The idea that the Movie was wrong because Veronica “stupidly left her whole life behind at the drop of the hat purely for Logan Echolls, essentially cutting out any agency she had” is so odd to me. Firstly becuase on what planet would you want Veronica Fuckin’ Mars to be a corporate drone who would be involved in helping “primarily Fortune 500 companies. Our job is to make sure that frivolous lawsuits disappear before they reach the courtroom.” This is Veronica Mars we’re talking about. Any universe where she’d happily help giant companies similar to places like, say.. Kane Software. Is not a universe I’m interested in.

The movie fairly well stated that she lived a “normal” aka respectable life for 9 years and the first opportunity she had to chuck it all out the window, she did. That was the ultimate point of the movie, she could live a well to do life, marry Piz, work her way up the corporate ladder, make her dad happy because it’s the safe thing to do, the “right” thing. But easy and boring are not Veronica.

I think some of this comes from people not being a fan of Logan or not being into LO/VE and it’s fine if you don’t like that, I get that we all have different opinions and feelings. But I feel like a lot of people think she threw away her life solely to bone Logan Echolls - which isn’t the case. He’s a big part of it for sure but ultimately she wants to be a P.I, she wants to dig up corruption in Neptune. She knows it can lead down a very dark road but she doesn’t really care because she needs that adrenaline and intrigue, she knows deep down, who she is and want she wants.

Though I do still think that she should finish her law degree as it would be silly not to, and may actually come in handy now and again, you know, to help save Logan from another murder charge or something ;)


Late last night (or very early this morning depending on where you are).  My very first fic (Time, make it go faster or just rewind) received its 10,000th hit on AO3.

It started out as a one shot, I just really wanted Logan and Veronica to run into each other when she went skinny dipping before Homecoming.  But my brain wouldn’t let it go.  I posted it on a whim figuring no one would read it or maybe like five people if I was lucky.  And now it has 20 chapters and many more to go.    

Before I posted I had dabbled on Tumblr a bit, had just gotten up the courage to leave comments on other stories I liked, and had had a couple of very brief exchanges with a few of you.  Now I consider more than a few of you good friends both for VM things and RL.  It’s funny how a spur of the moment decision can lead to wonderful things :)  

There are a few people in particular that I want to send shout outs to:  @bondopoulos @bryrosea @marshmallowtasha - without you ladies this story would most definitely have been just a couple of short chapters filled with head hopping, mediocre grammar, confusing structure, and a plot without a focus!  Seriously, thank you so much for reaching out to me and being so supportive :)

And a special little shout out to @nicemom93 who had the honor of being the 10,000th hit :)

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5 otps maybe?

I’m not too big on otps but uhhh I’ll name some couplings I like
1. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from DC
2. Trenton and Darlene from Robot
3. Leslie and Ben from Parks & Rec
4. Britta and Jeff from Community
5. Veronica and Logan from Veronica Mars


logan & veronica appreciation week + day six: favorite moment(s) of banter

This is Logan reminding you: if you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat, just get on. Sheryl Sandberg said that. So don’t leave a message. Go get on that rocket ship. Or, leave a message. Your call. Your decision will tell me a lot about you.
—  Logan Echolls’ voicemail on Veronica Mars Movie’s closing credits.

Logan’s car

…but sliding into the car always gave her a little thrill. And it wasn’t just that the dashboard looked like that of a spaceship and the leather interior was a soft as a cherub’s backside. A faint smell, warm and woodsy, lingered in the driver’s seat - the distant notes of Logan’s aftershave. And when she curled her fingers around the steering wheel she could almost feel his hands there, under hers. The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Rob Thomas.


come back to me. always.