heart not from broken dreams.” I say. “Oh so you’re saying my voice is made up of broken dreams? How about your voice? You think you have a beautiful and soothing voice, well I don’t think so.” he says sneered at me. “Oh really listen to this.” I played Adele’s song someone like you. “I heard that you’ve settled down, that you found a girl and you’re married now- “he didn’t let me finish the song. "Oh no don’t sing the most mindboggling voice in the world. Don’t make a world war 3 because of your voice.” he says. I really wanna strangle him but I’m driving and we were almost at the set.

                   "What did you say!? Logan I’m holding the freaking wheel if you can’t stop insulting me and my voice I’m gonna make this car crash and make it absolutely your freakin fault. Don’t make me dot this!“ He stopped talking for a while then when I parked the car, he starts laughing so hard. "What now?” I asked him. “You were freaking pissed Ana…..hahahahahaha…….I can’t believe you fell for that! hahahaha.” he says. “Logan shut up before I make a scene.” I wanna kill him as if everything I felt for him earlier faded. “Okay,” he says. “Now say sorry. Or else.” I told him. “Or else what?” he says walking towards me. I balled my fist and raised it to my eye level. “Or else I hit you!” I say fiercely. “Okay I’m sorry Ana.” he gives me a grin and put a strand of hair over my ear and fixed it. “Say my voice is beautiful!” I’m still scowling at him. “No, but your beautiful.” I just looked at Logan and sneered. “I have a beautiful voice and…” I was just surprised at Logan’s words. “And…?” he was closer now. He touched my shoulder. “And were Late!” I run away from him. Eeeww. He got to stop that. That is just not appropriate anymore. I’m his PA and he’s my boss. And were off limits with each other.

                 When I walked inside the set, the whole place was like a restaurant. I think they were about to shoot the scene were the girl will kiss Logan. Oh well, at least I’m not that girl. After a few moments everybody was ready to shoot the scene. 

                    I was just thinking if they were about to make the set rain how would they do it? Suddenly someone tickled me. Logan. He was beside me. I don’t like these games anymore I mean really tickle your Personal Assistant. “Logan, Stop that!” I hissed at him. “Oh you’re mad again. You know you should smile a bit. That makes you more attractive.” he says. “Logan go there already.” I sneered at him. I just wanna go away.

                     When the directors says. “Action!” everything was silent. They made the set rain. The effects of the camera were amazing. So Logan and the actress, well I don’t know the girl so, they were talking. Logan lines were “You don’t have to leave me, we can be together.” And I saw the girl with tears. She said “I know but I got to do this, I’m sorry.” Then Logan started to cry, He said “I love you.” Then they kissed. I didn’t look cause something weird was going in me. I don’t know what it is but it’s really creepy. I went out of the scene to catch my breath. And before I knew it Logan was beside me. I think the scene was over because he was soaking wet. “Ana are you okay?” he says. “Uh-yeah.” I was still panting because my heart was beating so fast. What is wrong with me? “You sure?" he asks. "Yeah. I’m fine. I think I just need some air.” I think my heart was aching when Logan is with some other girl. Nahhh that can’t happen.

                        After his shooting Logan and I went to some fancy restaurant cause Logan was gonna treat me. I like Free food. We ordered some expensive food. And I picked so many. “Really, Ana I can’t believe you like food.“ he says. "I believe you’re wrong. I Adore food!” We kept ourselves happy for the whole night. After a few moments we were full. “Ahhh….I wanna go home.” Logan says. “Oh…Logan tomorrow Kendall and I are going to have a dinner.” I say so he won’t be mad at me. “Oh. I thought that it’s just the two of us tomorrow.” he says with palpable sadness in his voice.

                 Logan’s POV

         Ana just really make me happy but when she talks about Kendall she just makes my heart shatter into pieces. Why are you doing this to me Ana. It’s Sunday and Ana is making the house very beautiful because Kendall and Ana is gonna have a Date in my house. That’s why I made a plan to wreck it. Hahaha. 

             "Logan can you help me!“ Ana yells. Why am I going to help her if she’s doing this for Kendall. "Do it yourself!” I hollered. “Please Logan!” she replied. “Fine!” I stood up from my bed and walked out of my bedroom. “Can you come with me to the grocery store? Please! Help me Logan.” I just stared at her. Her eyes were just so serious. So I helped her.

                 We went to the store to buy some vegetables and some other foods. I grabbed everything I need but Ana was putting them back to their shelves. “We don’t need that.” she says. But too can play this game. So for everything she grabbed, I just put them back where Ana took it. “Logan! Stop that!” And I tried mocking her too. On how she talks and how she moves. “Logan!” she sneered. I was just laughing all the time but at the same time my hand was getting tired because I’m Logan Lerman I signed my fan’s autographs. So Ana got away and took everything she needed. I sneered at her. I took everything I wanted and started to put it into the cart. But before I put them inside I looked at Ana making sure she would agree for me to put it there. “Fine!” then I put it in. I was being a gentlemen, so I paid for the items even though Ana hesitated. I also drove the car. First time to be A gentlemen to Ana. When we came home Ana was rushing to cook the meal and fix the dining table. I was just scanning her till I got bored. I’m still planning on how to destroy their dinner. But before I decided what to do Ana hollered once more.

                   "Logan!“ she knocks on the door, so I immediately opened it up for her. "How do I look?” I looked at her and she looks simple yet gorgeous. I was staring at a goddess. She wore a floral blue dress. Even though she didn’t wear makeup she still looks so blooming. “Well?” she adds. She spins to show off her dress.“You’re alright. Is that all?” I asked without looking at her. “Yeah.” she says with acquiesced. Suddenly someone pushes the doorbell. “He’s here? He’s here! Ahh.” she rushed down and went to the front door.

                    I glance into the front door to see him. That Kendall looks liked He had been taking a shower. He looks appropriate. He scans the whole house. He almost saw me but I managed to go inside my bedroom. I leaned on the door and listened to their conversation. “Ana you look, Wow!” Kendall laughs. He just makes me wince. “ You look Fine.” Ana giggles. Ahhh I wanna go there. Luckily I have attached hidden cameras all over the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room. I can spy. Hahahahaha. “Let’s see. What are you two doing?” I say sarcastically. While I was watching them Ana gets the food from the kitchen. They were starting to eat. I went down and went to the dining table. I sat down. “Hey Ana where is my food, and where is my beer?!” I hollered. I sat next to Ana so I can see her expression. “Logan?” she makes a gesture that indicates me that I should live but Im stubborn tonight. If they are having fun, so am I. “What? I’m hungry. Can’t you see that’s why I bought this dining table and chair for me to eat here and I’m starving!” I hissed. But really inside I was laughing because I can see Kendall’s expression. His face was telling me what-the-hell-are-you-saying?  It was so hilarious. “I’m sorry Kendall, I guess we are going to be joined by my horrible boss.” Ana sneered at me, so I sneered back. For several moments Ana serve my food. Yeay! I’m crashing there dinner. Hahaha.

                    Every time Kendall will begin the conversation with Ana I interrupt him. “So Ana-” I just cut him off. “Can you pass the beef?” I told Kendall. Ana tries to ask Kendall what he was trying to say. But I cut into their little chat. “Ana can you get me more beer?” I say. “Logan?” she was really getting annoyed. But I didn’t stop. “Uhhh.” Hahaha this was a really great dinner. “I’m sorry about this Kendall.” Ana whispers to Kendall which I heard. “It’s okay Ana as long as you’re having dinner with me it’ll just turn fine.” Fine?! Well then, let’s kick it up a notch. This has just been my first round, Round two fight.

                     After dinner I make Ana’s work harder. Kendall and Ana went to the family room to have some drinks. I invited myself there, and before you know it I was between Ana and Kendall. “Let’s watch some Movies!” I hollered. "Yeah, let’s watch some movies.” Ana says. “Okay.” I felt Kendall was kinda confused on what I’m playing. We watched Saw 3. When we were watching the whole movie I felt Ana and Kendall was holding their hands at the back of my shoulders. I make a scene for that so they won’t do it. So when I get scared or shocked I make myself over react. When I screamed I hugged Kendall and bury my face into his clothes. Kendall was weirded out, and I was just laughing. Ana was shocked too. Her mouth dropped when she saw me do this to Kendall.

                    After the movie Kendall told us that it was getting late. So Ana escorted him into the front door. I hide from the family room. “This was an interesting night Ana.” he says. “Thanks.” Ana was closer now to Kendall and before they even kissed I rushed to Ana. “Ana you forgot to turn off the TV! Gosh Ana your wasting energy! And Goodbye Kendall!” I pushed him out of the house and locked the door. “Logan! That was rude!” Ana hollered. “What! I was being kind Ana.” I try not to laugh. “Logan seriously.” she looks into my eyes as if she wants to know why I did that. “Well that was fun right?” I say. “How could you.” she says then walks away.   

Chapter 5.

I woke up with a start. Many people use sleep to escape reality and enter a world entirely their own, a good world. But for me the dreams, more like nightmares, I had could be just as bad as the actual real world.

Josh was in my dream, I just couldn’t escape him could I? It’d been over a week now and he hadn’t made any contact with me. Maybe he really had left me alone for good. Doubt it.

Looking over at the window I quickly closed my eyes, the sunlight creeping through the curtains blinding me. As I stood up to get out of bed for the day that was ahead - the first day of filming, I felt something under my feet other than the familiar cold wooden floor.

A black jacket? This wasn’t mine? It suddenly clicked. Logan must have left it here last night. After he had said all those things to me and I hugged him up on the roof a week ago we just sat there together in silence. Not an awkward silence, one of those nice comfortable silences. I genuinely believed all that he’d said and just accepted it. I think me being mad at him was just a way for me to cope with it. Not to mention the fact that it’s just wired into my brain that I’m never good enough for anyone and that everybody dislikes me and all that shitty stuff. It was weird… It was like nothing had changed. It was like those 10 years apart didn’t happen. It was just like we had picked up from where we left off. Since then we’d spent all week together with our co-stars apart from last night. Everyone was just doing their own thing but me and Logan decided to watch some movies. 

“My room, my movie choice.” I declared as soon as Logan sat down.

Pulling out some DVD’s that I had brought with me I picked out Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind as the first movie.

“No way!” Logan exclaimed, “That’s my favorite movie!”

“And mine!” I said excitedly, “Best movie of 2003! No wait scrap that, best movie ever.”

“You mean 2004.”

“No, 2003.”

Logan chuckled. “Funny how so much has changed yet there are those little things that never will. Like you being stubborn and not admitting when you’re wrong.” He said with a playful cheeky tone in his voice.

“Oh yeah?” I replied. “Maybe it’s because I’m not wrong. C'mon then what else?”

“Hmm…” Logan sat there with his hand on his chin prolonging his answer on purpose. “Like how ticklish you are!” He said suddenly moving towards me, tackling me to the floor and tickling me.

“Stop!” I yelled through laughter. “Stooopp ittt!" 

Logan finally stopped, both of us sitting up clutching our stomachs from all the laughing.

Turns out the movie was out in 2004, not 2003… Although Logan knew better than to rub it in.


Wish // Chapter Two

Chaz grabbed my wrist (which i must say startled me) and rushed down the hallway, somewhat angrily.

“Uhm, Chaz, where are we going?” i asked, cautiously. 

“To the school office of course” he answered.

I could tell he calmed down because his voice was much softer, and we slowed down a bit. The halls werent as filled compared to a minute or two ago. He let go of my wrist which dropped onto my leg .He sighed.

“Faith I’m sorry about the guys. I just, i dont know why they would do that” he said apologetically while shaking his head. 

“Dont worry about it.”

“Faith of course i’m going to worry about it. Youre my cousin!”

I laughed. “Nice to see you care Chaz" 

We finally reached the office. He pushed open the door and there sat the school secretary. Im guessing she knew i was new cause when she looked up, she said ..

"New. Into Mr.Markel’s room" 

Chaz leaded the way and pushed the door open for me.

"Youre not coming in?" 

Chaz shook his head and gently pushed me in. The principal put down his pen and interlocked his fingers and inspected me. 

"You must be Faith Sommers” he finally said. “Take a seat”

I sat down on one of the two red cushioned chairs.

“So, You came from Grand prarie texas, correct?”

“Yes sir”

“You know your manners. Good" 

"My pare- my dad raised me well" 

"Great. So, lets get started, shall we?" 

He picked up a book of about 30 pages and handed it to me. It read "Mackenzie Heights rules and regulations”.

“Take care of that, will you? A student will be on his way to show you around the campus.”

“Yes sir, Thank you sir" 

"Sir. I could get used to that” he said with a finishing chuckle.

I heard the door creak open and there he stood. I couldnt forget his ocean blue eyes. 

“Ahh, yes, Logan, this is Faith Sommers. Shes new here from Texas. You have a 4.0 grade average, yes? Missing two blocks will not be a problem, will it?" 

"Not at all Sir." 

He said sir! We have something in common! ;D 

"Thank you. Dismissed” he finished, handing us both pink hall passes. 

I stood up and walked out of the school office with Logan at my side.

“Hi. My name’s Logan . Logan Lerman." 

"Nice to meet you Logan” i said with a smile. “My name’s Faith Sommers." 

"So, texas huh?” he said, walking back down the hall.

“Yeup” i said with a smile on my face. 


Logan and I conversed long enough that I knew lots about him. Actually, i felt pretty close to him. Its nice making a friend on your first day of school, let alone the first two hours. 

“The bells going to ring in a couple of minutes. Wanna get to the lunch room early?” he asked.

“Sure, why not” i said with a cute smile planted on my face. 

He took my hand and we walked together to the lunchroom . My face turned warm and i knew i was blushing. 

“Soo, whats for lunch?” i said.

“I actually dont know” he said laughing. 

I laughed along with him. The bell buzzed and people from all around came to line up. Our hands disconnected and i wont lie, it made me a bit disappointed, but whatever. I picked up a tray and took an apple, a banana, a turkey sandwhich, and a bottle of water. Logan lead me to an empty table and we sat next to each other. 

“Is that all youre going to eat?” he asked with a goofy yet cute smile on his face.

“Yeah. Im trying to stay healthy” i said, giggling lightly. 

“Heyyy” someone called from afar. I saw Chaz in a clump with the rest of his friends.

“Great” i sighed. 

“You dont like Chaz?” Logan questioned.

“Of course i like Chaz. I just dont like the group of baboons he calls ‘friends’" 

"Huurrrtttt” Logan said witha pouty face. 

“Oh, no of course not you! Im so sorry!” I gave him a side hug. 

We laughed, not letting go of each other. I leaned on his chest, his warm breath hitting my face and his steady heartbeat filling my ears. I wanted to stay here forever. Wait - What am I doing? I just met this boy! I need to get a grip on myself. Chaz dumped his tray infront of us and huffed. He looked up and his frown was replaced with a smile. 

“Woah woah woah! Keep the PDA to a minimum please!” he joked. 

We pulled away and once again, i blushed. 

“Chaaaz, it was just a friendly hug” Logan said. 

“Riiggghhhttt. So anyways, Ms.Venice gave me a detention for passing a stupid note to Mel. It didnt even reach her..” he frowned. 

Just my luck - The rest of the boys surrounded the table loudly talking to each other. I took a bite out of my sandwhich in delight. 

“Wait” i said, swallowing it down. “Who’s gonna bring me home?" 

"Can you wait until four? Im really sorry Faith." 

"Nah, its alright”

Chaz looked to his left and choked on his water. I raised an eyebrow and turned to look. There was a beautiful blonde girl with her fingers interwined with another boys fingers. This must be Mel. Poor chaz. 

“Maybe theyre just friends?” i said, trying to help. 

“Yeah, because THATS just friends” chaz said, disappointedly. 

I looked over and saw them lip-locking. I looked back at Chaz’s expression. I could tell he really liked this girl. 

“Dont worry about it bro” Logan added. “Its her loss" 

"Youre right” Chaz decided. 

After about Fifteen minutes Chaz, Logan and I finished up the last of our lunch and cleaned up. The boys didnt even noticed we were leaving, which i was glad of. We went out into the hall. A piece of paper slipped out from my handbook. I picked it up and read it. “Locker: 205 Combination:25 32 95 74”

“Oh , cool” I said. 

“What is it?” Logan asked . 

“My locker. Its 205." 

"Thats just a few lockers away from here” Chaz said. 

“Dude, thats like, five lockers away from mine!” Logan said. 

“Great!” i added 

We walked until we reached my locker. There was already a lock on it. I put in my locker combination and it opened up. It was completely empty and it smelled like a library - dusty and dull. On the flip side of my locker door was a bulletin board. Yay (:  I took my backpack off my back and put in my text books, pencil case and my binders into it. I slung my backpack into a hook. The bell buzzed. I looked over and Chaz was walking away without a goodbye. I guess he had something to do. Oh well. At least Logan was still here . 

“What classes do you have?” I asked him. 

“Uhhm. Art, Chemistry and English" 

I looked down at my paper and a smile grew on my face. 

"Great. all the same classes as me” (: 

We walked down to art class, which was located in the east side of the building.


The bell rang as English finished and Logan and I packed our stuff and walked swiftly out the class door. Today was fun. In Art class, we were to paint something that reminded us of our parter. I painted an ocean. Logan painted an hourglass. And no, it wasnt time related at all. I smacked him in the arm for that. Chemistry was a blast. Literally. Kevin Jones’ experiment blew up in front of him. English, well english was alright. We were to write an essay, but me and Logan just wrote notes to each other on our lined paper. I smiled at the though of iit . We stuffed our things into our bags and walked out the doors. 

“Hey, so I dont like the idea of you being alone until four soo, I wouldnt mind staying with you” he said, his hand rubbing his neck. 

“ Really/? Thanks!” I said, smiling and getting onto my tippy toes to pull him into a hug. 

We both laughed and pulled away. We walked around the school for a bit. We talked more about ourselves, but then i stumbled upon an impossible question. 

“Why dont you ever talk about your mom?” he asked 

I stopped dead in my tracks. 

“Oh, uhm”  

“Oh, sorry, you dont have to tell me if you dont want to” he said, apologetically.

I thought about it for a few seconds. 

“No, I think you should know. ” I cleared my throat and continued “Well, I was four and my parents and I were at home. I was in my room playing with my barbies when i heard a loud thud and screams. I heard things falling and my dad yelling words I couldnt understand. I heard a few unfamiliar low voices. Then i heard a loud bang. Footsteps charged upstairs. I panicked and ran into my closet.” my voice cracking and my eyes welling in tears. “I .. Someone came into my room . I watched through the crack as they knocked all my stuff to the floor and kicked my pink wall so hard they created a hole with their black combat boots. Yells were still heard from downstairs - two male voices. One my dad’s and one unknown. I .. I was -”

I was interrupted by a hug. 

“Im sorry. I shouldnt have asked” he whispered into my ear, sending chills down my spine.

Tears leaked from my eyes and onto his chest. He smells so good it made me melt. We hugged for about three minutes until i took a deep breath and pulled away. I pulled out my iPhone 4S . it was 3:50. I wiped away my tears and said .. 

“Ten more minutes until detention is done. Wanna head back now ?” i asked . 


He lead the way back. I pulled out my phone and started playng Temple Run. After about two minutes , I bumped into what seemed like a wall. I looked up startled, and saw a boy - one of Chaz’s friends. 

"Oh, Im so sorry!” He said, holding onto me so I didnt fall back. Logan turned around and watched us curiously. 

“Dont worry about it” i said, about to leave.

“Wait! How about I make up for it by taking you out tonight?” he said with a flirtatious smile on his face. I didnt know him… but.. i guess i could give him a chance… 

“Uhmm, sure" 

"Great! Whats your number?" 

I pulled out a pen and scribbled it down on his arm.

"I guess ill see you later then?" 

"You sure will” i said with a smile on my face. I walked over two Logan. He had his arms crossed.

“Hey, who is that guy?”  i asked , cluelessly (if thats a word) 

“Austin StClair. Captain of the football team and number one jerk" 

"Really? he seemed pretty nice to me” i said, walking towards Chaz.

“Ha. alrighty there." 

I was about to reply but Chaz came marching up . 

"About time you guys” he said. 

“Im sorry. Have a good time tonight. I gotta get going. See ya” Logan said, walking away. 

“What was that all about?" 

"Its nothing.”

“Alright then." 

When we reached home i thanked Chaz. My dad finished unpacking everything and my new house was complete. My phone rang. "unknown” . 


thats it for now (x sorry if you expected something better ;p Special thanks to Mitchi ! (: -Sam


“Hey Lily!” I looked up from my book, meeting the eyes of my best friend, Kyndra. She had a playful Smile dancing on her lips, and I smiled back. 

“Hey Kyndra!” I noticed the boy beside him. “Troy.”

“Lily.” He just stared at me, and I glared at him. I hated him. He hated me. Once I walked in on him while at Kyndra’s sixteenth birthday, making out with some other girl.. He threatened to kill me. 

I’m Not lying.

I’ve been too scared to say anything, even though it’ll break my best friends heart, knowing I didn’t tell her right away. 

“Anyways, I was wondering if you’d like to come over after school for dinner?” My eyes redirected towards hers, and I nodded.

“Sure.. Why not.” She smiled brightly, then Troy let go of her.

“I think I might go.. alright babe?” Troy spoke, turning towards Kyndra. She pouted,

“Aww babe.. I’ll miss you!” He smiled, kissing her over and over.

“I’ll miss you moreee!” It just kept happening, and I pulled my book up, covering my eyes,

“Get a room." 

"Why not?” Troy insisted, and I mentally gagged. He’s awful. “Bye Babe.” He waved, then left. 

“Finally.” I sighed of relief, placing my book down on the desk. I ran my fingers through my blonde hair, and Kyndra sat across from me. “So, why do you want me over anyways, love?” I asked, and She smiled,

“I want to introduce you to someone.” I raised a brow,


“My older brother.” I sighed, 

“I’ve already met Lucas, you know.” She giggled, shaking her head,

“I didn’t mean him.” I raised a brow,

“You have another brother?” She nodded,

“You’ll meet him tonight.. but please, don’t freak out.” I looked at her, wondering why.

“Why would I freak out?”

“You’ll see.. I think he’s waiting outside for me.” I nodded, and she stood up. “Coming?” I nodded, picking my copy of ‘The Hobbit’ off the desk, then standing up. I followed Kyndra out of the school, talking to her about who the latest doctor would be, and how I’m going to miss Matt. I looked around, spotting her car, someone sitting right in it. 

“Who’s the hottie in your car?” She looked at me, her face cringing a bit.

“My brother.” What? I watched as she walked towards her car, smiling.

“Logan!” She squeaked, and I just watched. Logan?

“Hey Kyndra.” I recognized the voice. Logan.. Lerman? W-what? He turned his head, his eyes connecting with mine. My heart literally stopped. I thought I was actually going to die. Kyndra then walked over towards me, and linked arms with me. She walked forwards, and I felt like I couldn’t walk anymore. Logan just looked at me, looking me up and down, his mouth open a little bit, and I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

“Logan, this is my friend Lily.” Logan looked at me,

“I’m beautiful.” He spoke, then went bright red, “I mean your beautiful and I um..” He stopped himself, and I blinked, then he quickly put his hand out, “I meant, I’m Logan.” I could see the blush in his cheeks, and then I awkwardly took his hand,

“L-Lily.” Don’t stutter you dunce! Make a good first impression! I mentally smacked myself, and Logan pulled away, both of our cheeks red. I could see Kyndra smirk, then she threw her arm around Logan’s shoulder. 

“So Logan.. How are your upcoming films going?” She asked, and Logan blinked, still looking at me. 

“They’re good..” I decided to speak up.

“I think she should’ve started with.. How are you?” I could see his lips curve upward. Good.. Don’t geek out Lil, you’ll ruin your chances.

“I’m better.. A little hungry.” Kyndra’s eyes darted towards mine, and I went bright red.

“Well.. Um.. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it For dinner Kyndra.. I kinda have to um..” She’s giving you that look Lily! Think of some lie! “Go to the library! Yeah.. So I’ll see you later.." 

"Aw.. Alright. Maybe some other time?” I nodded, my eyes flickering towards Logan’s, then back to Kyndra’s.

“Yeah..” I awkwardly turned around, and started walking away. I felt someones hand wrap around my wrist, 

“Wait!” It was Logan. I felt butterflies whip around my stomach, and I turned around facing him. “Could you please come over?” I went bright red, and he turned his head, looking at Kyndra. “Let her come over Kyndra.” I looked at her, and realized his hand was basically holding mine. 

“Fine.. But don’t be such a kid.” She huffed, and I really felt awful.

“I don’t have to come over.. I mean, really.. It’s fine.” Her eyes narrowed towards mine, but Logan just smiled,

“You can come over.” I looked at him, and I nodded.

“No but seriously I have to go.. I’ll be over around 5, alright?” Logan nodded, and Kyndra glared at me.

“Alright.” Logan let go of my hand, and I walked away, my hands behind my back. Wow.


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Lovesick Bitch/Chapter 3 - ‘I called my Dad a lesbian’

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‘Shut up.’


‘Emma, shut the fuck up.’


Is she listening to Justin Bieber or a dying cat? 99% of people get this wrong.

Okay, I take that back. Justin Bieber is quite hot and his new album is OK.


I was trying to type up my essay about ‘Why gaining a good understanding of politics on a local, national and international level will help you gain much more knowledge on related topics such as economics, history and law.’ Aka write loads of bullshit and except an A.

Deciding I’d had enough, I slammed my laptop shut and stuffed it into my bag. My head hurt, the leftover fragments of my hangover making me feel sick and if I had to listen to Emma sing out of tune for any second longer, I may end my life.

‘Where are you going?’ Emma asked, tugging her headphones out of her ears.

‘I dunno, probably going to meet the band and Logan and yeah. Bye.’ I muttered, waving goodbye as I stepped out of the library and into the cold air.

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Chapter 3.

“Can you drive around again please?” I asked the taxi driver for the third time. I knew I was being unprofessional by being late but I was just so anxious.

As the taxi driver was just about to drive past the restaurant, Dan, one of my co-stars, had saw me and was frantically waving at me. Well shit.

Having no choice but to get out of the vehicle, I took a deep breath to try and calm down.

“Where have you been?! We’re all waiting for you!”

Before I even had a chance to say anything, or had the chance to run away…, Dan had taken my hand and was pulling me towards the building in front of us.

“Aria’s here!” Dan announced to who I was guessing was our table, due to me not being able to see them as the table was in the corner and Dan was stood in front of me.

Anxiety levels going mad, Dan let go of my hand and moved out of the way, exposing me to the group.

Scanning the table I saw some crew members and co-stars I had previously met. For a second I thought Logan wasn’t there, a sigh of relief washing over me, but then I saw him. Sat there, a shocked look on his face but with his mouth turned upwards at the sides, a smile forming.

“Sorry,” I apologized, “traffic was bad.” Going round the table I shook hands and said hello to everyone, knowing what was about to come. Turning to look at him, he spoke first. That face. That voice. Every single hair on my body stood. I’d seen some pictures of him before on magazine covers and on the odd trailer that came on tv… but that was it. 

“Well, hello.” he smiled at me, putting out his hand.

“H-hello.” I said, putting my hand out to shake his.

As our hands made contact, I quickly retrieved mine.

“Right, well shall we have a look at the menus?” One of the crew members, Jen, asked. I couldn’t quite remember who was who. 

“Yes, lets! We need to discuss some things.” Philip replied, sounding a little pushy. He looked at me as if to say “Well sit down already!”.

I looked at Logan again, who I was still stood in front of. He just simply smiled at me.

Was that it? Was he not going to say anything? Did he even remember who I was?

I turned away, and sat down by Dan. We’d only met once and spoken a few times but I liked him. He seemed genuinely nice.

Throughout the whole dinner, which I didn’t even eat much of, Logan and I hadn’t said another word to each other. I hadn’t dared look over at him. But no one had spoken really, only the crew. The director couldn’t be here so Phillip had taken over for the night.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, filming is going to be rescheduled for a weeks time. Use that time to get into character even more and get to know your co-stars. Especially Aria and Logan. Well, that’s all. Goodnight.” Giving his first smile of the night, he finally finished speaking.

‘Get to know your co-stars. Especially Aria and Logan.’…

Just as I had stood up and turned around to leave, a hand grabbed my arm. Flinching, I heard a voice behind me.

“Ade, wait!”


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